Owsley County Kentucky
1876 Vital Statistics Births

Child's Name
Birth Place
Birth Place
L. A. Adison 21 Mar F Isaac Owsley Co Catherine Garrett Va
John Allen 2 Jul M Eli Estil Co Nancy M. Walin Va
Rhoda Allen 21 Jan F Joseph Breathitt Frances E. Beard Rockridge Co Va
Whealer Anderson 15 Dec M Thomas Owsley Co Sasun Thomas Harlan Co
George M. Andrew 7 Apr M William M. Withe Co Va Sarah Schoonover Scot Co Va
Leander Baker 8 Feb M George Owsley Co Susan Baker Perry Co
Nancy Barret Jun F Jack Moore Owsley Co America Barret Owsley Co
Danil Beard 14 Oct M John Lee Co Va Suannah Bruck Breathitt Co
Robert Beard 15 Jul M William Lee Co Va Marraget Riley Breathitt Co
Ella H. Begley 25 Nov F Jack Perry Co Elizabeth Bowman Owsley Co
Malinda Birch 20 Mar F Newton Claibourne Co Tn Mary Hamilton Owsley Co
Rhoda Birch 31 Aug F Martin V. Claibourne Co Tn Ellen Allen Clay Co
Sarah M. Birch 6 Jun F Jasper Claibourne Co Tn Rhoda Morris Owsley Co
Theophilus Bishop 18 Jun M James Owsley Co Rhoda Carmack Owsley Co
Elisabeth Bolin 4 Apr F James Owsley Co Mary A. Baker Clay Co
James Bowles 12 Mar M William Owsley Co Rhoda Smith Clay Co
Mima G. Bowles 28 Feb F Jedediah Owsley Co Nancy Brewer Owsley Co
George B. Bowman 20 Aug
(b Wolfe Co)
M Major Owsley Co Mary A. Stevison Perry Co
?Henry Bowman 28 Aug M ?Cornelius Owlsey Co Sarah McVey Knox Co
Catherin Brandenberg 12 Jun F Jackson Clay Co Marthal Caliham Jackson Co
Rhoda Brandenburg 10 Dec F Simpson Owsley Co Layer Smith Lee Co Va
(blank) 10 Nov F John T. Brewer Hancock Co Tn Martha J. Culton Owsley Co
Emily B. Brewer 10 Apr
Valentine Hancock Co Tn Sarah J. Wilson Owsley Co
Nicholas W. Brewer 13 May M D. P. M. Hancock Co Tn Lucinda A. Wilson Owsley Co
Lewis Browning 20 Sep M (blank) . Sophia Browning Ohio
(blank) 12 Jan F Abijah Burns Owsley Co Mary Webb Breathitt Co
Emily Burns (blank) F Jack Clay Co Lucinda Burns Owsley Co
Nancy J. Caliham 26 Mar F William Clay Co Matilda Gipson Letcher Co
Elisa B. Caywood 9 Aug F H. B. Harlan Co Nancy Jett Breathitt Co
Andrew Chandler 21 Jun M William Owsley Co Levisa Baker Clay Co
Letta L. Clark 19 Oct F Henry J. Owsley Co Emma Jones La
Martha L. Clark 9 Aug F A. H. Owsley Co Luvena Reyns Lee Co Va
Greenbery Collins 10 Mar M Alford Va Sarah Campbell Owsley Co
John E. Combs ? July M D. G. Perry Co Rachel Turner Owsley Co
Samuel B. Combs 10 Apr M James H. Owsley Co Nancy Burns Owsley Co
Anderson Cooper 16 Sep M Alford Owsley Co Martha E. Cole Knox Co Ky
(blank) 9 Feb F Samuel Dalton Va Sarah C. Clark Va
Jessee Dean 20 Oct M Ezekiel Tn Cissa Barret Clay Co
Dora Eagers 5 Dec F W. T. . Laura Tredaway .
