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To glean is to gather or to pick over relevant information bit by bit.  The gleanings below have been extracted from microfilmed newspapers.   These gleanings can offer a wealth of information on our ancestors and the goings on in the area.  You'll find, births, deaths, marriages, local happenings, and the coming and goings of our kin.

Three Forks  Enterprise

1 Aug 1883, Wed.

--Some kind friend brought to this office last week a record containing the proceedings of the first trial in Lee county in which colored men sat as jurors.  The case was styled "The Commonwealth against Ann JETT," and the jurors were James HALEY, Dennis KING, Samuel MATTOX, George WALLACE, Lewis WALKER, Austin HALEY and Lewis BROWN, being less than a full pannel by agreement of the parties.  The warrant was issued June 7, 1876 by Squire G.D. BEGLEY , and executed by Caonstable J.C. LOVELACE.  The lawyers were H.L. WHEELER, county attorney, for the Commonwealth, and J.M. BEATTY and Jno. S. MAHAN for the defendant.  The defendant was found guilty.

16 Dec  1885, Wed
--Married At Zachariah, on Friday the 11th inst.,  John T. BOWMAN to Miss Bell DAY.  They have our  best wishes for a happy and prosperous life.

25 Jun 1886, Fri.
--Married - At the residence of the bride's father, Andy WILLIAMS to Miss Margaret OLINGER, on Saturday, the 19th Inst.

9 July 1886, Fri.
--The infant child of Logan WILLIAMS died at it's father's residence on the South Fork of Quicksand (Breathitt), on the 17th  inst.   Mr. WILLIAMS  lost his wife  only about two months ago.

20 Aug 1886, Fri.
--It is reported here that Elias BOTNER,  Jr. of Traveler's Rest, shot and killed John ROSS, of that place, on last Monday.  We did not learn the particulars.

--Born:  To the wife F.G. McGUIRE of Middle Fork, on the 13th inst., a fine boy

--Owsley Dept., Booneville, Ky August 15th, edited by "Yaller Britches"
    - Jeff STAPLETON, who was charged with the killing of Frank DUNEGAN on Sunday before election day, had an examining trial on last Wednesday, before Judge ISAACS, at this place.  The trial was almost as well attended as one of our circuit courts.  He was ably prosecuted by John S. MAHAN, of Beattyville, and S.P. HOGG, of Booneville bar, and was defended by Ho. J.M. SEBASTIAN and Col. A. H. CLAR, of this place.  The examination lasted nearly all day.  After the counsel for both Commonwealth and defence had made their arguments the court held him to answer in the circuit court at its next term, in the sum of two thousand dollars, which he filled, Saturday following his trial and is now at liberty.

   -I had the pleasure not long since of dining with one of our oldest citizens, Mr. L.L. MAINOUS and wife of this county.  Surely providence has blessed them and their family with both health and plenty.  Through a long and eventful life Mr. MAINOUS, though naturally not being a stout and hearty man till after 45 years of age, has by industry and good management amassed a good competency.  He has been able to give each of his family (which is very large) a start in the world, either in money or land.  He followed the plan of giving to each child a good horse, saddle, and bridle, and then followed the substantial gift of a farm or its equivalent in money or stock.  But the remarkable part is the size of his family and the good health that has attended them.  Mr. L.L. MAINOUS was born in Grayson county, Va., in 1808, removed to Lee county, Va., in 1831, and married Rebecca FLANERY in 1833.  They lived in Virginia 25 years and moved to Owsley county, Ky., to the farm they now occupy, in ___ nearly or about 29 years ago.  He is 79 years of age and she is 69 having lived together 53 years.  He is second cousin to Maj. A.B. HAMPTON of this place, and Mrs. MAINOUS bears the same relationship to the Major's wife.  They have the following offspring:  Abraham R. has 3 children and 1 granchild;  Walter P. (dead) 8 children;  John T. 6;   Daniel C. 5;  Elbert S. 3;  Hampton 2;  Mrs. Cynthia MINTER 11 and 7 grandchildren;  Mrs. Martha SCOTT 6 and 4 grandchildren;  Mrs. Amanda SPIVEY 7 and 5 grandchildren;  Mrs. Matilda REYNOLDS 8;  Mrs. Mary TREADWAY 9;  Mrs. Henry HYDEN 6;  making in all 11 children, 74 grandchildren, making in all 104 of his own family.

