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Todd County Progress
L.W. Gaines, Editor and Publisher
Issued Every Saturday
Trenton, Ky., Saturday Aug 16, 1912

Col. J. W. Lockert Dead

  Col. J. W. Lockert a highly re-
spected citizen of Guthrie, died
at his summer home at Hermon,
Tuesday, aged 85, and was buri-
ed there Wednesday at noon
with masonic homors.  A most
estimable citizen and brother
was Col. Lockert.
Two Extremes Meet

  At the annual Dikinson re-
union held in this city last Friday
Aug. 9th, two extremes in ages
of family connections were not-
  The oldest relative was Mr. W.
S. Dickinson, aged 76 and the
young Master Joseph Sandidge
Bacon, son of Mr. and Mrs. O.
W. Bacon, aged four months.  A
Stiking difference in ages.
Fritz Dead

  Some person, either by inten-
tion or accident, shot Fritz, Mas-
ter Horace Metz's fine Collie
dog, near the depot Wednesday
night.  Horace is grieved, as is
natural for the little fellow to be.

This makes several fine dogs he
has lost in a few years.
An 82 Year Old Boy Has
    His Birthday Honored

  Judge John J. Basford, Tren-
ton's well known and venerable
citizen celebrated the 82nd anni-
versary of his birth with a family
dinner at his home in this city
Tuesday where he was the recip-
ient of congratulations and good
wishes from children, other rela-
tives and friends.
  Among the near relatives pres-
ent beside the good wife were
the following:  Mr. and Mrs. J.
P. Benson and son and Mrs. L.
E. Killebrew, Knoxville, Tenn.,
Mrs. and Mrs. Summerhill of
Chirstian County, Mr. and Mrs.
John A. Ewing of this county
Mrs. Mollie Basford and Dr.
Chas. M. Gower wife and daugh-
ter of this city.

    Another Boy
  Born to Mr. and Mrs. E. F.
Camp near the city last week
another fine boy.
A Colored Fight
A Hard Lick and a Very Hard

  Bunk Miller and John D.
Wheeler, two negroes, fell out
while unloading some hay in this
city Saturday, when John laid
low Bunk with a big stick.  The
lick was on the side of the head
and severe, rendering him un-
conscious.  Bunk fell on the ce-
ment pavement and cut a gash in
his face, not regaining conscious-
ness until late that night and has
been in a precarious condition
ever since.
  The Wheeler negro was arrest-
ed and gave bond before City
Jundge Carmack in the sum of $50
to apprear for trial Tuesday, E.
L. McGhee and T. W. Martin
being his bondsmen.
  On Tuesday when the case was
called Bunk was unable to attend
trial and the case was continued,
this time bond fixed at $1,000
and John placed in the jail at
Elkton to await orders from the
An Attachment of the "Case"
"Makes Up" Matrimonially

  Mr Clarence D. Kiger. forman
of the Guthrie Journal and his
assistant at the "case" Miss
Nellie Hord, "eloped" to Hop-
kinsville Sunday and "locked
up" matrimonially. The Pro-
gress hastens to offer its fra-
ternal greetings hoping that the
"forms" may never "pie" and
the "make up" of the home may
be many bright and interesting


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