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BURRUS Cemetery
Located on Highway 475
Hampton Farms.

John BURRIS [sic]
Born Aug. 22, 1870
Died Oct. 28, 1920
Peerless Temple-1102
Madisonville, KY

Born Dec. 28, 1864
Died Nov. 20, 1928
Sunshine Temple-1050
Trenton, KY

{broken stone buried in ground footstone with initials E.W.}

Born -1867 Died Sept. 25, 1924
V.V.V. Temple-1143
Elkton, KY
{stone with symbol at top TMA 3V's}

Born Nov. 12, 1879
Died Nov. 15, 1926
Hermon Chamber-5162
Hermon, KY

Born 1795 Died Aug. 1880

{heart-shaped stone}
Jessie COLEMAN Aug. 25, 1892-Dec. 1918
Winne COLEMAN Oct. 4, 1917 Aged 58 years

Born Apr. 23, 1859
Died Feb. 17, 1916
Bells Chapel Chamber-2914
Trenton, KY
{symbol at top TMA 3V's}

Gone Home
Son of Carter & M.E. BOYD
Born May 1, 1879
Died Sept. 12, 1881

{Turned Stone...unable to lift}

Harres BURRUS  [sic]
Born Oct. 11, 1859
Died June 21, 1878
{footstone: H.B.}

Annie Bell daughter of Ed & Eddie FINCH
Born Apr. 12, 1887
Died July 26, 1887
Thou art gone little darling
Sweet child of our love
From Earth's fairy strand
To bright mansions above.
{footstone: A.B.F.}

Howard Hopson WILLIAMSON
Born Mar. 10, 1840
Died Sept. 18, 1918
Gone But Not Forgotten

Jimmy son of R.& L. SAMUELS
Born Jan. 12, 1882
Died Feb. 28, 1882

{Hand-carved stone}
O.G. SAMUELS son of W.A. & L.S.
b. June 27, '91 [sic]
d. S or 9 M  22, '95 {possibly 9th month 22nd day in 1895?}

Absolum EWING
Born Mar. 1819
Died Dec. 14, 1879

Sallie B. TOLIAFERRO 1896-1928

{the following 3 were on the same stone}
Luther BELL 1899-1920
James BELL  1894-1918
Houston BELL 1902-1926

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