William Mays Cemetery
(Extracted from James F. Bowman microfilm by Martha Jo Carr)

Located on the west side of Elk Creek, a branch of Duck Fork about 1/4 mile up the hill in a pine thicket, near the home of Vincent Cornett. On the Old Andy Mays place, near the once lively community of Cross Roads, near the Lee Co Ky Line.

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Elizabeth "Lizzie" Mays "NoDates" (D/O? Ambrose, married Asa Mays)

Wesley Mays "NoDates" ( married Mary Mays)

Alice Mays  "No Dates" ( D/O ? Bingham, married Joel Mays)

Edna Spence 1887-1920 (D/O John M. & Mary Coomer Cornet, married Frank Spence)

Mary A. "Pollie" Mays 1800-1880 (D/O ? Cross or Gross, married William Mays)

Clara Mae Judd 21 Aug 1919- 20 Apr 1928 (D/O Sam & Bertha Mays Judd)

Mary Jane Mays 1856-1923 ( D/O John & Rachel Johnson  Marcum, married James Ewing Mays)

? Mays "No Dates" (parent Molly Mays)

Arco Mays 1907-1909 ( S/O Howell & Dora Judd Mays )

Asa Mays 15 Feb 1856-17 Mar 1923 ( S/O Andrew & Rachel Mays Mays, married Lizzie Ambrose)

Clarence Mays 1905-1923 (S/O Howell & Dora Judd Mays)

David Mays born 1826  (S/O Wm & Polly Gross Mays, married Surenna Richardson, Co. D, 47th Vol. Inf.) Above he using both names for Polly!

Fred Mays 31 Jan 1912- ? Sept 1935 (S/O Howell & Dora Judd Mays)

Giles Mays born 1849 ( S/O Andrew & Rachel Mays Mays , married Alice Venable & Lizzie Bowman)

Howell Mays 10 Jul 1881- 10 Feb 1920 ( S/O Margaret Mays, married Dora Judd)

Jack Mays born 1864 ( S/O Andrew & Rachel Mays Mays , married Alice Bingham)

James Ewing Mays 7 Jan 1856- 1927 ( S/O Giles & Mary Isaacs Mays, married Mary Jane Marcum)

Lucy Mays 1902-1904 ( D.O John & Martha Reynolds Mays)

Margaret Mays 1853-1930 ( D/O Andrew & Rachel Mays Mays)

Mary Mays born 1860 ( D/O Andrew 7 Rachel Mays Mays, married Wesley Angel)

Minnie Mays 1918-1919 ( D/O Howell & Dora Judd Mays)

William Mays 1796-1883 (S/O David Mays, married Mary A. Gross)

William Mays  "No Dates" ( S/O Gentry & June Spence Mays)

Surenna Mays  born 1838 ( D/O James & ? Ingram Richardson, married Daid Mays)

? Sams "No Dates" ( S/O Allen & Emaline Mays Mays, then he writes parents ?)

? Sams " No Dates" (S/O Allen & Emaline Mays Mays, parents ?)

? Sams "No Dates" ( married Jacob Sams)

Jacob Sams "No Dates"

Frank Spence 15 Jul 1881- 30 May 1963 (S/O James & Sara Mays Spence, married Edna Cornett, & Dora Judd)

Thomas James Spence born & died 1926 ( S/O Frank & Dora Judd Spence)

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