Eliha Fike to Archibald Snowden
(Transcribed & Donated by Vivian Moon)

 Being indebted in the just and full sum of forty five dollars ( $45.00 ) to Archibald Snowden being the balance on price paid for mule. Being evidenced by My promissory note of even date herewith and due six months after date due 22nd day of Nov, 1888. Now for the purpose of securing Said Snowden in the complete and full payment of said money and cost in and about the collection of same, I have this day sold and transferred by way of mortgage unto said Archibald Snowden, one grey mare about 4 or 5 years old, now in my possession in Lee County, Kentucky. The condition of this mortgage is that should I well and truly pay the said money or cause the same to be paid on or by the 22nd day of Nov, 1888, this mortgage shall be null and void otherwise to remain in full force and effect.
Witness my hand this 22nd day of May 1888. 
  Eliha Fike

State of Kentucky
County of Lee      sct.
 I C. B. Hill Clerk of the Lee County Court, hereby certify that the foregoing mortgage from Eliha  Fike to Archibald Snowden, was produced to me in my office and acknowledged by said Eliha Fike to be his act and deed, and the same lodged for record. Whereupon said mortgage and this certificate have been duly recorded in my said office. Given under my hand this the 22nd day of May 1888
  C. B. Hill, C. L. C.
  By W. P. Hill D. C.

 In consideration of the execution of a new mortgage on other property to secure the payment of the debt mentioned in this mortgage the lien retained in this mortgage is hereby released & discharged, This May 22nd, 1888.
 Attest: C. B. Hill, Clerk      Arch Snowden



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