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Located on Hwy 102, Allensville Rd., about 3 miles from old Hwy 68.
Land owned by D.N. SHORT.

Sacred to the Memory of
Benjamin E. PHILLIPS
Deceased April 1st, 1844
in the thirty third year of his age.
As a husband and father he was deavoted and affectionate,
As a son and brother dutiful and kind,
As a friend warm hearted and faithful.

Sacred to the Memory of
Deceased August 15th, 1843
in the sixty ninth year of his age.
He was a devoted husband,
A tender and affectionate father,
And true hearted friend.

Sacred to the Memory of
Deceased December the 8th, 1848
Aged 70 years.
As a wife she was devoted,
As a mother tender and affectionate,
and a faithful friend.
Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.

In Memory of Davis C. REEVES
Who departed this life Sept. 28th, 1841
In the thirty second year of his age.
A dutiful child,
An affectionate husband,
A tender and devoted father
And a true and noble hearted friend.
He died in bright prospect of a happy immortality.

Departed this life April 21st, 1829,
Aged 25 years.
A dutiful child, prudent wife and affectionate mother.

Miss Ellen H. PHILLIPS
Departed this life Wednesday November 28, 1838 in her nineteenth year.
Alass, how changed that lovely flower which bloomed and cheered my heart.
Fair fleeting comfort of an hour, how soon we are called to part.

Sacred to the Memory of
Emily W. BONE
Deceased April 13th, 1840,
Aged thirty one years.
A dutiful child and affectionate wife
A devoted mother and consistent Christian.

Transcribed and copyrighted by Laura Porter and Elaina Kenner.

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