Lee County Kentucky Wills
(Transcribed by Debi Houser Kendrick)

Will of Samuel Beatty

I, Samuel BEATTY of Beattyville Lee County Kentucky being Sound in mind but physically weak do hereby make and publish this my las will & testament.  It is my will and desire that all my real and personal property of every description be and the same is hereby bequeathed to my wife Patience BEATTY for her use and Support during her natural life.  And after her death the same is to be equally divided betweenmy three youngest children Rhoda E. BEATTY John H. BEATTY and Harriet A. BEATTY my other children have had their share of my property my real estate consists in the farm open which I ____ live containing one hundred acres more or less the dwelling and all it contains:  two ?streets in the town of Beattyville now known as the Martin property formally? owned by Mace WILLIAMS that was reserved by me and th____ Same is Shown in my deed to him.  The streets are between upper  & lower Stufflebean Creeks.  One runs through the property now owned by R. C. HILL and extend back of the ?court ?And to the original limits of the town:  The other runs parallel with it and both are parallel with the main Street  and is located above the Seminary and the lot of George GOURLEY is bordering on the north Side.  It also extends through the original ______.  Also I Sold to Albert CURTIS of Estill County a tract of land laying partly in Estill and partly in Lee of which ref____ can be han in the commissioners report now in my possessin. but my wife has never acknowledged the deed.
?Th__  I bequeath to my wife Patience for her use dering her natural life and after which I wish it divided equally between J. M. BEATTY, Ann BEATTY, J. E. BEATTY and ____ the three youngest before named:  There is a suit pending in the court of Appeals against H. WOOD and A. CURTIS in which my home farm is involved and in case of Judgment against me I desire my children to provided for The Support of their mother.  I have a claim against the property of W. J. SMALLWOOD below the lot of M. F. REED in Beattyville which I have assigned to my son J. M. BEATTY who is advized to dispose of it as directed by Said assignment.  I also have a claim against the goverment of $100, which I wish my son J. M. BEATTY to receive and do whatever may be lawful and necessary to obtain the money and to sign any necessary papers useing my name And when Said claim is paid if by check or money to pay himself whatever he has paid for me or may hereafter pay.  The balance I desire to be hereby bequeath to my wife Patience BEATTY My personal property consisting of one horse two Milck cows I hereby bequeath to my wife Patience BEATTY and after her death if any of Said property remain they are to be divided between my three youngest children, herein named.  And lastly I do hereby ?censtinlule? my Grandson M. F. REID Executor of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all others or former wills or testaments heretofore made by me.  It is also my desire that he act without giving bond.


James A. HILL

Lee County Court - April term 1880
An Instrument of writing purperting to be the last will & testament of Samuel BEATTY deceased was this day produced in court & proved by the oaths of Randle SMALLWOOD and James A. HILL the subscribing witnesses thereto whereupon it is ordered that the said Instrument of writing be and the same is allowed & established as the last will and testament of Said Samuel BETTY deceased & as such duly admitted to record.

State of Kentucky
Lee County

I W. P. HILL Clerk of the county court fer the county and State foresaid hereby certify that the foregoing will of Saml BEATTY deceased together with the order allowing Same has been the day duly recerded in my office.

Given under my hand this 27 day of April 1880
W. P. HILL clerk
by K. F. HARGIS J.D.C.

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