James A. Edwards 15 Jan M Robert Clay Co Martha Sisemoore Owsley Co
(blank) 25 Dec M Enoch Flanery Letcher Co Nancy Creech Harlan Co
Martha E. Flanery 26 Apr F John Scot Co Va Mary Culton Jackson Co
Nancy A. Frost 16 May F James A. Owsley Co Lucinda Miller Va
Isaac H. Gabbard 29 Sep M Michail Clay Co Mary H. Morgan Ky
Pleasant Gabbard 13 Jun M Jacob Owsley Co Mary J. Bowlin Owsley Co
Pleasant Gabbard 15 Dec M Henry C. Owsley Co Rebecca Gabbard Owsley Co
Sarah Gabbard 15 Dec F Clay Roberts Owsley Co Emaline Gabbard Owsley Co
William Gabbard 4 Jun M Hiram Owsley Co Hanah Wilson Madison Co
George W. Garrett 17 Mar M S. M. Lee Co Co Susan W. Bell Lee Co Va
John W. Garrett 6 Oct M Britton Va Susan Bowman .
Sunsan C. Gipson 20 Apr F Newton H. Claibourne Co Tn Laurah A. McGeorge Jackson Co
Manda E. Gulet 27 Jul F Henry C. Perry Co Alsa ann Sisemoore Owsley Co
Grant Halcom 15 Oct M Millard Letcher Co Emily Nantz Clay Co
Adela F. Hale 5 Aug F Elisha Va Cyntha Hobbs Va
William J. Hamilton 3 Oct M Alex Va Catherine Pendleton Va
Mary E. Herd 5 Jan F J. F. Clay Co Elender Wilson Owsley Co
Nancy E. Hignight 2 Mar F William  Perry Co Elizabeth Nantz Harlan Co
Samuel T. Hogg 6 Nov M Hiram Letcher Co Virginia C. Snyder Va
William Howel 18 Feb M James ___ Ky Nancy J. Halcum Owsley Co
Mary J. Hoskins 7 Jan F James R. Harlan Co Sophreon Taylor Tn
Mary L. Hudson 16 Aug F John Clay Co Elisabeth Davidson Clay Co
Jessee B. Huff 19 Nov (b Laurel Co) M Justice Perry Co Matilda Bowlin Scot Co Va
Abijah Hurst 4 Mar M Thos M. Whitley Co Eviline Smith Clay Co
Lenard J. Hurst 14 Jul M William N. Claibourne Co Tn Delia D. Person Washington Co Tn
George W. O. Langdon 23 Jan M William Perry Co Hannah Begley Perry Co
Martha Lewis 1 May F Felix G. Perry Co Jane Smith Harlan Co
Corilla M. Madden 10 Sep  John Harlan Co Eliza Youngh B. Co. C.C.
Martha J. Manous 1 Feb F J. T. Lee Co Va Ella Botner Harlan Co
Edward G. Marcum 12 Jun M J. M. Va Cyntha A. Combs Perry Co
Martha Mathis 15 Aug F James M. Tn Nancy Lamb Tn
Franlin McDaniel 18 May M John Clay Co Mary A. Phips Clay Co
Martha McGeorge 5 May F Daniel Owsley Co Sarah Peters Owsley Co
Theophilus McQueen 15 Oct M Richard Madison Co Susan Gross Owsley Co
Lutitia Miller 16 Dec F Eavan Perry Co Mary ?Carter Owsley Co
(blank) Sept F C. H. Minter Va Mary J. Seale Owsley Co
(blank) 12 Jan M W. A. Minter Va Maggie M. Gilbert Owsley Co
William P. Minter 17 Nov M Charles E. Lee Co Va Eliza Botner Sulivan Co Tn
John Moore 17 Sep M Pleasant Owsley Co Jane Gabbard Owsley Co
Mary Moore 27 Feb F Daniel Owsley Co Bettie J. Stevens Perry Co
W. T. Morris 29 Oct M Henry Owsley Co Helen Hamlin Tn
Analine Mosly 26 Dec F James Clay Co Elisabeth H---by? Clay Co
Alabama Murrel Jul F A. C. Hawkins Co Tn Nancy Burns Clay Co
