Marriage Bond
Commonwealth of Kentucky
(Extracted & donated by Vivian Moon)


1.   Name of Groom Claude Ranes
2. Residence of Groom  Lee Co. Ky
3. Age of Groom  22
4. Number of Marriage of Groom  1st
5. Occupation  Farming
6. Birthplace of Groom  Estill Co. Ky.
7. Name and Birthplace of Groom’s Father  James Ranes Bell Co. Ky.
8. Name and Birthplace of Groom’s Mother  Ellen Bess, Estill Co. Ky.


9.   Name of Bride Ellen Johnson
10. Residence of Bride  Lee Co. Ky.
11. Age of Bride  16
12. Number of Marriage of Bride  1st
13. Birthplace of Bride  Breathitt Co. Ky.
14. Name and Birthplace of Bride’s Father  Elisha Johnson, Breathitt, Co. Ky.
15. Name and Birthplace of Bride’s Mother  Mary Hall, Breathitt Co, Ky.
16. Remarks  Bride’s father appeared & gave consent

To be married at Bride’s home on the 26th day of Nov 1908
                                               Claude Ranes

Attest:                    D. B. Pendergrass Clerk Lee County Court
 By J. C. Brandenburg

Marriage Certificate

This is to Certify That on the 26 day of Nov 1908 the Rites of Marriage were legally solemnized by me between Claude Ranes and Ellen Johnson at Elisha Johnson in the County of Lee in the presence of Albert Samples, & Vernon Ranes
                           Signed Jas Warner

              A Copy Attest :         D. B. Pendergrass  C. L. C. C.
                                               By  J. C. Brandenburg  D. C.



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