Three Forks Enterprise, Friday, 14 October 1887

It is rather remarkable that no one had ever served a full term as Clerk of the Lee Circuit Court.

Lee County went into operation in May, 1870, when K.F. HARGIS was elected Clerk of the Circuit and County Courts, to serve until the following August, when he was re-elected and served until 1874.  At the Aug. election of that year Simpson KELLY was elected, but died in January, 1875, and J.C. McGUIRE was appointed Circuit and County Clerk at the May election 1875, and served until April, 1879, when he resigned.  William M. SMITH was appointed to fill the vacancy  and held till Aug. election of that year when J. Cap COLE was elected for one year --the end of the term being August, 1880.  On the first Monday in Aug. '80, K.F. HARGIS, Jr. was elected, and served till he was killed in Dec. 1884.  From the 26th of Dec., '84 until the 288th of Jan. '85 - one month and two days- there was no incumbent in the office.  C.B. HILL was then appointed to the vacancy, and served until Aug. '85, when Mr. GOOCEY was elected for one year, the regular term expiring Aug. '86.  Then (Aug. election, '86) it was that GOOCEY "got there" by the skin of his teeth, defeating H. M. PATRICK by one vote.

So, it is certain that up to the year 1892, when the present term expires, no one will have served a full six year term as Clerk of the Lee Circuit Court.


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