5 Nov 1886, Fri.
--Died:  On  the 23 utl., a daughter of Sam NAPIER.

--The funeral serman of Elish B. TREADWAY  will be preached in  M.E. Church in Booneville,  on the 21st of this month by  Revs D.G. COMBS and S.K. RAMEY.  Friends and relatives requested to attend.

--Born:  To the wife of Judge G.W. GOURLEY, of this place, on the 25th  ult., a fine girl baby.

--In the death of his son Price, Capt. Calloway COPE looses the seventh from his family.  A wife and six children lie slumbering in the quiet valley where they lived and died.  Twenty-five years ago his prophesied that he would not lived three years, but he survives while his family have fallen like autumn leaves.  He and his family have the tender sympathy of a large circle of friends in this their deep affliction.

1 July 1887, Fri.
--The funerals of Mrs Delina C. LANE, wife of John M. LANE and Miss Rhoda A. SMYTH, will be preached at the New Virginia Church on the 5th Sunday in July by Rev. S.K. RAMEY.  Friends and relatives are requested to attend.

30 Sept 1887,  Fri.
--Married - at the residence of the bride's father, William TOWNSEND, Thomas AKERS to Miss Sarah B. TOWNSEND, on yesterday.

7 Oct 1887, Fri.
--Catherine BREWER, daughter of Wm. BREWER of Cow Creek died the 22nd ult.  She was about fourteen years of age, and was a very intelligent  young lady.

14 Oct 1887, Fri.
--Died:  At her home on Bear Creek, Thursday of last week, Mrs. Matt McGUIRE, of fever.

--Died: In Palmyra, MO., Sept. 29th, 1887, of dropsy, Mrs. Lucinda DIXON, wife of Capt. G.W. DIXON, age 67 years.  She was the mother of Mrs. Judge MAHAN of the place, and Mrs. Felix McGUIRE of Canaan, this county.  Maysville and Catlettsburg papers please copy.

--Died:   At the residence of G.B. SNOWDEN, last Wednesday, Henry  MARSHALL.  He took sick about 12 o'clock that day and died before night.

18 Nov 1887, Fri.
--John C. HALL and Miss Lucy Ann HAMILTON were married today at Stone Coal church, in the Sturgeon country, this county.  Eld. J.B. ROWLETT of Owsley officiating.

--Marriage Licenses issued this month
  William N. TINCHER and Mary NEWNAM
  John COOMER and Margarett A. GILBERT
  Henry EDWARDS and Nannie CORNETT
  Jesse BOWLING and Nancy WATSON

3 Feb 1888, Fri.
--Marriage liscense yesterda.  Simpson PHILLIPS and Julia DUCKETT.  The wedding occured at the residence of the bride's mother, Mary FARMER, yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock, Eld. Thos. N. JONES officiating.

24 Feb 1888, Fri.
--Owsley - John S. WILSON's son Daniel, aged ca 19 years, died very suddenly a few days ago of hemorrhage of the lungs.  He had, all his life, been very stout and healthy boy.  He is said to have been a good boy, of good habits and bid fair to live a long and useful life.  But God thought it best to take him.  He always selects the best from amongst us.  Who next?

9 Mar 1888, Fri.
--James COMBS of Hazard and Miss Jennie BOLIN of Booneville, eloped last Sunday for matrimorial bliss.  Mr. BOLIN went to Beattyville that day and during his absence Mr. COMBS appeared at the door of his residence with two horses, and finding no one, now, to seriously object, the young lady mounted and rode away.  All the bells of the town began to ring out the wedding chimes as the party rode through the streets of the villiage.  It seems to have been a well arranged plan to secure the absence of the father and ride off in triumph.  The young couple met each other only a few weeks ago. Love at first sight.

--Silas E. PHILLIPS died March 4th at his home.  He was the son of Judge B.F. PHILLIPS

23 Mar 1888, Fri.
--Married - At the residence of the bride's mother, on Tuesday last, Mr. John S. POWELL of Hopewell, Lee County to Miss Lou LAW.  May happiness and properity crown them.

