Lee County Kentucky Wills
(Transcribed by Debi Houser Kendrick)

Will of Tom Roach

Last Will And Testament of Tom ROACH

I, Tom ROACH (Widower), of Beattyville, Kentucky being of full age, and of sound mind and memory do this day, execute and publish and declare this to be my last will testament, and hereby revoking any and all others heretofore made by me of previous date.

That before this will becomes effective, I direct that all my just debts, if any, be paid when legally proven as provided by the Statues of Kentucky now in force or which may be effective at the time of its (will) probate, as soon after my demise as shall be practicable, and that my burial expenses, doctors bills be paid out of my estate.

I give and bequeath to my beloved sister, Eulalie ROACH JONES, of Beattyville, Kentucky, all of the residue of my estate, i. e., real, personal and mixed property of every kind and description both visual and contingent wheresoever situate which I may own or seized of and have right and authority to dispose of at the time of my death, and the same to pass and vest in the said Eulalie ROACH JONES, absolutely and in fee simple, to use and dispose of and convey to whomsoever and for whatever she may deem best, expedient and proper for her own use and purposes whatever they may be.

I have executed and set my hand at Beattyville, Kentucky, all of my own free will and accord and without suggestion, solicitation, coersion or the influence of any person or persons, and that same is a free and voluntary act on my part, this 30th day of March, 1939.

(next paragraph is written in the margin of the will book and no signature of Tom Roach is seen but I assume is there)

Signed and acknow___  (cannot read the next few words)  to be his last will and testament, in our presence sight and hearing, who have at his request hereunto subscribed our names ans witnesses in his presence and in the presence of each other at Beattyville, Kentucky, this March 30th, 1939

C. E. TYREE Sr. residing at Beattyville, Ky.
C. M. FRY residing at Beattyville, Ky.

State of Kentucky
County of Lee
I, Elizabeth MATTOCKS, Clerk Lee County Court, do hereby certify that the foregoing Last Will and Testament of Tom ROACH, deceased, having been filed in open Court on August 12, 1940, and said Will having been proven by the Court to be said Last Will and Testatment of Tom ROACH, deceased, same is hereby probated and ordered to be recorded;  whereupon the same with the foregoing and this my Certificate have been duly recorded in my said office in Will Book No. 1, pages 425.
Given under my hand, this September 11, 1940.

Elizabeth MATTOCKS
Clerk Lee County Court

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