Raines- Ranes Marriages
(Submitted by Margaret Millar Hayes & Lucy Noe Gay)

Husband:  age 21, single, born Lee, residence: Lee; laborer
Wife:   age 19, single, b. Owsley, residence: Lee
both white
Husband's parents:  J. F. Raines & Kansas St. John
Wife's parents:  John Frost & Tempa Bowman
md. 8 April, 1915, Lee, by Green Kilburn
wits:  Luther Newman & Sam Hurst

Husband:  age 21, first marriage, b. Lee; residence: Lee; (occupation not listed)
Wife:  age 17, first marriage, b. Lee; residence: Lee
both white
Husband's parents:  J. F. Ranes & Kansas St. John
wife's parents:  W. T. Smyth & Lou Crabtree
md. 10 April, 1917, Lee, at W. J. Smyth's, by M. L. Cale [Cole]
wits:  "Marthia" Bailey & Ruphus Tomnson [Rufus Townsend]

Husband: age 21, single, b. Lee; residence: Crystal; farmer
Wife:  age 20, single, b. Lee; residence: Crystal
both white
Husband's parents:  J. F. Raines & Arkansas Moss
Wife's parents:  Andrew Combs & Elvira Gross
md. 30 March, 1921 Lee, at Andrew Combs's, by M. L. Cole, Minister, Church of God
wits:  Asa White & Earnest Raines

Husband:  age 28, widowed, b. Estill Co.; residence: Crystal; farmer
wife:  age 35, widow, b. Breathitt Co.; residence: Crystal
both white
Husband's parents:  William Gross & Lee Anna Spencer?
Wife's parents:  Elisha Johnson & Mary Hall
md. 22 March, 1927, Lee, at Beattyville, by J. F. Sutton, Judge, Lee Co. Court
wits:   Stanley Price & T. T. Brandenburg

MB 7:389

DOC BEST (R/Lee 28 S miner b.Estill Co.)
    parents not listed
MARAH HOWELL (R/Lee 19 S b.Lee)           [MARIAH HOWELL]
    parents not listed
md. 9 Nov., 1905 at Columbus House, Lee, by Wm. Robinson, Judge, Lee Co. 
wits. Jas. Williams & Elizebeth [sic] Williams.

JOHN BEST, JR. (R/Beattyville 24 S laborer b.Lee)
    s/o John Best, Sr. & Jannie Johnson
TINA COLE (R/Beattyville 17 S b.Lee)   [listed as TINY COLE on Mg.certf.]
    d/o Granville Cole & Susan Johnson
md. 26 Jan., 1927 Lee at Proctor, by J. F. Sutton, Judge, Lee Co. Court; wits. Robert Daugherty & Mrs. Carl Combs

MB 22:26

ERNEST BEST (R/Beattyville 21 S laborer b.Beattyville)
    s/o John Best & Jane Best nee Johnson
MAY GOFORTH (R/Beattyville 19 S b.Beattyville)
    d/o W. J. Goforth & Lizzie Goforth nee Hubbard
md. 22 Feb., 1930 at Beattyville, by G. W. Pendergrass, Judge of Lee Co. Court; wits. Clayton Brandenburg & Clarence Howerton

MB 27:84

WOODROW BEST (R/Beattyville 25 S b.Lee)
    s/o John Best, Sr. & Jane Best nee Johnson
MAGDALENE ASHCRAFT (R/Beattyville 24 S b.Lee)
    d/o Wilburn Ashcraft & Fidelia Ashcraft nee Spicer
md. 28 March, 1937 at Beattyville, by Arthur T. Tipton, Minister of the Christian Church; wits. Mrs. Geo. T. Smith & Mrs. Addie Tipton

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