18 Jan 1889, Fri.
--Baily SUTTON died at the residence of his son-in-law, M.G. HARBIN, one-half mile west of town at 6:25 o'clock Friday morning.  He had been seriously sick about five weeks and his death may be attributed to old age.  The funeral occurred at the Slate Hill Baptist church Saturday morning, followed by interment in the church burial ground.  Elds. ESTES and CHEEK officiated.  Mr. SUTTON was born in North Carolina Dec. 15, 1870 thus making his age at death over 98 years.  He lived for a time near Tazwell, Claiborne county, Tenn., and moved to this county in 1862;  where he resided up to the time of his death.  His wife died about three years ago.  He was the father of eleven children, two dead, Nine living- Mr.s M.G. HARBIN, Mrs. James SULFRIDGE, and H.C. SUTTON, of Laurel county;  Dan SUTTON of Knox county; several in Tennessee, one in Idaho and one in Missouri. - Mountian Echo, London, Ky., Jan 11.


The Beattyville News

20 Dec.1901, Fri.

--- Judge RIDDELL was here to attend Circuit Court
--- M. H. COURTNEY has been attending court this week
--- C.E. GIBSON and family are spending the holidays with relatives in Madison County
--- Will NEWNAM and family left Thursday to spend the holidays in Indiana
--- A colored man was burned to death in a box car on the L. & A. at Irvine
--- Mr. & Mrs. Bascom WALTERS, Clay City, are the happy parents of a twelve pound girl, born on last Thursday
--- Joe GODFREY, employed at the Norman mine suffered from the premature explosion of a blast a few days ago.  While his injuries are painful they are not serious
--- There is a wail of distress going up from most of the large cities on account of the shortage of coal during the cold snap
--- The authorities in Breathitt have gotten the smallpox situation under control and the quarantine has been raised
--- The tide of this week damaged the trestle on the McGuire Coal Company's tract, but it was quickly repaired when the water subsided
--- T.T. ROBERTS will open a complete new stock of family groceries, notions, and Christmas novelties in his new storeroom in a few days. 
--- The cold wavewas general over the country and much suffering was reported
--- Bishop BURTON and Rev. W.G. McCREADY were here on Sunday and held services at the Episcopal church
--- A big tide was in the river the first of the week and about fifteen hundred logs were caught in the booms here
--- Extensive repairs are being made on the big mill.  The dock has been almost entirely reconstructed and the track out in the yard is being put in first-class shape.  The mill will not start until after another tide.
--- Editor BYRGHER has resumed the publication of his paper.  The Times, which was recently destroyed at Spoutspring.  He has moved to Clay City, and is publishing a handsome paper.
--- GOOCEY & BRANDENBURG have opened a general store at Sturgeon creek.  They report a splendid business.  The firm is composed of Will GOOCEY and John BRANDENBURG, both of whom are well known and popular business men.  They have a large section of country to supply with goods.
-- A handsome little girl baby has come to brighten the home of Mr. & Mrs. A. F. MORTON.  All are doing nicely

The Beattyville Enterprise

20 May 1910, Fri.
--Marriages in Lee since our last report
  Kenton HILL and Elsie SIMMS
  Riley MOORE and Georgia COMBS
  A.M. SAMS and Fannie SPARKS
  Curt CHILDERS and Bertha COMBS
  Edda GRANT and Martha CURTIS
  John LYONS and Bettie SLONE
  Stanley COLE and Lizzie CLUTTS
  Robert H. COLE and Alice BARRETT
  J.J. HANGER and Carrie T. LYON
  Anderson ROLAND and Mary TURNER
  William C. HOGAN and Elsie  __NSON
  Moses WRIGHT and Elizabeth KENDRICK

27 May 1910, Fri.
--Lafayette NOE's mother, who was very old and infirm, died the first of the week and was buried a the old graveyard on the Assa SMITH farm near Dick TURNER's.

--Mrs. Lou CRANK died Tuesday night after a long illness.  If we mistake not she was a sister to Rev. Douglas I. HOBBS of Philadelphia.

