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Kirkman Cemetery- Partial Listing
This cemetery is located on the Robert Jordon farm near Allegre,KY.

Mattie KIRKMAN Mar 26,1853--May 24,1901

Ada Rachel KIRKMAN Lyons 1867--1901

Jennie KIRKMAN  Feland 1862--1891

William C. son of W.T.and G.A. KIRKMAN  May 27,1877--Mar1 1879

Alice B.daug of W.T. and G.A. KIRKMAN  Dec 23, 1871--Dec27,1871

Joseph M. KIRKMAN  Oct 1,1865--Oct 11,1865

Miss Virginia KIRKMAN  Feb 1,1837--Feb 5 1858

Mary T. daug of P.and S.P. KIRKMAN  Sep 6,1879--Sep13,1879

Cora A.daug of G.J. and J.E. KIRKMAN  Dec 23,1862--Aug30,1884

Rev.Thomas KIRKMAN  Mar 7,1766--Aug 29,1845

F.L. KIRKMAN  Oct 10,1820--1824

Salina P.DRAKE (wife of Peter KIRKMAN ) 1810-184?

Peter KIRKMAN  Jun 30,1807--Nov 19,1882

Mrs.R.E. KIRKMAN  1827--1903

Mary Ann KIRKMAN  Feb 15,1831--1832

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