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MOORE Cemetery

son of T.A. & M.E. DUKE
born Sept 12, 1885 died Feb 5, 1889

Elder Henry S. LOWRY
Born Feb 17, 1817 died ___ 1890

wife of Rev H. S. LOWRY
__ther to ____ Mother ____ (most of epitaph is illegible)

Mattie V.
daughter of John & Narcissa MOORE
born Feb 9, 1847 died ____ 5, 1863

William MOORE was born May 29th 1843
died June 29th, 1844

Mary A. wife of W. T. KENNEDY
Born May 14, 1812 died Dec 18, 1858 formerly wife of A. CARNEAL
(FS:) M.A.K.

Adison CORNEAL [sic]
was born March 25, 1789
Died June 5th 1854

son of David MOORE and
husband of Narcissa MOORE
Died Aug. 20, 1833
In the 83rd year of his life.

Narcissa wife of John MOORE
died Sept 13, 1876 in the 67th year of her age
meet me in heaven

Samuel T. son of J. & N. MOORE
born May 9, 1845 died June 21, 1880
Gone but not forgotten
May we meet in heaven

Catharine M. wife of W.B. COCKE
Born Jan. 5, 1824
Died Oct. 22, 1894

M. Jennie MOORE daughter of A.N. & S.F. MOORE
Born Aug. 29, 1866
Died Jan. 3, 1878
We loved this tender little one
And would have wished her stay
But let our Father's will be done
She shines in endless day.

Sarah F. wife of A.N. MOORE
Born Jan. 28, 1841
Died Feb. 3, 1876

Johnie son of A.N. & S. F. MOORE
Born June 4, 1874 Died May 8, 1875
Budded on earth to bloom in heaven

Mannie G. Infant dau. of A.N. & S.F. MOORE
Born July 18, 1870 Died Feb. 4, 1871
Our Darling
She will not return to us
But we may go to her

Sarah J. wife of John W. CHILES
Born May 31, 1835
Died Feb. 2(8or9)__

The next graves are inside an ornate iron fence:
Nancy daughter of A. & S. MOORE
born Dec 3, 1825 died Mar 5, 1880
Andrew MOORE  was born Feb. 9th 1793
died Dec. 18th 1850,   (FS--A.M.)

Sophia MOORE  died Jan. 15th 1898  in the 27th year of her age

Isabella BACON,
born Feb. 14, 1790   died  Mar. 9, 1863

Mary Jane MOORE
Nov. 30,1824 -  Oct. 30, 1921

David MOORE died Oct. 15th 1826 in the 62nd year of his age

In memory of Miss Polly MOORE
died July 17, 1868 in the 84th year of her age

Henry G. son of  D.T. &  M. E. MOORE born June 4, 1866   died Sept. 18, 1865

Mary E. MOORE  born Dec. 3, 1836
died Oct. 26, 1872

David son of A & S MOORE
Jan. 3, 1827   - Mar. 11, 1835

Andrew A. son of  Andrew & Isabelle  MOORE
born June 6, 1830  died  Apr. 19, 1902
Earth Has One Mortal Less, Heaven an Angel More

Mrs. Mary C. wife of Andrew MOORE
Sept. 28, 1836 - Jan. 14, 1908

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