Lee County Kentucky Wills
(Transcribed by Debi Houser Kendrick)

Will of John Breeding

This is my last request.  I hereby ask the Court to appoint Charlie BEACH as my administrator to settle up and distribute equally between my lawful heirs all the assets I may possess at my death.

I also desire that he pay my Burial Expenses.

The above instrument is written by own hand this January 12th, 1937.


This is the instructions I want carried out I desire my administrator to sell all of my Household and kitchen furniture at Public Auction for cash in hand at as early date as possible.  If any of my Heirs should buy any of my Household or Kitchen furniture at the Sale, I desire that same be charged to them, and be deducted out of any money that may due them on final settlement.  I also desire that my house and lot be sold at as an early date possible.

I have following assets to wit:  at this time $2585.39 cts on time deposit in the Clark County National Bank.  Also #1292.37 cts on time deposit in the Lee Co. Commerical Bank of Beattyville.  Also about Six or Seven Hundred on my checking acount.

I also have one-tenth interest in the Becknell Farm in Owsley Co.  I also have some debts, evidenced by note.

The above instrument is written by own hand this the 12th day of January 1937


State of Kentucky
County of Lee
I, Elizabeth MATTOCKS, Clerk Lee Coouty Court, do hereby certify that the foregoing Will of John BREEDING, deceased, was on the this day lodged in my office for record, Whereupon the same and the foregoing and this my certificate have been duly recorded in my said office in Will Book No. 1, Page 337.

Given under my hand this June 14, 1937

Elizabeth MATTOCKS, Clerk

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