Smith Family Cemetery - Partial
The graveyard is about 200 yards northeast of the Smith Family house, near Trenton, Ky.
There about 20 markers in the graveyard, a complete transcription will be coming soon.

    Dabney Smith. This stone is broken, and the dates are not legible.
    This is the Dabney Smith that is known to have lived October 23, 1779 – January 14, 1860.
    Near his stone, leaning against a tree is a stone that is smooth with no visible names, but very similar in size and shape to Dabney’s stone.
    This is probably his  wife Agnes' stone.

     Lucy A Smith. Lived March 1, 1834 – May 19, 1873. Wife of F.L. Smith (Frederick Lewis) as indicated on

     William D. Smith. This stone is still standing and in pretty good shape. William lived June 26, 1818 –
     March 3, 1872, as the stone indicates. His wife was Mary E Smith.

     Mary E. Smith. This stone too is still standing and in good shape. Mary lived August 23, 1825 – September
     17, 1892.

     Edwin Smith. This stone is in excellent shape, but is not standing. Edwin lived February 2, 1868 – August
     30, 1875. He was the son of William D Smith and Mary E. Smith.

     Walton Smith. This stone is in good shape, but the three parts of it are lying in a heap. Walton lived Feb 1,
     1864 – April 11, 1899, and was another son of William D. and Mary E. Smith, as indicated on the stone.

     Henry Smith. Lived June 23, 1862 – June 18, 1863. The stone indicates that we was the son of F.L. and L.A.
     Smith. This would be Frederick Lewis and Lucy A. Tandy Smith. I did not photograph this stone. It is

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