8 July 1910, Fri.
--Killed in Idamay - Wednesday at three o'clock in the afternoon, W.J. KINCAID was killed in the Big HIll Coal Company's mines at Idamay.  We have but few particulars, but it seems that he was working in the main entry, turning off a room, when slate, ora "horse-back," fell on him with the fatal result.  Pric COLE and others were here that night after a coffin.  He leaves a wife- who is a daughter of Harrison FRANCIS of Fincastle - and several children.  He was more generally known as Boss KINCAID, and is a son of James F. KINCAID, formerly of the Sign-Board, and a grandson of Mrs. Martha MAINOUS of Buck Creek in Owsley.  His remains were laid to rest yesterday evening at 2:30 in the burying ground known as the Baker graveyard at Whiteash.  He was a member of Beartyville Council No. 7, Jr. O.U.A.M., and that Order had charge of the burying.

--Will Phillips Dead
  -William G. PHILLIPS, whose serious illness we noted from time to time, passed away on the 30th of June, at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. GIPSON, in town.  He was born on the 20th of March 1852, and was one of the younger sons of Judge B.F. PHILLIPS - the first Judge of Lee county.  Thomas J. PHILLIPS of Estill, his brother, is the only one of the old family that survives.  His wife and Miss WINKLES of Estill, by whom he leaves two children, his son having died a year or two ago from injuries received in a railroad accident.

-- Zack CONNOR of Clark was in town Tuesday.
-- E.G. HYDEN of Jackson attented court this week.
-- Col. and Mrs. R.S. CROWE visited Rev. I.G. HUNT and family at St. Helens the Fourth.
-- Robert BLACKBURN of Stanton is in town in the interest of the Henry Clay Insurance Co. of Lexington.
-- Henry TOWNSEND of the Beech Grove neighborhood, was here this week on business.  He is a famous tramroad builder.
-- Robert TURNER, son of David TURNER of Rosses Creek, is reported no better.  He has been sick for several years with something like white swelling.
-- Elder L.H. WRIGHT, of Browne was attending court a day or so this week.  He says his wife is still in quite feeble health, having been so for a long time.
-- Miss Alvis WILSON, who has been visiting Mrs. Sam HURST for several weeks, returned home last Friday, accompanied by Mrs. HURST who is returning the visit.
-- Whit CHANDLER of color was tried this term for false swearing in an examing court held by Judge GOOCEY, and was found guilty and given a year in the penitentiary.
-- Jailer Sam CECIL inorms us that his father-in-law, Uncle Pin BEGLEY, whose illness we have noted from time to time is bed fast at Jesse DUNAGINS and that he will probably not recover.
-- Isaiah SPENCER and Jeff BUSH of Zachariah, and Deputy Sheriff Bill BUSH of Torrent, were attending court a day or so this week, on business connected with some of the big land suits pending in it.
-- The young folks gave a dance for the Booneville and Irvine boys at the Ninaweb Monday night, which was well attended and highly enjoyed.  Ye Editor tipped the light (?) fantastic in the quadrilles.
-- George A. CRABTREE, of Genett in Powell county, was here at court Wednesday.  Mr. CRABTREE was formerly a citizen of this county, but has been living in Powell county for many years, being not the Assessor of that county.
-- Mrs. T.L. GOOLET, of Ludlow, KY., is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Patton COOMER, of the Coomer House, this week.  Mrs. GOODLET is in excellent health now, looking well and enjoying her visit.  having recovered from her severe illness.
-- Miss Annie Mae SEALE of Blaines Branch, was in town this week.
-- Newton TOWNSEND of Mt. Sterling was here on business the first of the week.
-- B.L.C. GOE was in town a few days this week from Old Landing - out near the Pinnacle.
-- Elder Ira WELLS of Daysboro was here on business in the MILLER and SMYTH land suit, pending in court for some years.
-- Aunt Lucy TWYMAN left last Wednesday for a six-months visit, to her son's B.W. TWYMAN's at Detroit, Mich.  She is having the Enterprise sent to her there.
-- John P. SMITH, an old-time resident of Hopewell section now and for many years past living in Estill, near Dripping Springs, was in town this week meeting his many friends of other days, and looking over the changes that time and progress have made since forty years ago.
-- George HAMILTON of Estill, living in the Sand Hill country, was visiting in town and other places this week.  He was raised near the Old Landing and has many relatives scattered through the country.  It was his first trip to the old home land in a long time, and his old-time friends, now fewer than they used to be, were very glad to meet him.
-- C.B. CANN left the middle of the week for Banford where he will teach the young ideas how to shoot and grow straight up right.  He had to begin thus early so as to be out in time for the next session of the Medical College at Louisville, in which he takes his last course next winter. 
-- J. Carter BRANDENBURG our hustling young baker-merchant, has left the adjusting of flour, yeast, soda and sugar;  and the deft touches on the floavoring extract bottles, a dngone to play with a birch switch and the rule-of-three, down at Heidelbert.  Meantime, we'll be pleased with the improvement in the pies and cakes that come from his bakery by the bridge nigh to "Jaxplace" for he has left madam, his good fran-he's German by decnt you know-in charge of the mixing and making and baking.
-- Bro. PATTERSON is back again for a visit to his line among us.  He came down from Jackson, Wednesday, where he had the pleasure of finding your Cave GRAVES, a grandson of Judge FLANERY of Pebworth, in the newspaper office, and he is sure the young man who will "make good" with stick and pencil.  Bro. PATTERSON was on the train Monday near Winchester when the rains descendd and well nigh washed them away.  His is a graphic description of the waters adn the ruin wrought in meadow, field and home by the surging tides.

