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CLAYMOUR Community Cemetery
(Old THORNSBERRY Farm on Phillips Road.)
From Elkton go North 181,
turn right onto 106 follow to Claymour Crossroads
at JCT 178 turn left onto Highland Lick Rd.
Go 1.7 miles to Phillips Rd to the left.
 Follow that road to the end and you will then drive
straight on an old rarely used road about 1 mile on the left.

Died April 1805 &
Sarah his wife
Died August 1820

James STUART died 1809

Born July 15, 1866
Died June 8, 1892

Randolph HURT
Born Mar. 14, 1900
Died Nov. 4, 1901
An angel visited the green earth
And took the flower away

Elizabeth wife of William HURT
Born Apr. 9, 1836
Died Sept. 18, 1905
She was a kind and affectionate wife,
a fond mother and a friend to all.

William HURT
Born June 18, 1802
Died Mar. 28, 1876
Gone But Not Forgotten

Joshua S. son of S.S. & M.G. McBRIDE
Born Apr. 14, 1855
Died Dec. 1, 1858

Samuel S. McBRIDE
Born Oct. 8, 1823
Died May 30, 1859

Mariah J. daughter of J.F. & I.J. HARRIS
Born July 27, 1857
Died June 12, 1858
Sleep on sweet babe and take your rest
God called you home when He thought best.

Isabella J. wife of J.F. HARRIS
Born Dec. 11, 1826
Died Sep. 16, 1878
A faithful wife and mother dear
In sweet repose is sleeping here
Her painful loss we deeply feel
But God can allow sorrows heal
{Brown N Albany, Ind.}

was born Dec'r. the 6th 1853
and died Feb. the 17th 1855
Lovey babe how brief they stay
Short and hasty was thy day.

Stephen W. HAGGARD
Born May 25, 1864
Died July 31, 1882
Will prosper brightly budding fair
Just rising into bloom
Death came in an untimely hour
And snatched him to the tomb.

Caladenia dau. of J.N. & S.L. HAGGARD
Born Mar. 26, 1866
Died May 1, 1866
A loved one gone from our circle
On earth we will meet her no more
She has gone to her home in heaven
And all her afflictions are o'er.

Margaret wife of John N. HAGGARD
Born Jan. 18, 1833
Died Mar. 17, 1861
Farewell then sweet Man
__aret at long farewell
Your sorrows and suffering all o'er
May ___ of us his __that__join you.

Janet WRIGHT wife of Thos. R. WRIGHT, Sr.
Apr. 12, 1804-Apr. 23, 1851
Gone But Not Forgotten

John WRIGHT was born January 21st 1779 Died Oct. 4th, 1841
Ann WRIGHT departed this life Oct. 29, 1846

In Memory of Martha wife of W.M. HARRIS
Born June 26, 1807
Died June 11th 1882
Blessed are they that died in the Lord.

Thos. R. WRIGHT, Sr.
Apr. 25, 1803-Aug. 3, 1870
He has gone to the mansions of rest.

Mary F. dau. of T.R. & P.A. WRIGHT
Born Dec. 3, 1857
Died Oct. 21, 1860
She lived alone and few could know
When Mary ceased to be
But she in her grave and Oh
The differnce [sic] is to me.  P.A. WRIGHT

Rosa A. daughter of F.D. & M.E. MYERS
Born June 14, 1878
Died Nov. 29, 1878
Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest
God called thee home when he thought best
{Brown N Albany, Ind.}

Born Oct. 11, 1842
Died Mar. 29, 1883
Farewell my wife and children all
From you a father Christ doth call
Mourn not for me, it is vain
To call me to your sight again.

Born May 20, 1878
Died Aug. 15, 1882
Oh weep not for the loved one
So rudely from thee driven
Twas but a flower too good for earth
Transplanted into heaven

Born June 28, 1880
Died Aug. 14, 1882
{unreadable epitaph}

(Approximately 45 unknown graves marked by rocks.)

Transcribed and copyrighted by Laura Porter.

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