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KEELING, William
Book: B, pg 381: Date: Dec 10, 1827

Ordered that Willam Keeling be appointed
Surveyor of the Road coming from Elkton
to Hopkinsville commencing at Elkton and
continuing to Mussaen D. Walkers and
continuing to the West fork area that all
the hands in the following Bounddy
assist him in keeping the
same in repair clean & smooth
thirty feet wide according
to law ___ Beginning at ____
Walkers, Anthony News thence to Hazel Petrees
including him thence
to John Wyatts including him thence
to William Brizendines including
him thence to Caleb N. Bells
including him thence to Thomas
Greenfield including him thence
to Gabriel Fitzhughs including him
thence to Alexander Kennys including
him thence to along the Road to
Urbin E Kennedays including him
thence to the said Hopinsville Road
at Musson D Walkers including him.
December 1827

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