Daniel Callahan Cemetery

(Extracted from James F. Bowman microfilm by Martha Jo Carr)

Located on the Right Fork of Cow Creek onthe old Dan Callahan place. 125 yards West of the dormintory of the Athenia Acadmey.

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Ibbie Angel 1935-1936

Alice Baker 1881-29 Aug 1966 (d/o Robert & Jenny Cole Baker, married John C. Moore)

Lucy Baker 1882-1947 (d/o Andrew J. & Elizabeth "Betty" Amis Baker, married John Mays Sr)

Sarah Baker 1876-1942 (d/o AJ& Elizabeth Amis Baker ,married Henry Mays Sr)

Jane Ruth Banks 1887-1937 ( married George Washington Hall)

Elizabeth E. "Lizzie" Bowman 1892-1944 (d/o Wiley & Neal Taylor Bowman, married Willie Hall)

Albert Callahan 9 May 1879-1951 (s/o Daniel & Emily Lewis Callahan, married Mary Gabbard)

Catherine Callahan ? Feb 1901-1950 (d/o Albert & Mary Gabbard Callahan, married ? McQueen)

Daniel Callahan 29 jan 1854- 1931 (s/o Jeremiah & Esther Moore Callahan, married Emily Lewis)

Enoch F. Callahan 1938-1939 (s/o Chester & Rosa Wilson Callahan)

Louise Callahan 1908-1943 (d/o Albert & Mary Gabbard Callahan )

Peggy Callahan B&D 1930 (d/o Chester & Rosa Wilson Callahan)

Chilasa Callahan B&D 1935 (d/o Albert & Rosa Wilson Callahan)

Retak Callahan B&D 1931 (s/o Albert & Rosa Wilson Callahan)

William Callahan 26 Aug 1880-2 Feb 1959 (s/o Dan & Emily Lewis Callahan, married Cisha Marshall)

Belle Cole b=1856 (d/o Louis & ? Coleman Cole, married Jefferson Blaine Moore)

Nancy Ann Eversole 1873-1955 (d/o George & Rebecca Jane Moore Eversole, married John W. Frost Sr)

John W. Frost Sr. 1871-1946 (s/o Elisha & ? Miller Frost, married Nanncy Ann Eversole)

Ollie Frost B&D 1944

Susannah Frost 1878-1937 (married George W. "Wash" Hall)

Mary Gabbard 1883-1952 (d/o James & Katherine Thomas Moore, married Albert Callahan)

"Neater" Gabbard 1900-1952 (d/o Andrew & Susan Frost Gabbard, married Felix Herald)

Elmer Lee Hall 1918-1932

Jennett Hobbs 1935-1959 (d/o Sherman & ? Mullins Hobbs, married ? Caudill)

Virginia Hobbs "No Dates"

Emily Lewis 4 Sept 1854-1928 (d/o Felix & Jane Smith Lewis, married Daniel Callahan)

Mary McDaniels 1860-1932 (married William Moore)

Henry McInstosh died 27 mar 1936 (s/o ? & Christine Caudill McIntosh,married Mary Turner)

John W. McIntosh 1888-1966 (s/o Henry & Mary Turner McIntosh, married Belle Moore)

Martha McIntosh died 1929 (d/o Henry & Martha Turner MCIntosh, married Daniel Boone Moore)

Peter McIntosh "NoDates" (s/o ? & Christine Caudill McIntosh)

Ralph McIntosh 1930-1947 (s/o Peter McIntosh)

Ray McIntosh died 1950

Tisha Marshall born 1873 (d/o Abijah & Rebecca Abshear Marshal, married William Callahan)

Abel Mayes "No Dates"

Abel Mayes 1897-1951 (s/o Wm "Banger" & Elizabeth Sebastain Mayes, married ? McIntosh)

Alfred Mayes died 24 Sept 1936 (s/o Edward & Rosa Peters Mayes, never married)

Andy Mayes 1898-1928 (s/o Henry & Sarah Baker Mayes Sr., never married)

Bradley Mayes 1895-1952 (s/o Henry & Sarah Baker Mayes Sr., never married)

Calvin Mayes 1888-1963 (s/o Wm "Banger" & Elizabeth Sebastain Mayes, married Dora Campbell)

Douglas Mayes died 2 Jan 1941 (s/o Edward & Rosa Peters Mayes, never married )

Henry Mayes Jr. 1929-1962 (s/o James & Dicey Turner Mayes)

Henry Mayes Sr. 1876-1945 (s/o Wm "Banger" & Elizabeth Sebastain Mayes, married Sarah B. Baker)

Ollie Mayes 1902-1950 (d/o James & Lucy Baker Mayes, married Benjamin Turner)

Truman Mayes "No Dates"

Jefferson Blaine Moore  1860-1937 (s/o Richard Moore, married Belle Cole, does anyone know who these 3 are?)

John C. Moore 1876-1948 (s/o Pleasant & Jane Gabbard Moore, married Alice Baker)

Mary Moore 1877-1950 (d/o Joseph & Angeline McDaniel Moore, married Dudley G. Reynolds)

William J. Moore 1852-1938 (s/o James Cynthia Ann Walton Moore, married Mary McDaniels)

Charles Mullins B&D 1944 (s/o Shelby & Dora May or Day Mullins)

Ethel Mullins 1923-1940 (d/o Shelby & Dora May or Day Mullins, never married)

Floyd Mullins "No Dates"

Shelby Mullins 1887-1964 (s/o Mark & ? Gibson Mullins, married Dora May or Day)

Hazel Peters 1919-1962 (d/o John & Nancy Marshall Peters, married Harlan Mayes)

Dennis Wayne Reynolds B&D 1952

James W. Riley B&D 1951

Shelby Riley 1945-1947

Velma Riley 1952-1954

Clarence Sebastain 1937-1938

Robert C. Sebastain 1939-1940

Grover Cleveland Spencer 1924-1948 (s/o Sherman & Bessie Baker Spencer, never married)

Kenneth Randolph Turner 1947-1949(s/o Randolph & Ethel Frost Turner)

Mary Turner "No Dates" (d/o Henry McIntosh)

Wilgus Turner B&D 1937 (s/o Randolph & Ethel Frost Turner)

Wilma Turner B&D 1937 (d/o Randolph & Ethel Frost Turner)

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