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GIBSON, George

George & Abigail
W 8852
Todd Co., KY On the Oct. 19, 1832 personally appeared before me in open
court, George Gibson, a resident of the foresaid county and commonwealth,
aged 67 the 14th of last month, who being duly sworn according to law
doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the
above mentioned benefits.
That he entered the service of the U.S. in a company commanded by Capt.
John White, the old officers were Col. Abrey, and Major Srmstreet
commanded by Gen. Weeden.
He entered the service a short time before he was 16 years of age and
served 3 months under above mentioned officers.
He returned home at the end of 3 months and after some months, the time
not recollected, he again entered the service under Capt. William Harris
and Lt. Anderson and served 3 months and returned home again and after
some months the precise time not recollected he was again called into
service under Capt. Holt, he was drafted for 3months each ( but he does
not recollect that he remained that length of time the last tour as he
was discharged a few days after the defeat of Cornwallis and he does not
recollect the time he left service but knows it was but a short time
before the Treaty of Peace.)
The Col. and Maj. of the 2nd. tour were Col. Taylor and Maj. Batuse of
the 3rd tour forgotten the name of Col. his best impression is that it
was Col. Taylor and Maj. Baswell. He resided in Louisa Co., VA. at the
time he entered the service and during the War when at home he was
drafted as he supposes each time he recollects that his company was laid
off in divisions and when the division to which he belonged was called on
he was compelled to go.
He marched through Hanover Co.,to Richmond, he was stationed at a place
called the Mashin Hills and he marched through King William Co. We lay at
Sewens old field about 4 miles from Glouster. Some days before the Battle
at York and defeat of Cornwallis on the North side of the river he was a
guard. the day proceeding the night on which the battle was fought at
York and Gloucester he among the balance of the guards was ordered to
rest and meet at headquarters at the old field when he arrived there the
main army had left there and gone to Gloucester, we were then ordered to
march to Gloucester, we went but stopped on the way to draw cartridges
which there the firing commenced the we stated and went about 1/2 mile
and halted in the night and inquiring was being made whether any man
among us could speak French language. It was ascertained that no one
among us could speak that language and on account of the danger of not
being distinguished we were commanded to lie down on our arms . We
remained there until the Battle was over whilst there we could hear the
bullets over us.
He knew no regular officers while out that he now recollects except Gen.
He has no documentary proof or evidence of his service that he knows of
no person whose testimony he could produce who can testify to his
He saw the British stack their arms at Cornwallis defeat, he rode a horse
from there taken from one of Tarletons horsemen about 4 miles. He hereby
relinquishes every claim except the present for a pension and declares
that his name is not on the pension roll of any agency of any state
George Gibson
KY., no.19260.
George Gibson was a private in the company commanded by Capt. White of
the regiment commanded by
_____ in the VA. line for 8 months. inscribed at rate of $26.66 per year
to commence on March 4, 1831.
Certificate of Pension issued Aug. 21, 1833.
On this July 10, 1843 personally appeared  before the court aforesaid
court and county and commonwealth, Abigail Gibson, a resident of Todd Co.
aged 74, who being duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the
following declaration to obtain the benefits due widow of pensioner of
the War of the Revolution. That she is the widow of George Gibson who was
a private in the VA. line in the War Of the Revolution and was a
pensioner in Todd Co., KY, under said act etc., that she believes she has
very little or no personal knowledge of the service of said George Gibson
and must refer to public records.
That her husband, the foresaid George Gibson, died on May 20, 1841 that
she was not married to him prior to his leaving the service but the
marriage took place previous to Jan. 1, 1794 and that she is still a
Sworn to and subscribed before Willis L. Reeves, Clerk of aforesaid court
and his statement regarding this as the original proceedings.
Abigail Gibson
Willis L. Reeves

-Submitted by: Don Howell Wed Aug 25 01:18:56 2004
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