Elender M. Nantz 9 Feb F Walker W. Clay Co Rachel Pennington Perry Co
William Nantz 17 Sep M Frederic Clay Co Elisebeth Wells Owsley Co
Joshua Pearson 26 Apr M Janes Washington Co Tn Catherine Bowman Owsley Co
Sarah D. Pearson 4 Jan F James K. P. Tn Catharin Pearson Tn
Martha Pendergrass 1 Sep F B. F. Lee Co Va Nancy Bell Lee Co Va
William b. Person 5 Dec M Samuel B. M. Co. Tn Rachel Strong Owsley Co
(blank) 4 Nov M Elcanah Peters Scot Co Va Susan Peters Owsley Co
Abijah G. Peters 23 Aug M William B. Owsley Co America Sawyers Clay Co
Emily Bell Peters 13 Feb F Harden Owsley Co M. J. Hoskins Bell Co
Jacob Peters 20 Aug M Robert Scot Co Va Sugar A. Isaacs Estil Co
Mary B. Peters 5 Jun F John B. Scot Co Va Mary Peters Breathitt Co
William Price 25 Aug M Wilson Owsley Co Marraget Bilu Breathitt Co
Cora Prichard 4 Nov F B. P. Owsley Co Mary J. Ross Owsley Co
Albert M. Reynolds 20 Jan M Jeremiah Owsley Co Sarah J. Wilson Owsley Co
Penaulia J. Reynolds 22 Apr F Elihu Owsley Co Sarah A. Wilson Owsley Co
Eveline Riley 15 Jan F Samuel Owsley Co Lucinda Riley Owsley Co
Marraget Rose 3 Jun F E. M. Owsley Co Scytha Jett Owsley Co
Nancy Ross 10 May F John Owsley Co Stella Venable Va
Simeon Rowland 4 Nov M Alford Lee Co Va Thursy J.Price Owsley Co
William T. Rowland 15 Dec M A. U. Lee Co Va Holly A. Adison Owsley Co
Etta Seale 3 Nov F George W. Owsley Co Marraget Evans Owsley Co
Elizabeth Shephard 30 Jun F Silas B. Wise Co Va Florence Minter Lee Co Va
Martha H. Shephard 28 Mar F Riley Lee Co Va Nancy Morris Owsley Co
Samuel B. Short 25 Oct M John B. Harlan Co Lucretia Reece Hancock Co Tn
Mary Sisemoore 15 Jan F William Harlan Co Mary Gabbard Owsley Co Tn
Polly A. Sisemoore 15 Jul F Henderson Perry Co Nancy J. Gabbard Owsley Co
Lutie Spivey 21 Oct F Charles Clark Co  Elizabeth Phillips Owsley Co
Josephine Stewart 22 Jan F William Owsley Co Mary Steele Owsley Co
Wheeler Stidham 7 Mar M Thomas Perry Co Milly Morris Perry Co
Martha J. T. Strong 22 Oct F John Clay Co Marinda Wilson Clay Co
Rhoda S. Tillery 1 Mar F William Buncombe Co NC Navery Kidd NC
Lucean Treadway 25 Dec M W. W. . Mary Manous .
Richard Ward 28 Aug M James M. Clay Co Nancy Brandenburg Owsley Co
Jessee P. Whicker no date M Newel Jackson Co Mary A. Capps Owsley Co
John W. Wilder 7 Apr M Uel Clay Co Lucinda Hornsby Clay co
(blank) 15 Feb M Phillip Owsley Co Caharine Moore Owsley Co
(blank) 15 Feb M Phillip Owsley Co Caharine Moore Owsley Co
(blank) 12 Dec M Robert Wilson Page Co Mo Caroline Combs Perry Co
Nancy M. Wilson 8 Nov F H. D. Owsley Co Manerva J. Hurst Claibourne Co Tn
William Wilson 16 Nov M Alford M. Clay Co Martha Hamilton Clay Co
Robert Woodard Sep M J. M. Lee Co Va Mary E. Needham Wolfe Co



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