Deed from George W. Combs and wife Nancy Combs to School District No. 27
Deed Book 6  Page 253 Clerk of Court, Lee County, Kentucky
(Submitted by Vivian Moon)

George Washington Combs was the son of Sampson Combs and Elizabeth Barrett.
George W. Combs married Nancy A. Reffith October 15, 1883 Lee Co. Ky.

    This deed made and entered into this 5 September 1891 by and between George W. Combs and Nancy Combs his wife of the first part of the County of Lee and State of Kentucky, and Joseph Blackwell, Edward Combs and General Dennis, Trustees of the Common School District No. 27, in Lee County Kentucky of the second part and their successors, of the County and State aforesaid, Witnessath;  that for and in consideration of love and respect the parties of the first-part have for the cause of education, and one dollar cash in hand paid and in compliance with title bonds of the date of August 11th 1891, hereby sell and convey to the parties of the second part the following described boundary on lot of land in Lee County Kentucky, to be used for Common School purposes to wit;
    Lying on the East-side of little Sinking Fork of Miller Creek, Beginning at a dogwood in George W. Combs’ line in the East bank of said creek shown in plat at figure 1 exhibited in the title bond, Said dogwood being two poles from said Combs’ beginning corner (an Elm) which is also the beginning corner of Ben F. Cole;  thence S. 51 E, 6 poles lynn at 2 on said plat;  thence N. 39 E. 8 poles to a beech at 3 on said plat;  thence N, 51 W 6 poles to the creek at 4 on said plat;  thence down the creek  S. 39 W. 8 poles to the beginning, containing 48 poles, to have and to hold unto the parties of the second part and their successors forever, with title of General Warranty but is agreed and understood between the parties that whenever the lot of land herein ceases to be used for the purpose herein expressed then the same is to revert to the present owners and their heirs. In testimony hereof we hereto subscribe our names the day and date above given.
George W. Combs
Nancy Combs

State of Kentucky
County of Lee     Sct.
I C. B. Hill, clerk of Lee County Court hereby certify that the foregoing deed from George W. Combs and Nancy Combs his wife to Joseph Blackwell & c trustees of Common School District 27 in Lee Co. Ky. was produced on the 5th day of Sept 1891 to R. F. Reynolds my Deputy in Lee County and acknowledged by the said George W. Combs and Nancy Combs, his wife to be their act and deed as appears from the endorsement of said deputy thereon in words and figures as follows ;“Acknowledged before me in due form by George W. Combs and Nancy Combs, his wife this 5 day of September 1891, Att., R. F. Reynolds Deputy Clerk for C. B. Hill” and that said deed was on the 13th day of February 1892, produced to me in my office and lodged for record.  Whereupon the same and this certificate have been this day duly recorded in my said office. Given under my hand this 22nd day of February 1892.
C. B. Hill, Clerk
By W. P. Hill D.C.


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