Lee County Kentucky Wills
(Transcribed by Debi Houser Kendrick)

Will of Cora L. Tyler Cann

The Commonwealth of Kentucky
County of Lee

I, Cora Lillian CANN, wife of G. W. CANN, of the city of Beattyville, County of Lee and State of Kentucky, being over the age of twenty one years, and of sound and disposing mind and memory make this, my last will and Testament.

First:  I give, devise and bequeath, all personal property of which I may die possessed off, to be divided among them [sic] by my executer.

Second:  I will, give, devise and bequeath any and all real property, no matter from what source obtained, which I may die possessed off, in fee simple, to my husband G. W. CANN knowing that at the proper time he will devide it among our children in an equitable way.

Third:  I ask that there be no inventory taken or appraisement made of any of my estate, and that my executor be not required to execute bond.

Fourth:  I hereby nominate and appoint as my executor my husband, G. W. CANN, and my son C. B. CANN.

In witness whereof, I have signed published and declared this instrument as my last will and testament, in the city, county, and State aforesaid.  This the 6 day of June 1911.

Cora L. CANN


State of Kentucky
County of Lee
I, C. B. LOVELACE Clerk of the Lee County Court, certify that the foregoing instrument of writing purperting to be the last Will and Testament of Cora L CANN, deceased, was on the 25th day of May 1913, it being the first day of a regular term of the Lee County Court, produced in open court and offered for probate as the last will and testament of Cora L. CANN, deceased, and the same being proved by the evidence of William GOOCY and J. F. SUTTON, the subscribing witnesses thereto, as shown by orders duly made and entered on said day in Order Book No. 11, pages 68 and 69, in said Court, was duly admitted to probate and ordered to be recorded.  Whereupon the same and this my certificate have been duly recorded in my said office in Will Book No. 1 page 141.
Given under my hand this 12 day of July 1913.


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