Francis/Francies Family Album

Peter David Francis. 
He was born 10 April 1829 in Todd County, Ky.
This is Arthur Francis born Sept 17, 1881.
Son of Peter David Francies and Mahalia Deason
He was married to Miss Ollie.
Otho Francies/Frances, spelled both ways, 
born 15 July 1896. 
Married to Lola Willis. 
He was the son of General Grant Francies
and Nancy Jane Mitchell.

General Grant Francies, wife Nancy Jane (nee Mitchell), 
son Otho, Baby daughter Florence Deania, 
and Cousin Minda Deason
This is Nancy Jane Mitchell wife of General Grant Francis. She was the 4th child of Samuel Jefferson Mitchell and Martha Jane Ford. She was
born about 1876 in Rosewood, Ky. She died the7 Jan 1917 at Allegre, Ky. and is buried at the Francies Cemetery.
This is Coy Francis the son of General Grant Francis and Nancy Jane Mitchell. He was born 25 Feb 1908
in Todd County, Ky. and died 14 Jan 1986 and is buried in the Francis Cemetery near Allegre.
Bruce Ovis Francies the son of General and Nancy Francies. He was born 28 Oct 1902 in Todd County, Ky. and died 7 Feb 1983 and is buried in the Francies Cemetery. His first wife was Bessie Hall and his 2nd wife was Lillian Hightower. He had five sons:
J.G., Robert Earl, Arvil,Carl H., and Glendel O'neal.
Also see Kirkman Family Album for additional Frances photos.

Generously submitted by
       Deneda Hillegas at Thu, 2 Sep 1999 05:06:11
 great-great granddaughter of  Peter David Francis
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