Lee County Kentucky Wills
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Will of George W. Gourley

I, G. W. GOURLEY, of the town of Beattyville, County of Lee, State of Kentucky, do make and publish the following as my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills made by me.

First:  I Direct that all of my Just debts and funeral expenses be first paid out of my estate.

Second:  All the property, real, personal, and mixed, of every kind and description, wherever situate, which I may own or have the right and devise to my five children, Chester GOURLEY, Nettie G. TUXON/LUXON?, Hattie GOURLEY, Beulah G. SPENCER, and Julia G. PARRISH, in equal parts, and if any of them should not survive me, Then the share or shares of of [sic] such diceased to the children of such deceased then living, per sterpes? and not per capita.

Third:  It is my will that my executors hereinafter named Shall provide amply for my wife, Thetis GOURLEY, and see that she has a good home and is well taken care of, and I hereby charge my estate real and personal, for said purpose.

Fourth:  I give and bequeath to my said wife, Thetis GOURLEY, All the household furniture, furnishing and household goods of every kind in my residence at Lexington, Kentucky, to be used by her during her _____ life, and at her death to be divided equally, or be sold.  The The [sic] proceeds thereof divided equally, between my said children.

Fifth:  My different properties are scatterd, some in Kentucky and some in Florida, and ____ is neccesary for the protection of my said property that I appoint as my executors persons acquainted with the location of said property and the lit___ thereto, and realizing that it is necessary to have lawyers acquainted with the details of my holdings to look after same, and reposing the utmost confidence in the ability and fairness and integrity, my son, Chester GORLEY, I hereby appoint him one of my executors;  and realizine that it is necessary to have associated with him as an executior a lawyer in Kentucky acquainted with my property interests here and believing the Justice and integrity of my son-in-law, H. D. PARRISH, I hereby name him as one of my Execuitors who together with Chester GOURLEY shall administer my estate, and it is my will that said Chester GOURLEY, and H. D. PARRISH carry out said trust, And I do not desire that they or either of them execute any bond or exectors _____ my estate, but relying upon their honesty and integrity I desire that they be not put under any bond whatever? as my executors but may qualify without any bond.

Both of my excutors are well aquainted with my property rights and I feel that I can be assured of a Just and fair administration of my estate by said executors, and they shall have power to sell and convey and of ____ property which they consider advantageous to the estate to _____ of, free and clear of any claims of my wife and the devisees under this will, or they may in their dscretion [sic] and by ag____ of my divisees divide any of my lands, said executors being hereby authorized and empowered to convey to my devisees the part so set apart to each.  I desire that this cours be pursued if agreeable to all parties.  If not agreeable, then my said exectors are authorized to sell and convey any or all of my propert, free and clear of any claims of my wife and the devisees under this will, of course having due regard to the best interests of the estate, and if sale be made of any property, it is my desire that the money be deposited in the Security Trust Company, Lexington, Kentucky to the To the [sic] Credit of my said executors, who upon the distribution of said funds Shall draw Joint checks to each devisee according to their respective interests, and in all matters pertaining to my estate my said exectors Shall each cooporate, and no sale or distribution of any money shall be made, and do deed shall be made, except by the Joint signature of on? said executors.

Sixth:  I furthe request that no inventory of my estate shall be made or taken, in so farm as same maybe lawfully omitted.

Seventh:  I have some wild mountain land which may have minerals in or under same, and own the minerals under other land, and I hereby authorize my said executors to lease or all of said lands for minerals as other perposes where I own the surface, and to lease said minerals rights owned by me, such leases to be for such terms as may be agreed to by my said executors, and to divide the royalties among my said children as their interest my appear.

Eight:  It is my will and desire that my law office at Beattyville, Kentucky, be held by my executors for their own use during the natural lifes of either and to the survior of either, and my said executors, should they desire to wind up their affairs in Lee County, may sell said office to the best purchaser they can find and divide the money equally between themselves, free from any claim or interest of any of the balance of my family, and the law books and fourniture and records now in said office are put uner the special control and charge of H. D. PARRISH, who is requested to take care of same so long as he occupies said office;  And if the office should be sold or disposed of in any way, then it is my desire that all my records and law books be taken to some safe place and stored, as my records have especial bearing on not only my real estate titles in Lee County but elsewhere, and are especially Important properties which I have hertofore owned ____  ?meniments of titles, for one special reason, ____ That the originals of many of those records _____ destroyed by fire when the Court house and Clerk's office in Booneville, Kentucky, were burned some three or four years ago.  The law office and its equipment shall be held by H. D. PARRISH, as attorney at law, Without the payment of any rent on said office or any of the records and furniture and books therein.

Ninth:  I have heretofore made a will to my wife, Thetis GOURLEY, giving to her the direction of my estate, but since then she has been seriously? sick and is not physically able to attend to my business, especially business which invol____ the most careful study to take care of, have my reason for changing my will at this time realizing as I do that the most carefull lawyer has a hard struggle to take care of property _____ and hence I have named my son and son-in-law to look after my property rights, believing that they will do right to all of my family, which means my said wife and said children.

Tenth:  This will I deem to be Just and right to all, and if any of my said children should endiver to set it aside by suit or litigation it is my will that the one so seeking to set aside this will or any provision thereof, if any should, shall forfiet all interest or right to any part of my estate.  I have known the many estates being wasted in foolish and improper and unjust lawsuits and litigation, and that is my reason for saying and drecting [sic] that any one of devisees seeking to stir up strife by law suits shall not have part in my estate on account of such conduct, if any ____ there should be, and in the event of any attack by suit or other litigation upon this will, seeking to set aside this will or any provision thereof the my estate, real, personal and mixed, is devised only to those not attacking this will.

Done at Beattyville, Kentucky This 7th day of June, 1933.


signed in our presence:



State of Kentucky
County of Lee
I, Elizabeth MATTOCKS, clerk Lee County Court, do hereby certifya that the forgoing Will of G. W. GOURLEY deceased, was on the 8th day of January, 1934, at a regular term of the Lee County Court filed in open court and was proven on the testimony of Beulah G. SPENCER and H. D. PARRISH, the attesting witnesses and the same was by said court adjudged to be the last will and testament of the said G. W. GOURLEY, deceased, and ordered to record and thereupon same has been duly recorded in my said office in Will Book No. 1 page 297
Given under my hand this 12th day of January, 1934

Eliabeth MATTOCKS clerk

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