Lee County Kentucky Wills
(Transcribed by Debi Houser Kendrick)

Will of Eliza J. Bowling Johnson

The Last Will & Testment of Eliza J. B. JOHNSON

I do will & Bequeath to my children who have no homes or means of Living or sustainence all my Lands & property I shal [sic] have at my death to have & to hold for their natural lives withe my heris at law or grand children who need help none of my lands to be sold during my or any children or life times.  I do not want any dis agreement or contention over any of my property & if any one should try to divide or raise confusion over my directions they shal [sic] be disbared of any part of same.  I also set apart what money I shal [sic] leave as an dowment fund to be used for necessary improvements & upkeep of the Building & Lands & (Orignal in safety Box Beattyville Ky
             a copy attest to the Real will in safety Box Beattyville, Ky.)

I do will and Bequeath to my living children all of my property and means of any kind I shal [sic] have at the time that I may departure from this life first to ones whos have no homes or or [sic] means of living to hold as long as they shal [sic] live or need use of home then to go to the needy ones of my children or grand children as long as long as [sic] any whos need a home my home and property not to be sold or be fussed over no one no one [sic[ to be allowed to be allowed [sic[ to dominate over any one of the others but all to get along agreeable and fair Equal the money to be kept as a trust fund for Real needs  All household Effects to be kept in the home for use of all whos shal [sic] make their home hear no one to be allowed to live extravigantly or waist any thing that shal [sic] be left hear for the needy the poor we shal [sic] have alwsyas.  May God Bless and keep all whos live hear.   Nov. 20th 1937
A. L. JOHNSON and Daisy BOONE serve as Exsetors without charge to any one.
A copy attest


State of Kentucky
County of Lee
I, Elizabeth MATTOCKS, Clerk Lee Count Court do hereby certify that the foregoing Last will and Testament of Eliza J. B. JOHNSON, deceased, having been filed in the office of the Clerk Lee County Court on November 29th;  And said Last will and Testament of Eliza J. B. JOHNSON, deceased having been proven in the Lee Circuit Court as the said Last will and Testament of Eliza J. B. JOHNSON, deceased, and said will ordered to probate in Lee County Court;  whereupon the same with the foregoing and this my certificate have been duly recorded in my said office in Will Book No. 1, page 467.
Given under my hand, this 29th day of November, 1943

Elizabeth MATTOCKS
Clerk Lee Co. Court

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