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Will Book B Alphabetical Index (1827-1830)

ANDERSON, Michael  ofc Estate by Guardian  pg 24  89
ANDERSON,  B    pg 25
ANDERSON Jesse    pg 26
ANDERSON, John Inventory # appsmt  pg 75 to 78
ANDERSON, Patsy DAVIS  pg 80 to 82
ANDERSON, Sarah ofc Estate by Guardian  pg 87 358
ANDERSON Jasper  ofc Estate by Guar  pg 97
ANDERSON, Caroline  P ofc Estate by Guar  pg 97 373
ANDERSON, Martha  ofc Estate by Guar  pg 99
ANDERSON, Martha F  ofc Estate by Guar  pg 106
ANDERSON, Michael  ofc by Guar  pg 125 350
ANDERSON, William ofc by Guar pg 126 398
ANDERSON, Jasper ofc by Guardian pg 251
ANDERSON, Martha setmt of estate  pg 325
ANDERSON, Mary F ocf by Guardian  pg 372
ANDREWS, John Settlement with Po__ ANDREWS adm  pg 379
ANDERSON, Martha  ofc by guardian  pg 251
ANDERSON, Sarah N. ofc by guardian  pg 252
ANDERSON, F.  Mary  ofc gy guardian  pg 253
ANDERSON, Willam ofc by guardian pg 227
ANDERSON, Jesse ofc by guardian  pg 258
ANDERSON, Michael  ofc by guard  pg 258
BURRUS, Roger  Will pg 9
BELL, John decd appraisment  pg 15
BELL, John Sale Bill
BRANAUGH, _eo___ hiring negroes for 27 29
BURRUS, Roger appraisment pg 34
BURGESS, Henry appraisment pg 46
BURGESS, Henry  Sale Bill  pg 48
BYARS, John L decd appraisement  pg 56
BYARS, John L  decd Sale Bill  pg 53
BROOKS, Thomas Ross ofc Estate by guardian pg 90 358
BAILEY, Thomas ofc Estate by Guardian  pg 95
BAUMO, __ ofc Estate by Guar  pg 99 362
BIVIN, John  Will pg 111
BOURNE, __  Recipt to JOHNSON pg 128
BROOKS, William Martha & J BROOKS ofc estate by Guar pg 122 369
BIVINS, John appraisment  pg 134
BELL, John Adm Settlement with Coms  147
BRUNAUGH, Thos decd hiring negroes for  pg ___ 152
BRONAUGH, Thos decd Settlemt with DAVIS admn 5pg 55 to 58 429
BOURNE, Ambrose Settlement by Comm  pg 85 ___
BOURNE, Ambrose Settement by Comm pg 214 to 233
BOURNE, A  pg 267
BROOKS, Martha & James BROOKS  gaurd acct  pg 24_
BAILEY, Tho G ofc by guardian  pg 269
BROOKS H ofc of estate by Guardian  pg 268 388
BROKKS, Thos B ofc estate by guardian  pg 278
BROOKS, Cary Appsmt  pg 280 to 282
BROOKS, Cary  Sale Bill pg 289  90
BRONAUGH, Thos  hiring of negroes  pg 306
BURRUS, Roger  Addtl Sale Bill  pg 307
BROOKS, Martha  ofc Estate by guard  pg 308
BOURNE, Willma  Recpt ____ TOLIVER
BROOKS, Cary Settlement with Adm pg 412
BRONAUGH, divs of negroes  pg 437 _83
BROOKS, Jas  ofc by guardian  pg 438
BROOKS, James  Recpt  pg 439
BELL, May  dow by comm pg 441
CARNEALL, Jane ____ ___ GLENNS  pg 3
COULER, John Appraisment  pg 68 to 72 144
CARNEALL, Jane  Portion Slaves  pg 72
CAMPBELL, G K heirs Settlement with guardian  pg 110
CARNALL, heirs  pg 125
CRUTCHFIELD, Wm  Will pg 129  Appraisement pg 139
