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Located on Cary Summers' farm in corner where Robertson, Todd, and Montgomery
Counties meet.  Copied by Ruth Allen Hayes in the 1970s while working on a book of
cemeteries for Montgomery County, Tennessee.

KAY, Nimrod E.  (Aug. 19, 1814-Jan. 11, 1886) (h)
KAY, Elizabeth (Jan. 15, 1821-Nov. 9, 1874) (w) (married Dec. 31, 1839)

KILLEBREW, Nannie B. (Consort of S. Killebrew)  (June 19, 1843-July 7, 1868)
KILLEBREW, infant daughter of S. & N. B. (died June 16, 1867)

GRADY, Inez L. (dau. of J. R. & S. E.) (July 4, 1845-Feb. 21, 1867)

ALLENSWORTH, Elizabeth B. (Consort of Philip Allensworth) (Jan. 19, 1779-March 10,

GRADY, Ann Baily, Mrs.  (consort of J. R. Grady) (Sept. 15, 1815-April 1, 1840)

ALLENSWORTH, Philip, Sr.  (May 4, 1772-March 29, 1838)
ALLENSWORTH, Louisa Josephine (dau. of J. S. B. and K. R. Allensworth) (no dates)
ALLENSWORTH, Susan E. (June 4, 1818-Dec. 4, 1832)

MILLER, George  (Sept. 8, 1799-Feb. 13, 1837)

KERLEY, Susan C. and her two children, who died July 21, 1850. Susan born Jan. 7, 1849)
(boxed grave)

ALLENSWORTH, Eugeane (son of P. B. & S. C. Allensworth) (Jan. 23, 1849-July 16, 1849)

**These two names have no monuments**
WILSON, Howard (son of Mrs. Fannie Kay Wilson--no dates)
WILSON, Ernest (no dates)

ALLENSWORTH, Susan C., Mrs. (March 5, 1818-Jan. 24, 1849) (w)
ALLENSWORTH, Philip B. (Aug. 31, 1808-June 24, 1866) (h)
ALLENSWORTH, infant son (June 28, 1854-July 6, 1854) (stone broken)
ALLENSWORTH, S. P. (Dec. 31, 1839-Jan. 4, 1902) (father)
ALLENSWORTH, H. M. (wife of P. B.) (Sept. 9, 1824-Feb. 4, 1887)

SEAT, R. P. (May 6, 1827-Aug. 5, 1894)
*This stone off to itself, as if not related to other names.

WILSON, Fannie Kay (Nov. 4, 1865-June 18, 1941) (mother)
WILSON, Max Evans  (inf. son of Howard Wilson) (Feb. 28, 1914-July 3, 1914)

Generously submitted October 11, 2001 by Tim Pulley of the Clarksville-Montgomery County Public Library.

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