  -Bill COOPER was the guest of Riley COUCH Sunday.
  -Henry EDWARDS and wife were visiting Lige COUCH Sunday.
  -Mrs. Margaret EDWARDS was visiting at Wiley BRYANT's Sunday.
  -Our Sunday school was small Sunday on account of the burial of John BURNS' child.
  -Walker BOWMAN has returned home from Williamsburg where he has been at work for several months.
  -Rev. A.J. BOWMAN preached here Saturday night and Sunday, and was called Sunday evening to hold services at John BURNS'.  Dr. ROBERTS filled his appointment Sunday night.

  -Crate KINCAID of Tallega was here Saturday on business.
  -John B. HOBBS went to Winchester Monday on business.
  -J.R. CABLE and James CABLE went to Natural Bridge Monday.
  -Mrs. Green ADAMS was visiting at Torrent Saturday and Sunday.
  -William HOBBS of Williamsburg was visiting relatives here Sunday.
  -James SHOEMAKER went to Lexington Sunday to see the ball game.
  -Mrs. M.E. SHACKELFORD is suffering with rheumatism and can hardly walk.
  -Mrs. S.B. SHACKELFORD has just returned from a visit with her mother near Winchester.
  -Mr. and Mrs. A.B. AKERS were visiting relatives at St. Helens Saturday and Sunday.
  -Mrs. L. KINCAID is very ill at this writing and not expected to live but a few days unless a change for the better in the few hours.

-Canon [sic] Falls
  -Sam P. LUCAS is very sick at present with rheumatism.
  -Rev. CONREY filled his regular appointment at the Chapel Sunday.
  -The Sunday school is progressing nicely.  One hundred in the classes Sunday evening.
  -M.M. CHAPMAN of Fasterville, Wisconsin is visiting his father G.W. CHAPMAN of this place.
  -Dr. Talmage spoke to quite a large audience at Canyon Falls Friday and among the many visitors at this gathering we were glad to see the face of our Editor of the Enterprise.

30 Oct 1925, Fri.
--(Abstract) Millard M. ESTES born 10 Mar 1862, died 29 Oct 1925.  Spouse - Patsy Ann, d/o Ancil McGUIRE;  children - daughters, Mrs. C.Z. SHEARER, Mrs. Kelton ASHCRAFT;  sons Rowland, Jasper, and Shelby M.

25 Mar 1932, Fri.
--(Abstract) Patsy Ann McGUIRE ESTES, 76, died 24 March Mt. Olive.  Children - Mrs. C.Z. SHEARER, Mrs. Kelton ASHCRAFT, Rowland, Jasper, and Shelby M. ESTES.



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