Harvey Combs Cemetery
(Extracted from James F. Bowman microfilm by Martha Jo Carr)

Located on the South Fork of the Ky River, near the mouth of Upper Wolfe creek, in the vincinity of the "1850" homes of the William Bowman and Harvey Combs.

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John Amis "No Dates' ( S/O Jeff & Lydia Oliver Amis, married Francis ?, when John died she returned to France)

America Anderson Combs "No Dates" (D/O Frank Anderson, married Squire Combs)

Frances Bailey 2 Jan 1882 - 1 Oct 1908 (D/O Samuel & Elizabeth Combs Bailey, never married)

Marion Bailey  ? oct 1868 - 4 Oct 1948 ( S/O Samuel & Elizabeth Combs Bailey, married Martha Thomas)

Mary J. Bailey 22 Jan 1859 - 5 Mar 1905 (never married)

Samuel Bailey  "No Dates" (married Elizabeth Combs)

Elizabeth Combs born 1814 (nee Parsons; married Harvey Combs)

Elizabeth Combs Bailey  born 12 May 1839 ( D/O Harvey & Elizabeth ? Combs, married Samuel Bailey)

Harvey Combs 1816 - 17 Sept 1894 (S/O James & Sarah Combs Hundley; married Elizabeth Parsons & Lucreta Smith)

Mary E. Combs 18 Nov 1886 -  3 Dec 1953 ( D/O Squire & America Anderson Combs)

Sis Combs "No Dates" (D/O Squire & America Anderson Combs, married Daniel Kit Hill)

Squire Combs 15 Mar 1838 -  22 Apr 1907 ( married America Anderson)

David Hill "No Dates" (S/O Preston & Mary "Pop" ? Hill, married Nancy Combs)

Daniel Kit Hill "No Dates" ( S/O Preston & Mary "Pop" ? Hill, married Sis Combs)

Dora Hill  "No Dates" (D/O David & Nancy Combs Hill , married John J.Deaton)

Preston Hill "No Dates" (married Mary "Pop" ?)

Preston Hill "No Dates" ( S/O David & Nancy Combs Hill)

Mary "Pop" Hill "No Dates" ( married Preston Hill)

Lydia Oliver "No Dates"  ( D/O ? & Lucrete Smith Oliver, married Jeff Amis)

Lucreta Smith "No Dates" ( married ? Moore & Harvey Combs)

Charles Taylor 14 Sept 1903 - 16 Jan 1907

Jesse Taylor  16 May 1925 - 20 Mar 1957

Marvin Taylor  16 Jan 1927 - 23 Jan 1927

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