Lee County Kentucky Wills
(Transcribed by Debi Houser Kendrick)

Will of W. P. Brandenburg

Last Will and Testament of W. P. BRANDENBURG
Know All Men by these presents:
Tha I, W. P. BRANDENBURG, of Cressmont, Lee County, Kentucky, being of sound mind and memory, over the age of twenty one years, and aware of the uncertainty of this life do hereby make, ordain, declare and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking all other wills and codicils heretofore made by me.

1st.  I want all my just debts and funeral expenses paid.

2nd.  It is my will that at my death if my wife Emma BRANDENBURG survives me, all my property of every kind and description and wherever located shall vest in her in fee simple.

2.  If my said wife should pre-decease me, then all my said property shall descend and become the property of the heirs at law of my body as if I had died intestate.

3.  It is my further will that at my death my said wife Emma BRANDENBURG be Executor of this my last will and testament and no bond be required of her, nor any inventory be required of her of my estate unless such inventory is made necessary by law.

In testimony of which witness my hand at Beattyville, Ky. this the 3rd day of May 1946.


We the Undersigned witnesses certify that the foregoing writing was subscribed to by W. P. BRANDENBURG in our presence, and that we subscribed our names thereto as witnesses thereof in the presence of the said W. P. BRANDENBURG and in the presence of each other at Beattyville, Kentucky on the 3 day of May 1946.

Rev. Walter BAILEY

State of Ky
County of Lee
I, Z. T. HURST Clerk of the County and State aforesaid, do hereby Certify that the foregoing will of W. P. BRANDENBURG was on today placed of record by me in Will Book #1, Page 541.
Given under my hand This June 10th, 1946

Clerk Lee Co Court

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