Misc. Lee County Marriages
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(Certificates provided by Lucy Gay & transcribed by Margaret M. Hayes)

MB 8:201

LOUIS GROSS (R/Lee 22 S farmer b.Breathitt)
    s/o Pete Gross (b. Breathitt) & Sally Stamper (b. Lee)
NANCY JOHNSON (R/Lee 21 S b.Breathitt)
    d/o Sug Johnson (b. Breathitt) & Lucy Hall (b.Harlin [sic])
Remarks:  Both groom & bride present
md. 17 Oct., 1907 at Beattyville, Lee, by E. B. Bartlett
wits. Geo. Pendergrass & Mag Pendergrass

MB 8:493

HENRY ESTES (R/Lee 21 S farmer b.Lee)
    s/o Henry Estes (b.Lee) & Margrat [sic] Newnam (b.Lee)
EMMA GROSS (R/Lee 20 S b.Breathitt)
    d/o Peter Gross (b. Breathitt) & Sarah Stamper (b. Breathitt)
Remarks:  Bride's father appears
md. 14 Jan., 1909 at Co. Clerk's Office, Lee, by J. F. Sutton, Co. Judge
wits. W. T. Pryse & C. D. Stamper

MB 30:28

CHARLES BRECK PHILLIPS (R/Beattyville 27 S laborer b.Lee)
    s/o John Phillips & Cordelia Pendergrass nee Warner
BONNIE BEST (R/Beattyville 20 S b.Lee)
    d/o John Best & Jane Best nee Johnson
md. 9 Dec., 1940 at Beattyville, by Leslie Smith, Minister, Church of God
wits. Addie Wilcox & Robert Phillips

MB 35:76

JOHN BEST (R/Beattyville 73 lumber worker b.Estill)
    s/o John Best & Kizzie nee Hughes*
MARIE WATKINS (R/Beattyville 30 wid. b.Lee)
    d/o [blank] Watkins & [looks like "mother"] nee [blank]
22 Nov. 1947 at Beattyville, by W. T. Pryse, Police Judge of the City of Beattyville
wits. Elvina Kidd & M. C. Price

MB 39:97

HARVEY DOUGLAS MOORE (R/Beattyville 25 S checker b.Lee)
    s/o Tyler Moore & Ellla Moore nee Ponder
JOAN ELIZABETH BEST (R/Beattyville 18 S b.Lee)
    d/o Ernest Best & Mae Best nee Goforth
md. 3 Jan., 1959 at Beattyville, by Rev. Farris Horn, Minister, Church of God
wits. Nancye [sic] Louise Freeman & Louise Kincaid

MB 39:304

JOHN D. BROWN (R/Beattyville 23 S plumbing & heating b.Lee)
    s/o Brack Brown & Nannie Brown nee Johnson
SALLY ANN BEST (R/Beattyville 17 S b.Lee)
    d/o Ernest Best & Mae Best nee Goforth
md. 20 Oct., 1961 at Beattyville, by Rev. Sam Wilson, Minister, Christian Church
wits. Regina Kidd & Carolyn Noble

MB 40:258

JIMMY BROWN (R/Beattyville 20 yrs, 12 mos., 20 days; b. 1946
    laborer; b.Lee)
    s/o Brack Brown & Nannie Brown nee Johnson
EVA CAROL BEST (R/Beattyville 16 yrs., 5 mos. 11 days; b. 1951
    b. Lee)
    d/o John Best & Marie Best nee Watkins
md. 14 Oct., 1967 at Beattyville, by Cecil Kincaid, Co. Judge, Lee 
wits. Patty Freeman & Marie Best

GroomBeckham BAILEY
age 18, single, white, laborer; b. Owsley, Res/Beattyville
Bride:    Fannie ZION
age 22, single, white, b. Lee; Res/Beattyville
Groom's parents:  G. A. Bailey & Laura Belle Evans
Bride's parents:  George Zion & Rose Steele
md. 3 May, 1921 at Zion, Lee Co., 
by Walter Bailey, Minister (qualified to celebrate rites of marriage in Co. of Owsley)
wits:  Albert Tirey & Carlie D. Smallwood

