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CROUCH Cemetery
Richard CROUCH
28 Mar 1771-10 Nov 1815
{Revised dates:  23 March 1774-10 November 1845}

Martha wife of Richard CROUCH
18 Oct 1791-22 Oct 1828
{Revised dates:  18 October 1794-22 October 1828}

Martha 2nd wife of Richard CROUCH
Died ** May 1838
{Revised date:  04 May 1838}

{Funeral Marker}
B.J. BERRY  1983-1991

One footstone with letters F.D.

{Revision Source:  Joseph E. Crouch

My father Dr. James Jesup Crouch of Glasgow, Kentucky (his two brothers are
William T. Crouch and David Crouch there in Elkton) has in his possession
family bibles from two of the sons of Richard Crouch listed above. Both list
the Richard Crouch above as having been born on March 23, 1774 and his
having died on November 10, 1845.  Twenty years or more ago I visited the
Crouch Cemetary at Daysville. The headstone at that time was extremely hard
to read.  Unless you had knowledge from other sources it was easy to assume
the headstone had dates different than what it actually has.  The engraving
is in a flowing script style where the three's look like eights and the
downward slant and return legs on the fours are almost invisible due to age.
The correct birth and death dates per the two family bibles are:
Richard Crouch  23 March 1774-10 Nov 1845
This is further validated by Richard having married a second wife after the
death of his first wife in 1828.  The following text will show the research
we have compiled on this Richard Crouch:
Richard Crouch was born March 23, 1774 in Virginia.  He moved to Logan
County prior to 1820 {2} where he bought land and settled as a farmer.  He
married {1} Martha Britt (born October 18, 1794), daughter of William and
Sarah Poor Britt, Jr. on December 10, 1812 in Goochland County, Virginia.
Marriage was performed by the Reverend Lewis Chaudain, and witnessed by
Bolling Britt

- 1817 Richard Crouch from Wm. Britt, Sr. (Dec) Deed F30 36A
- 1817 Martha, Richard Crouch from Wm. Britt, Sr. (Dec) Deed F38 35A
- 1817 Martha, Richard Crouch from Wm. Britt, Sr. (Dec) Deed F42 42A
- 1817 Richard Crouch from Drury W. Poor Deed F59 35A
- 1817 Richard Crouch from Geo. R. Herndon Deed F69 35A
- 1817 Richard Crouch from Mrs. Drury W. Poor Deed G183
(Relinquishment Whippoorwill Creek)
- Richard Crouch bought 35 acres of land on Whipperwill Creek from
Walter L. Britt, part of the legacy of William Britt.  Walter L. Britt was
from Hopkins County.
- Richard Crouch on 27th day Nov. 1822 bought land on Whipperwill
Creek known as Lot 5 in the Division of Lands between the heirs of William
Britt Senior Deceased. From David Bullock and wife Susan.  Susan
relinquished her right of dower and estate of inheritance.
- 1825 Martha, Richard Crouch from Mrs. Geo. Herndon Deed N 134

She died October 22, 1828, age 34 years & 4 days.  He married his second
wife, Martha North, in 1830 and she died on May 4, 1838.  Richard died {3}
on November 10, 1845, age 71 years, 7 months, & 3 days, and was buried in a
small family cemetery beyond the house and garden site on the north side of
the entrance road about ½ mile from US 68, on the Daysville-Allensville road
in Todd County, Ky.

His children were as follows:

1. Susan Elizabeth (Crouch) Morehead, born November 2, 1813, died May
19, 1838, married Armstead L. Morehead in 1832.

2. William Smith Crouch, born September 7, 1815, married Virginia Jesup
in 1852.  Married 1st Elizabeth Morrow of Logan, Co.

3. Sarah 'Sally' Jane (Crouch) Chastain, born June 21, 1817, married
Joseph Chastain in 1835.

4. Catherine 'Caterin' L. (Crouch) Poor, born February 10, 1820,
married Zachariah H. Poor.
5. John H. Crouch, born November 25, 1821,

1850 Census of Todd County Lists: Born
John Crouch 28 Male Farmer Kentucky
Mary Crouch 24 Female Tennessee
James T. 1 Male Kentucky

6. Elizabeth E. Crouch, born January 13, 1824.

7. Richard J. Crouch, born June 6, 1826, married Martha {4} C. Wright
in 1865.

{1} K.B. Williams, Marriages of Goochland Co. Va. (1733-1815) page 21 -
10 December 1812 - Richard Crouch and Martha Britt, Daughter of William
Britt Jr.  Security, James Hopkins; Witnesses: Bolling Britt, Minister, Rev.
Lewis Chaudain.

{2} 1820 Census Lists
Richard Crouch in Logan County.

{3} Will Book F  1844-1848
Richard Crouch Sale & Bill Page 291
Appraisement Page 279
Settlement Page 410

Several people by name of Poor bought items of Richard Crouch
Zachariah Poor made guardian for Richard J. Crouch, son of Richard

{4} Grantor R. J. Crouch, along with his wife Martha Crouch sold 60
acres to Grantee M.K. Howl on October 20, 1868 in Ballard County.

{5} According to family tradition Richard Crouch became a physician,
John Crouch became a lawyer.  Both moved to Ballard County about 1842.  As
far as is known John and Mary Lear Crouch (see Conrad Lear affidavit under
John Crouch) died without children.  Richard Crouch M.D. lived near
Blandville, Ballard Co. and is buried in a cemetery on the family farm.
Richard Bollin Crouch - buried at Antioch Church
Son - James Crouch, Wickcliff Rt 1
Son - James H. Crouch, 3632 Alameda Dr., 502-442-5019
Paducah, Ky.
Dr. Tom Crouch (Bardwill physician)
3 sons and 1 daughter
1 grandson-Richard Garvin Crouch,
843 14th St., 714-536-3991, Huntington Beach, Ca.
William Crouch - never married - buried at Antioch
Ellen Crouch - married Will Wray - buried at Bardwill near
Sue Crouch - m. Jack Turner, buried at Mt. Pleasant
Mollie Crouch - m. John Caldwell

{6} Ballard County Marriage Register:
R.B. Crouch 20th Dec. 1888 @ Wickliffe, Ballard Co. Married J.E.
G.F. Crouch 28 Dec. 1892  to Miss M.E. Griffin @ G. Griffins home

Transcribed and copyrighted by Joseph E. Crouch.

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