Lee County Kentucky Wills
(Transcribed by Debi Houser Kendrick)

Will of Enoch Stamper

This Indenture made and entered into on this Aug. 15th, 1913, Witnessesth That Enoch STAMPER of Lock 13, Lee Co. Ky. hath this day made his last will and testament in the following manner to wit:

First.  He wills to his wife Margaret the farms known as the Richard farm near the Standing Rock, and is hereby bequeathed to her during her lifetime or widowhood if maintained widecency [sic], and at her death it is to go to my daughters, Lilly;  ans as to all of my other property, my wife Margaret is to inherit a child's part, and my son (Enoch) is to have all the balance of my land and my household ple___der, and one mule named John, and one yoke o calves that are red and wedeth? in color and yearlings past in age, and the remainder of my of my children Sarah, Jennie, Emma, Charles, and Richard are each to inherit five dollars in the land known as the Sally Stamper farm, and it is further understood that all the property mentioned above is to remain in the possession and ownership of the doner, Enoch STAMPER as long as he lives and it is further understood that my son Enoch is to have ninety dollars in cash that is in the Lee Co. Deposit Bank, at Beattyville, Ky, and the half of the goods in the store, and it is further understood that all the property above donated to my son Enoch is to be the property of him and his bodily heirs if he has any, and if not, is to revert to his brothers and sisters at his death.

In testimony whereof, the donor, Enoch STAMPER hereunto subscribes his name on this Aug. 1st, 1913


State of KY
County of Lee
I, a Notary Public of the county and State aforesaid herby certify that the foregoing insturment of writing was this day produced to me in Lee Co. and signed and acknowledged by the doner in due form of law on this Aug. 1st, 1913.
My Commission expires Feb 16, 1914
G. W. CALMES, Notary Public for Lee County, Ky

State of Kentucky
Lee County
I, C. B. LOVELACE, Clerk of the Lee County Court certify that the foregoing instrument of writing was produced to me in my office certified as above, and lodged for record.  Whereupon the same and foregoing and this my certificate have been duly recorded in my office
Given under my hand this Aug. 6th 1913


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