CUNNINGHAM, John Son Decd  Appraisment pg 153
CARPENTER, Nathaniel  Will  pg 233
CRUTCHFIELD, Wm  Settlement by Comm  pg 275 276
CARNEALL, ofc of Estate by Guardian 279 356 360
COULTER, John Settlement of Estate  pg 305
CARPENTER, Nathaniel Apprsmt pg 319
CARPENTER, Nathaniel Sale Bill pg 320
DAVIS, William  appraisement pg 6 149
DAVIS, William Sale Bill  pg 37 to 39
DAVIS, W. C.  pg 55 to 58
DEEDS, Charles  Will  pg 104
DEEDS, Charles  appraisment  pg 114
DUVAL, Samuel  appraisment  pg 120
DAVIS, Wm C adm of Thos BRONAUGH who was amn  pg 58
DODD, William appraisment  pg 142
DAVIS, William C  ofc hiring negroes Sale Bill pg 150  219
DODD, Wm Sale Bill  pg 236 to 239
DAVIS, Nancy decd Settlement  pg 239
DAVIS, Ms Jane  ofc guardian  pg 262 361
DACIS W C of of Estate by guardian  pg 272 364 388 390
DAVIS, John Settlement of Estate  pg 301
DUVAL, Samuel Sale Bill pg 309 to 313
DREW, Dolphin Division of negroes pg 316
DUVALL, Samuel Settlement of Estate by COmm pg 317 to 318
DILL, Thos Sale Bill pg 326
DUCAN, W ofc by guardian F. G. HOLLINGSWORTH pg 377
DUNCAN, S ofc by guardian pg 377
DOOD, W  Settlement tieh Comm  pg 414
DAVIS, M C Inventory  pg 419 50 429
DAVIS, MC Inventory of Sales of articles of Estate pg 428
DAVIS & BRONAUGH Settlement pg 429 to 431
DAVIS, William C decd negros hired  pg 419
DAVIS, W C Settlement bill adm  pg 432 50 437
EDWARDS, E. B. ofc Estate by Guardian  pg 5
EDWARDS, Benjamin  Will pg 12  Online!
EDWARDS, E. B. heir ofc by guardian  pg 109
EDWARDS, C guardian of the heirs of E. B. EDWARDS pg 246 368
EDWARDS, Margaret  Settlement pg 381
EDWARDS, B.  Settlement of Estate pg 384
FRISTOE, Daniel adm & Settlement pg 73to 75
FRISTOE, Arsenith Ofc Estate by Guardian
FRISTOE, Matilda  Ofc Estate by Guardian
FRISTOE, Robert Ofc Estate by Guardian pg 96
FRISTOE, Robert Ofc Estate by Guardian pg 214
FRISTOE, Arsseneth Ofc by guardian 21*
FRISTOE, Matilda Ofc by Guardian  pg 250 371
FRY, Thos W  Settlement of Estate by Comm  pg 286
FLOYD, Charles Appraisment  pg 291
FLOYD, Sale Bill pg 295
FRISTOE, D.  Settlement with _____
FRISTOE, R. H.  Ofc by guardian
GREENFIELD, Samuel  Sale Bill  pg 60 to 64
GRAHAM, John & Rachel  ofc by Guardian  pg 88 98 374 375
GRAHAM, James  Recpt fiscal Settle _____ pg 98
GILBERT, Richard & Dempsey  ofc Estate by guardian  pg 101
GREENFIELD, * H, ofc by guardian  pg 105
GRAHAM, Andrew ofc Estate by Guardian  pg 105
GREENFIELD, Joseph War**  app pg 154
GREENFIELD, Joseph Sale Bill  pg 156
GREENFIELD, Wesley  Recpt Nathl Boone  pg 160
GRAHAM, Thos Hd ofc by Guardian  pg 245
GREENFIELD,  W. Green Jas To GREENFIELD,  L ofc g**pg 260 341
GARRIS, Ben O Appraisement of ofc  pg 293
GARTH, Elijah  Settlement of Estate  pg 328 to 330
