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Located in Trenton.

WOODWARD, S., Capt.  born in VA Shenandoah City May 30, 1789, and died Sept. 29th
1840 in E. Tennessee on his journey to the land of his maturity premted by fillial duty to his
aged mother, znd whose remains now repose here in consequence of the unrivaled affection
bourne him by his disconsolate wife.

WOODWARD, John Francis was born May 4, 1815 and departed this life Sept. the 8th
1845 in his thirtiety year.

WOODWARD, Mariam--in memory pof Mariam Woodward, wife of Stephen Woodward
and daughter of William Gennings born in Shenandore City, VA in the year 1777. Died
July 3rd 1813.

WOODWARD, Amanda--in memory of Amanda Woodward, who was born April 4th 1818
and departed this life July 7th, 1835.

ALLENSWORTH, Harriet B.--mother. Harriet B. wife of Philip Allinsworth, Jr.*
ALLENSWORTH, William (child of Philip & H. B.)*
ALLENSWORTH, Mary E. (child of Philip & H. B.)*

WOODARD, Mary--sacred to the memory of Mary Woodard who was born in VA Frederick
Co., Aug. 27, 1795 and died Oct. 22, 1882 regreted by all who knew her leaving 7 infants (?)
to deplore their irreperable loss.

J A (Decest Novr. 28, 1821)

WOODARD, Philamon D. who was born in Freerick Co., VA Oct. 28, 1813 departed this life
April 10th, 1832

WOODARD, William H.--in memory of Wm. H. Woodard grandson of I. T. Allensworth dep.
this life August 1828 in his 12 year.

MILLER, Charles Leonidas--in memory of Charles Leonidas Miller, grandson of J. T.
Allensworth dep. this life August 7th, 1828 in his 2 year.

ALLENSWORTH, William--sacred to the memory of William Allensworth, son of Wm. T.
Wentworth and Mary  (Nov. 28-only date)

ALLENSWORTH, Cyrus--in memory of Cyrus Allensworth and son of I. T. Allensworth
deceased Nov. 12, 1823 in his 1 year.

ALLENSWORTH, Jas. born Sept. 14, 1788 died Jan. 8, 1857--69 years old.

ALLENSWORTH, Patsey L., consort of John T. Allensworth departed this life March 15th
1834 in the 61st year of her age.

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