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Pension Data

Henry R. Rudd
In Claim of
John R. Latham
For Invalid Pension
No. 343.443
Filed By
N.W. Fitzgerald
1006 F Street Washington D.C.

For Officer's or Comrade's Testimony.

Officer's, Surgeon's or     | Henry R. Rudd a resident of Clifty
Commrade's Post Office  | in the County of Todd State of Kentucky late
address                          | Private of Company D of the 17th Regimant of Kentucky Vols.
on oath depose and said that I was well acquainted with John R. Latham
late a Private in Company D of the 17th Regiment of Ky Vols.
of the war of 1864 that at the time of his enlistment, said John R. Latham
was a Stout healthy man
and while in the military service of the United States, in the line of his duty, and without fault or im-
proper conduct of his own, on or about the ----- day of April 1862
at Shilo Tenn in the State of Tennessee
Said John R. Latham was attacked
with diarrhoea and said
disease became chronic and
said Latham was discharged
and came home in the summer
of 1862, at which latter named time
said Latham was bloated, and
swolen with what appeared to be

dropsy, or some disease of that
character which rendered him
unfit for labor, which condition containued
for two or three years or more.
Signed Henry R. Rudd

  Sworn to and subsribed before me this 17 day of July 1883
Clifty in the County of Todd
State of Kentucky.  I certify that I am disinterested, that the affiant is to me well
known, and is respectable, and worthy of full credit as a witness, and that the contents of the affidavit were
made known to him before execution
D.W. Jessup J.P

State of Kentucky
County of Todd
  I hereby certify that D W Jesup before whom the forego-
ing afidavit was made, was at the execution thereof, a Justice of Peace
in and for the County of Todd
and State of Kentucky duly authorized to administer oaths, and that his signature.

343 443
War Department,
Adjutant General's Office
Washington, Sept 15th, 1883

Respectfully returned to the Commissioner of Pensions.
Henry R. Rudd, a Private of Company D,
17 Regiment Ky Inf Volunteers
is reported: April 30/62 absent sick in Hospl.
John C. Slaughter private saves Co. on said
roll Present.  Name John S. Slaughter not
M Bisby
Assistant Adjutant General

Index Sheet, Claim No 347 545, General Law,
John R. Latham
Service C 25 and D 17 Ky Vol Inf
No Name and P.O. Address  Date of Filing Subject
1 John R. Latham (dead.) July 2? Declaration
2 Same Jany 16/88 Increa__ declaration
3 Same Sept 9/89 Same
4 Same Aug 8/96 Same
5 Same Dec 7/82 Unable to furnish testimony of offi__
6 Same Apr 11/83 History of disability
7 Same Oct 6/8_ Ast medical treatment
8 Same Aug 20/83 No Surgeon's ___________
9 Same Apr 24/86 Ast signature
10 Same Nov 12/86 Ast extent of disability
11 Alr. ---- Military and Medical history
12 Surgeons Certificate of disability
13 J. S. Carneal  Clifty, Ky Dec 9/82 Condition in service
14 P. S. Latham Clifty, Ky Dec 9/82 Same
15 John C. Slaughter  Clifty, Ky Aug 20/83 Same
16 Henry R. Rudd  Clifty, Ky Aug 20/83 Same
17 M. _. Lyon    Clifty, Ky March 16/86 Same
18 John P. Heltsley    Clifty, Ky March 31/8_ Same
19 ______ L. Adams Sharon Grove Ky March 20/86 Same
20 Als. ----- Presence of above
23 John H. Heltsley, Clifty, Ky Aug 20/83 Conditions since discharge
24 Maittie Blake Clifty, Ky Oct 12/83 Same
25 John B. Bivins Oct 12/83 Same
26 A. Brasher M.D.
Kirkmansville, Ky
Aug/83 Treatment in 1881
27 J_o Bartlett M.D.
Kirkmansville, Ky
Dec 9/82 Condition since discharge
28 R. C. Howard M.D, Clifty, Ky Dec 4/86 Same
29 James A. Maham, Clifty, Ky March 16/86 Same
30 Same Dec 9/82 Same
31 Same Aug 22/83 Same
32 Same Nov 12/86 Same
33 Er Surg.
Hopkinsville, Ky
Nov 8/81 Med. Er.
34 Er Surg.
Ferguson, Ky
March 20/83 Same
35 Board of Surg.
Greenville, Ky
June 2/86 Same
36 Bd of Surg.
Hopkinsville, Ky
May 16/88 Same
37 Same Dec 11/89 Same

Submitted: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 10:34:28 by Mary Latham

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