GILBERT, D. P.  Rect to J RUSH  pg 330
GILBERT,  R.M. ofc of estate by Guard  pg 33/363
GANES, Bryan Sale Bill pg 338
GREEN, **une H.  ofc by guardian  pg 367
GANIS, J Jane & Lucinda  ofc by guardian  pg 373
GRAHAM, A ofc by Guardian  pg 105
HODGES, Bo**ik, Inventory & appr pg 19
HUGHES, Matthew  Appraisment 8*
HUMPHREY, Henry ofc Estate by Guardian  pg 91 52
HOLLAND, Michael ofc Estate by Guardian pg 92
HUMPHREY, James Ofc Estate by Guardian pg 92
HADLEY, Martin ofc Estate by Guar 94 351
HAUNSLER, M J ofc Estate by Guar pg 98
HUGHES, M  Sale Bill pg 107
HALL, Cornelius  appraisment pg 118
HIGHTOWER, John apprais Bill  pg 122
HIGHTOWER, John ofc Sales  242 to 243
HOUNSLER, Manerva J. pg 244 375
HADLEY, M  ofc by guardian  pg 260
HUMPHREY, Jas  by guardian pg 254
HUMPHREY, Sally ofc by guardian pg 257
HOLLAND, Michael  ofc estate by guardian  pg 265
HALSELL, Rect to J ADAMS  pg 308
HOLLAND, Michael  Rect to Jeremiah HOLLAND  pg 325
H*  (this entry is unreadable)
HAGOOD, Buckner Inventory & appraisment pg 393
HAGOOD, Buckner Sale Bill  pg 397
HENDERSON, Settlement with admin  pg 416
HANCOCK, C  recpt of Estate by Sheriff  pg 489
JEFFERIES, Thomas  Will  pg 136
JEFFERIES, Thomas  Appraisment  pg 158 to 160
JEFFERIES, Thomas  Sale Bill  pg 175 to 180
JAMISON, Rovert appraisment  pg 234
JEFFERIES, Therya Land  ofc by G pg 264 370
KENNEDAY, William H. ofc by guar  pg 106
KENNEDY, SM & M ofc Estate  pg 250 368
LIGHTFOOT, John J  division of Slaves  pg 39 to 40
LIGHTFOOT, Matilda E  ofc by guardian  pg 123 to 318
LIGHTFOOT, Matilda E  appr of Estate by Shff  pg 285
LIGHTFOOT, Matilda Report by Comms  pg 417
LIGHTFOOT, Matilda  app J M MOORE a guard pg 41 87
MILL**, Adam  Entrin Settlement  pg 23
MOORE, David decd appraisment pg 27 to 30
MOORE, David Sale Bill pg 20 to 32
MOBLEY, Eleazer ofc Estate by Guardian  pg 86
MOBLEY, Sophia ofc Estate by Guardian pg 89
MOBLEY, John W ofc Estate by Guardian pg 100
MOBLEY, William ofc Estate by Guardian pg 10*
MOORE, J R C ofc Estate by Guardian pg 100
McDOWELL, Joseph ofc Estate by Guardian pg 127
MOBLEY, Eleazer Dividion Estate by Comm pg 33
MILLEN, Elizabeth appraisment pg 137 Sale Bill pg 128
MABEN, Jane ofc Estate by Guardian pg 144
MABEN, James ofc Estate by Guardian pg 254
MOORE, J C T ofc Estate by Guardian pg 251 362
MOBLEY, Eleazer ofc by Guardian  pg 264 354
MOBLEY, Sophia Ofc by pg 267 356
MOBLEY, J W ofc Estate by Guardian pg 269
McDOWELL, Joseph ofc Estate by Guardian pg 272
MOBLEY, Wm ofc Estate by Guardian pg 273 376
McCORMICK, Martha Jane Rebecca James Thomas ofc pg 365
NORTH, Anthony  Will pg 82
NORTH, Anthony appraisment pg 162
NEW, Anthony Gc for E.D. NEW pg 248 356
PAYNE, Louisa Admin Settlement with pg 108
PAYNE, heirs ofc guardian  pg 112
