Chappell Jessup Family Album

The wedding picture of Mary Ollie Jessup (daughter of 
John Joseph and Elizabeth Susan Chappell Jessup) and Roby Claud Mitchell 
(son of Elias Matthew and Alice Jane Latham Mitchell). 
They were married in 1901 in Todd County.

Elizabeth Susan Chappell Jessup (1845-1924). 
The daughter of Williamson Chappell and Patience Blake. 
Elizabeth was married to John Joseph Jessup

This photo is of the Jessup brothers, four of the sons of John Joseph and
Elizabeth Susan Chappell Jessup.  They are from Left to Right:  Alexander,
Dave, Luther and Wash Jessup.
Generously submitted by Lynda Miller,  Tue, 12 Feb 2002 14:41:30 -0600

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