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1907 Owsley County, KY Vital Statistics - Births
  Transcribed by Debi Houser Kendrick 

"State of Kentucky, County of Owsley.  I, H.C. Combs Clerk of the County Court for the county aforesaid certify that the foregoining list of of births, deaths, & marriages is a true copy of so___ returned by the assessor of Owsley Co Ky for year 1908  ___ under my hand this the 30th day Janury 1909.  H.C. Combs clk"

Note:  The births listed for 1908 also included some births for 1907.  These births for 1907 are listed below.
Name of Child Date of Birth Sex Place of Birth Father Birthplace of Father Mother Birthplace of Mother Residence Remarks
Elmer Ball 6 Oct male Taft, Ky J.C. Ball Avendale, Ky Mary J. McDaniel Avendale Taft, Ky  
Neely Banks 1 Nov female Island City W.H. Banks Letcher Co, Ky Mary Gilbert N.C. Island City  
Fannie Begley 4 Nov female Buck Creek George Begley -- Millie Gum -- Buck Creek  
Wallace Brandenburgh 13 Dec male Vincent Chas. Brandenburg Buck Creek Frankie Botner Travelersrest Sturgeon  
C.G. Brewer 3 Nov male Sturgeon Sherman Brewer Sturgeon Mirtyl Price Sturgeon Sturgeon  
- Campbell 7 Oct female Turin Garfield Campbell Perry Co, Ky Callie Becknell Sturgeon Turin  
Martha L. Combs 23 Dec female Pebworth L.W. Combs Beattyville, Ky Dora Farler Buck Creek Pebworth  
Robert Cook 31 Oct male Sturgeon Wm Cook Sturgeon, Ky Mary E. Gabbard Travelersrest Sturgeon  
Dorsey Estes 29 Dec male Owsley Co. Pleas Estes Owsley Co. Maggie Griffee Owsley Co. Lynch, Ky  
Elizabeth Fields 8 Sept female Island City M.A. Fields Sexton Creek Martha Adison Endee Island City  
Mary Fields 22 Nov female Taft, Ky Silas G. Fields Taft, Ky Dora McQuinn Travelersrest Taft, Ky  
Nannie Fields 2 Nov female Island City Silas Fields Tennessee Ollie Jones Tennessee Island City  
Abrella May Garritt 14 Nov female Pebworth W.A. Garritt BuckCreek Minnie Smith Sturgeon Pebworth  
Nancy M. Hampton 30 Dec female Turin, Ky Wilson Hampton Tallega Pender Jett Tallega Turin, Ky  
Laura E. Hartsock 10 Dec female Greenhall Wm Hartsock Sturgeon Lucy Brewer Sturgeon Sturgeon  
May Hensley 22 Nov female Taft, Ky Feling Hensley Harlan Co. Ky Nancy Fowler Harlan Co. Ky Taft, Ky  
Monroe Hensley 12 Dec male Taft, Ky John Hensley Avendale, Ky Finney Fowler Avendale, Ky Taft, Ky  
Ruby Herd 2 Oct female Travelersrest J.D. Herd Travelersrest Vicie Childs Travelersrest Travelersrest twin
Ruth Herd 2 Oct female Travelersrest J.D. Herd Travelersrest Vicie Childs Travelersrest Travelersrest twin
William Herd 1 Dec male Blake, Ky Thos McGeorge Blake, Ky Callie Herd Travelersrest Blake, Ky  
Andy Huff 14 Dec male Gabbard Wm. Huff Gabbard Jane Gabbard Eversole Gabbard  
Ollie Isaacs 8 Nov female Lynch, Ky George Isaacs Owsley Co. Eva Gray Owsley Co. Lynch, Ky  
Everett Jett 28 Nov male Cow Creek John Jett Breathitt Co, Ky Lillia Reynolds Cow Creek Cow Creek  
Olla? Mainous 20 Dec female Conkling G.S. Mainous Booneville Lucinda Thomas Booneville Conkling  
Allen R. McIntosh 22 Nov male Booneville Nimrod McIntosh Breathitt Co, Ky Carie E. Helton Jetts Creek Booneville  
McDonald Moore 28 Dec male Taft, Ky Marion Moore Drip Rock, Ky Eda Williams Conkling Taft, Ky  
Henry Pearson 3 Dec male Sturgeon J.S. Pearson Island City Nancy T. Smith Island City Sturgeon  
Edwin Pendergrass 25 Nov male Major, Ky W.T. Pendergrass Buck Creek Maggie Neely Sturgeon Major, Ky  
Runford? Pennington 27 Oct male Heidelburgh A.J. Pennington Moores Creek Dovie King Anvill, Ky Conkling  
Cynthia Peters 7 Oct female Majir Sam Peters Booneville Jennie Tyra Buck Creek Major  
Hiram Ross 19 Oct male Heidelburgh Everett S. Ross Buck Creek Mary Hudson Island City Levi, Ky  
Ezel Sandlin 11 Oct male Island City H.H. Sandlin Taft, Ky Rhoda Shepherd Conkling Island City  
Harvey Tackett 12 Sep male Vincent J.N. Tackett Travelersrest Susan Begley Travelersrest Travelersrest  
Clayton Venable 10 Nov male Vincent Rolla Venable Buck Creek Mary Isaacs Buck Creek Vincent  


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