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Johnson Chapel Cemetery
Inside a heavily wooded area, just past
Johnson Chapel Missionary Baptist Church
off Hwy 102, 3.4 miles north of intersection of Hwy 79.
We have been told that this was a black cemetery with many graves of slaves.
Parts of this cemetery are extremely old.  Most of this cemetery has been
destroyed by water, fallen trees and time.  Most of the graves have
sunk in to the ground as much as several feet.  There are many small
stones with no inscriptions, graves marked by rocks and a number of
large stones that have been crushed.  We also found a number of funeral
home markers that were also illegible.

Ann _OLEMAN (very damaged stone)
June 18, 189_ (possibly a 2)
April 12, 191_  (possibly a 2)
at rest

______  COLEMAN
Died Aug ______   (Funeral Home Marker)

PVT 418 Res Labor BN QMC
World War I
May 28, 1890 - April 16, 1957

David BOILEY  (J.R. Ramsey Co Funeral Home Marker)
Jan 30, 1955
age 3/4

Mrs. P______-  (pink Funeral Home Marker, says Russellville at bottom)
Died: _____ 1961 (Water damaged)
Age 6_

George OSBY
Died July 18, 1919
G.E. Bush Temple-1346
Allensville, Ky.

Aaron OSBY
Born 1884
Died May 18, 1919
V.V.V. Temple 1143
Elkton, Ky.

Tec5 381 Port BN TC
World War II
(Latham Funeral Home Marker)

Flossie HARP
(Latham Funeral Home Marker)

Ben CHESTNUT and Wife
1861 Father & Mother 1946

Born 1871
Died Oct. 15, 1919

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