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GILL Cemetery
From Highway 79N turn left onto 102.
Travel 0.3 mi. and turn right on an old road bed.
You will see an Unground Cable Warning at the beginning on the road.
Travel 0.2 mi. and the cemetery is to the right in a grove of trees.

Samuel H. GILL
Born May 18, 1824
Died Mar. 25, 1881

B- Apr. 1, 1848
D- July 4, 1882

Polly B. wife of Seth WOOLDRIDGE
Born Nov. 12, 1797
Died June 25, 1842
{footstone: P.B.W.}

wife of Henry WILSON
Born Nov. 5, 1862
Died Nov. 29, 1897

John son of Seth & Polly WOOLDRIDGE
Born Oct. 11, 1830
Died May 30, 1862

Winifred E. wife of S.H. GILL
Born June 23, 1828
Died Jan. 13, 1860

Presley E. GILL
Born May 26, 1853
Died Feb. 23, 1855

Mary E. dau. of Seth & Polly WOOLDRIDGE
Born Aug. 27, 1820
Died June 30, 1841

{Possibly others we were unable to find}

Transcribed and copyrighted by Laura Porter and Elaina Kenner.

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