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Spillman Church Cemetery
Snardon Lane, Allensville
An African-American Cemetery located at Snardon Mill Road and State Line Road adjacent to the Spillman Church

June 12, 1894-Sept. 26, 1977
Asleep in Jesus

Todd T. Mar. 12, 1886-May 9, 1980
Billie HAYNES Apr. 29, 1888-May 22, 1976

___orie Lee FOSTER
{Martin Funeral Home Marker}

Jennie THOMAS 1874-1961

Annie Lee BAILEY  1919-1961

Lutichie THOMAS 1891-1959

John Tom FOSTER 1869-1957
{Golden Memory Marker Co.
Funeral Home Marker in Stone}

Horace B. FOSTER 1889-1967
{Golden Memory Marker Co.
Funeral Home Marker in Stone}

Rosie Lee FOSTER
Jan. 4, 1909-Sept. 8, 1990

Karl J. FOSTER 1964-1964
{Golden Memory Marker Co.
Funeral Home Marker in Stone}

{Funeral Home Marker (unknown)}

Unmarked Grave

Mr. John Buck BELL
Age 81
Died Feb. 27, 1993
{Winston Funeral Home
Russellville, KY Funeral Home Marker}

Mrs. Cordelia BELL
Born 11/17/16 Died 1/22/89  *(1916-1989)
Age 73
{Winston Funeral Home
162 S. Morgan
Russellville, KY 42276
Funeral Home Marker}

Winston Funeral Home Marker (unknown)

Prince E. BELL 1892-1972
{Golden Memory Marker Co.
Funeral Home Marker in Stone}

May 8, 1999
{H. Preston Scales & Sons
Murfreesboro, TN
Funeral Home Marker}

Charlene SHAW 1935-2000
{Babbage Funeral Home Marker}

Richard SHAW 1963-1998
{Babbage Funeral Home Marker}

Bettie SMITH
Feb. 9, 1890-Dec. 17, 1914

Mrs. Esther MORTON
Born 1919
Died 2000 Age 81

Jerry Aug. 20, 1890-Mar. 3, 1971
Cleo Mar. 12, 1896-(no death date)
The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.

James MITCHELL died Jan. 19, (year missing on Funeral Home Marker)

2 Funeral Home Markers (unknown)

4 Unknown graves marked with rocks.

Louis Henry BROWN
June 3, 1911-Feb. 24, 1986

Pvt. 63 Co 159 Depot Brig
World War I
(dates on stone are buried)
{189_ -197_  Meggs Funeral Home Marker}

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