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SMITH CEMETERY is on Highway 79 from Kentucky line toward Russellville, about 2 miles
from the four-way stop in Guthrie.  This cemetery was also called Old Hadensville Cemetery
and the Tyler Cemetery.  Copied first by Mrs. Ruth Allen Hayes in the 1970s, then revisited
by Tim Pulley February 5, 1995.

SMITH, T. H. (1863-1894)

SIMPSON, Alex (Co. C 51 Alabama Partisan Rangers CSA) (no dates)

COWEL, James (Co. D 1 Tennessee Cavalry) (no dates)

RULEY, Margaret Jane (1889-1925)

MOODY, James S. (Co. H Tennesseee Infantry Spanish American War) (no dates)

TYLER, Donie Jane (1895-1948)

DILLERY, Mary T. (1893-1948)

KNOTT, James P. (BNA Georgia LT Arty. Spanish-American War) (no dates)

DILLERY, Mary T. (1898-1944)

TYLER, B. D. (1863-1930)
TYLER, Helen H. (1870-1922)

DUFFY, Frank M. (Captain ASSTOM 30 Tennessee Infantry, Spanish American War) (no

MIMMS, Sallie W. (dau. of Jno. C. & Donie S. Mimms) (Nov. 12, 1885-Oct. 27, 1886)

SMITH, Burnley (Virginia Pvt. Fox S Co.  16 Virginia Militia War of 1812) (Aug.           16, 1879)
SMITH, Joseph D. (son of W. F. & E. J.) (Sept. 2, 1863-April 19, 1865)
SMITH, Lizzie J. (Nov. 9, 1837-Oct. 16, 1901) (w)
SMITH, Willie, Rev. (Aug. 27, 1824-Sept. 27, 1864) (mason) (h)
SMITH, William Burnley (Dec. 3, 1856-ec. 25, 1880)
SMITH, Sally (daughter of ?-stone broken) (Nov. 12, 1885-Oct. 27, 1886)

DUFFY, Marietta (inf. daughter of P. O. & Mary E.) (June 12, 1869-April 9, 1872)
DUFFY, Pamelia M. (daughter of P. O. & Mary E. Duffy) (June 12, 1869-April 9, 1872)
DUFFY, Frank (son of P. O. and Mary E. Duffy) (May 7?, 1867-April 9, 1879)

DUFFY, Charles M. (1st Lt. 13 Co. US Vol. Sig Corps Sp. Am. War--no dates)

ALLENSWORTH, Lizzie G. (Aug. 25, 1845-Feb. 13, 1912)

F. E. D. (no dates or names)

MOODY, James S. (Co. H. 1 Tenn Inf. Sp. Amer. War--no dates)

WHITE, G. D.  (Jan. 21, 1832-Feb. 24, 1905)
**There are other graves, but the cemetery is heavily overgrown and it was impossible to look
further.  It is surrounded by a good fence.

Generously submitted October 11, 2001 by Tim Pulley of the Clarksville-Montgomery County Public Library.

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