Lee County Kentucky Wills
(Transcribed by Debi Houser Kendrick)

Will of Morgan FRANCE

I, Morgan FRANCE, of Lee County, Kentucky, do hereby make and publish this my last will and testament in the manner and form following, towit:

First:  After the payment of all my just debts and funeral expences and except as herein after provided, I do hereby devise and bequeath unto John M. LANE and David P. SAUNDERS, equally, all my real estate and personal property of every kind and character whatsoever,

Second:  I do hereby give and bequeath unto Rosetta GILLESPIE one milch cow and one bed, bedding and furniture, all of which are to be selected by my Executor hereinafter named as soon as he qualifies under this my last will and testament, and to be delivered to said Rosetta when so selected;  but said Rosettaa is admonished to advise with my said Executor concerning the management of said property.  I do als bequeath unto said Rosetta GILLESPIE the sum of one hundred dollars in cash to be set apart by my said Executor herein after named out of any money or the proceeds of the sale of any property which may come to the hands of said Executor;  and my Executor is directed to loan said one hundred dollars at interest until said Rosetta GILLESPIE shal arrive a the age of twenty-one years or shall marry, when my said Executor is directed to pay said money and its accured interest to said Rosetta GILLESPIE.

Third:  I do hereby bequeath unto each of my brother and sisters the sum of Twenty-five cents each, and the children of those who are dead are to receive their father or mother's share of twenty-five cents under this my last will and testament.

Fourth:  My Executer hereinafter named is requested to recognize all my rent contracts and collect all my rents due at the termination of any of my leases outstanding at my death.

Fifth:  My Executer is authorized to sue for and collect all notes or debts due me and is authorized to sell any of my personal property he may deem proper to raise money to pay my debts and funeral expenses, and the one hundred dollars bequeathed by me to Rosetta GILLESPIE as herein before provided.

Sixth:  I do hereby constitute and appoint my esteemed friend, Daniel B. MALONEY, my sole Executor of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all other or former wills, Witness my hand, this 18th day of April 1885


Signed, sealed acknowledged in the presence of
George SMYTH

State of Kentucky
Lee County Court
December Term, Dec'r 28th 1885
The Instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Morgan FRANCE, deceased, which was filed in this Court at its last term and ordered to lie over one month for exceptions was this day proved by the oath of James SMYTH and George SMYTH, the subscribing witnesses therto;  whereupon it is ordered that the said instrument of writing be and the same is allowed and established as the last will and testament of said Morgan FRANCE, dec'd, and as such duly admitted to record.

State of Kentucky, County of Lee, Sct:
I, C. B. HILL, Clerk Lee County Court, certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the last will and testament of Morgan FRANCE, dec'd, and the order of the Lee County Court establishing same and admitting it to record, and that I have this day recorded said last will and testament and order of probate and this certificate in my office, Given under my hand, this 6th day of January, 1886

C.B. HILL, Clerk

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