Left to right Boss Richmond(1896--1985) his wife Amy Lyon Richmond(1896--1989),  Prince Lyon(1874-1966) his wife Carma Hall Lyon( 1878--1975), Eula Lyon Gant(1903--1994)her spouse Jennings Gant.  The boy in front of Amy is her son Winfred Richmond(1917--1991), the little girl her daughter Mary Richmond. The girl in front of Carma is Amy's daughter Mildred Richmond. Joyce Gant(1923--1987)is in front of her mother, Eula.  Picture was made around 1927. Prince was a blacksmith in Sharon Grove for many years.
Prince (1874--1966) and Carma Hall Lyon(1878--1975) of Sharon Grove, Kentucky

Photographs generously submitted March 22, 1999
by Lavina Walker at jlwalker@apex.net

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