James Cole and Mildred Hogan Marriage
(Donated by Vivian Moon)

The Commonwealth of Kentucky

Be it known, that we James Cole as principle, and Wm. P. Hill as surety,
are jointly and severalty bound to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, in the sum of
One Hundred Dollars.

The Condition of this Bond is as follows:
That, whereas Marriage is intended to be solemnized between the above bound
James Cole and Mildred Hogan
Now, if there is no lawful cause to obstruct said Marriage, this Bond shall be void, otherwise it shall remain in full force and effect.
Dated at Beattyville, Lee County, this 9th day of Feby 1885
Attest:  Jas Cole
             his X mark
W. P. Hill
C. B. Hill, Clerk Lee County Court

1. Date of Marriage  Thursday 12 Feby 1885
2. Name of Groom  James Cole
3. Residence of Groom  Lee Co. Ky.
4. Age of Groom  21
5. Number of Marriage of Groom  1st Marriage
6. Occupation  Farmer
7. Birthplace of Groom  Owsley Co. Ky.
8. Birthplace of Groom’s Father  North Carolina
9. Birthplace of Groom’s Mother  Knox Co. Ky.

10. Name of Bride  Mildred Hogan
11. Residence of Bride  Lee Co. Ky
12. Age of Bride  18 years of age
13. Number of Marriage of Bride  1st Marriage
14. Birthplace of Bride  Trimble Co. Ky.
15. Birthplace of Bride’s Father  Lawrence Co. Ohio
16. Birthplace of Bride’s Mother  Oldham Co. Ky.
17. Remarks  none

To be married at Mrs. Mary Hogans on the 12th day of Feby, 1885
I Certify that the above is correct, to the best of my knowledge and belief.
Witness my hand this 9th day of Feby 1885
James Cole
Attest: C. B. Hill


This is to Certify, that on the 12th day of February 1885
the Rites of Matrimony, were legally solemnized by me between
James Cole and Mildred Hogan
At Mary Hogans in the County of Lee in the presents of
 Eli__? Bowman & William Hogan
Signed M. C. Taylor Min


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