MB 15:34

Groom:  Pryse FRALEY
age 22, single, white; Railroader; b. Lee; Res/Heidelberg
age 20, single, white; b. Owsley; Res/Heidelberg
Groom's parents:  Bill Fraley & Rachel Estes
Bride's parents:  Will Ambrose & Lottie Farmer
md. 28 April, 1921 at Heidelberg, Lee Co., by A. L. McDuffie, Minister, Presbyterian Church
wits:  Crit Botner & J. M. Tackett

MB 17:98

Groom:  Colman Park FRAZIER
age 27, single, white, R.R. Engineer; b. Estill Co.; Res/Irvine
Bride:  Adda Mae CONGLETON
age 21, single, white, b. Lee; Res/Beattyville
Groom's parents:  Geo. Frazier & Lola V. Wilson
Bride's parents:  Hill Congleton & Fronia Stepp
md. 25 Oct., 1923, at Lexington (recorded Lee Co.), by Walter L. Brock, Minister & Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church
wits:  Fannie Frazier, William Floyd & Lucy Floyd

Groom:  Thomas FULKS
Res/Lee; age 17; 1st marriage; farmer; b. Lee; 
father b. Owsley; mother b. Wolfe Co.
Bride:  Rebecca Jane TOLER
Res/Lee; age 18, 1st marriage; b. Lee; 
father b. Perry Co.; mother b. Owsley Co.
md. 26 Feb., 1891 at J. D. Spencer's, Lee  (license shows they were to be md. at Letcher Toler's), by J. D. Spencer, J.P.L.C.   [Justice of the Peace, Lee Co.]
wits:  David Coomer & Simm Fulks

MB 18:14

Groom:  H. B. HOBBS*
age 27, single, white, farmer; b. Lee; Res/Fincastle
Bride:    Elizabeth BARKER
age 16, single, white, b. Lee; Res/Fincastle
Groom's parents:  J. B. Hobbs & Margaret Spencer
Bride's parents:  Joseph Barker & Sarah Douger
md. 13 March, 1924 at Fillmore, Lee Co., by P. R. Hobbs, Minister, Primitive Baptist Church (authorized to celebrated rites of marriage in the Co. of Wolfe)
wits:  George Barker, William Moor [sic], & Viola Hagol?

*[MMH NOTE:  This is Henry Bethal HOBBS]

Groom:  Thomas JOHNSON
age 55, widowed, white, farmer, b. Estill Co.; Res/Lee
age 37, divorced, white, b. Breathitt Co.; Res/Lee
Groom's parents:  Greenville Johnson & Mariah Burns
Bride's parents:  James Holland & Lucy Wadkins
(license dated 19 March, 1921; marriage certificate cut off)


Groom:  James PUCKETT
age 24, single, white, occupation: River work; b. Lee; Res/Beattyville
Bride:  Mollie ANGEL
age 16, single, white, b. Lee; Res/St. Helens
Groom's parents:  Fieldon Puckett & Corda Gumm
Bride's parents:  John Shoemaker & Cora Angel
(license dated 7 April, 1921; marriage certificate cut off)

The following are from the Black/Colored Books

age 33, divorced, Colored, miner; b. Lee; Res/Lee
age 18, single, Colored; b. Lee; Res/Lee
Groom's parents:  Andrew Beatty & Belle Clay
Bride's parents:  Will Johnson & Lucy Kelly
license date: 18 April, 1921 
[part of this marriage was cut off]

Groom:  James BROWN
Res/Lee; age 36; 1st marriage; (occupation not listed), b. Nelson Co., KY; 
father b. Nelson Co., KY; mother b. Nelson Co., KY
Bride:  Louvenia MADDOX
Res/Lee; age 15; 1st marriage; b. Owsley Co.; 
father b. Virginia; mother b. Bath Co., KY
md. 27 June, 1878 at the house of S. Maddox  (license shows that they were to be md. at Saml. Maddox's), by J. C. Lightfoot, MG
wits:  Henry Calmes, Andrew King & Henry Clay

Groom:  Bronston HAMPTON
Res/Lee, age 22, 2nd marriage, farmer, b. Lee; 
Bride:  HARRIET L. PHILLIPS, Res/Lee, age 21, 2nd marriage, b. Lee
(license shows they were to be md. 5 May, 1897 at Peter Godfrey's, but the marriage certificate is cut off on my copy)

Res/Lee, age 23, first marriage, miner, b. Lee 
Res/Lee, age 22,  (no further info)
(license shows they were to be md. 19 Feb., 1877 at Henry Kelly's; marriage certificate cut off on my copy)


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