PAYNE, Charles F.  Settlement with Adm  pg 160
PETTY, John ofc by guardian pg 262 370
PAYNE, Charles ofc of Estate by Guardian  pg 270 337
PAYNE, John ofc of Estate by Guardian pg 271 365
PAYNE, Woodson ofc of Estate by Guardian pg 271 345
PORTER, Rezin, Settlement of Estate by Comm pg 277
PAYNE, Sally ofc of Estate by Guardian pg 280 346
PETTUS, H.  appraisment pg 336
PETTUS, H. Sale Bill  pg 337
PETTUS, Sally  ofc by guardian pg 263
RUTHERFORD, Benjamin  decd Appraisment pg 50
RODD, John ofc Estate by Guardian pg 39
RICE, Jesse, Settlement with administrators pg 117 387
ROSS, John ofc by Guardian pg 259 389
RICE, Polly Settlement with Estate pg 303 & 4
RICE, B. J.  Appraisement pg 321
RICE, B. J.  Sale Bill  pg 323
ROYSTER, L appraisment pg 407
ROYSTER, L  Sale Bill pg 408
SMITH, William appraisment pg 67
SHEAD**D, John R. Ofc Estate by Com pg 102
SHANKLIN, Celinda ofc Estate by Guar pg 138
SMITH, William  Will pg 64 Sale pg 143
SHANKLIN, Celina ofc by guardian pg 229 361
SNADEN, J R ofc by guardian pg 266
SHELTON, Celia & Wilson ofc by guardian pg 275 355
SAMUEL Baldwin rect to J ANDERSON pg 323
SULLORS Wilson ofc by guardian pg 344
SNODA*, John ofc by guardian pg 369
STUBLEFIELD, Mary Settlement of P STUBLEFIELD pg 409
STUBLEFIELD, Rayburn Eso pg 411
THOMPSON, Isabella ofc Estate by Guar pg 93
TERRY, James L & N. B. ofc Estate by Guar pg 124
TERRY, Amanda wife Estate by Guardian pg 133
TERRY, Mildred ofc of Estate by Guardian pg 180
THOMPSON, John Settlement with ***  Pg 243 to 244
TERRY, J L & TERRY N. B. pg 246 359
THOMPSON, R. N. Gud THOMPSON, John pg 247
TALBOTT, Mary & William R ofc Estate by guar pg 35
WOLF, George Settlement with Admin pg 22
WILLIAMS, James Appraisment pg 40 to 44
WILLIAMS, James Sale Bill pg 44 to 46
WILKINS, James Lew appraisment pg 65
WIMMS, J R Part of John ANDREWS Estate pg 79
WOLF, James ofc Estate by Guar pg 94
WIMS, Samuel Will pg 130 to 13*
WIMS, Samuel Division Negroes pg 168
WIMS, Samuel Appraisment pg 164
WILHOIT, Martin ofc Estate pg 170 to 173 414
WIMS, Samuel Sale pg 173 to 174
WEEKS, Tho D. LITTLEFID Settlement pg 58
WIMS, Patterson ofc Estate by guardian pg 252
WOLFE, Jas ofc by guardian pg 261
WIMS, Salmuel ofc by guardian pg 263 351
WILHOIT, Martin ofc Estate pg 282 285
WRIGHT, Panthena & Cilana ofc Estate by guard pg 294
WRIGHT, William Appraisment pg 297 to 300
WRIGHT, Milley Dower land off pg 314 to 316
WOLF, Phillip ofc by guardian pg 366
WRIGHT W Inventory  pg 401
WILHOIT, ofc by guardian pg 440
YARBOUGH, Sarah appraisment pg **
YARBOUGH, Saml Sale Bill pg 3334
YANCY G. S. Will pg 443
YANCY, G. S. Appraisment pg 445
YANCY, Appraisment pg 445
YANCY, Sale Bill pg 449
Copyright 2000, Transcribed by Karen Combs

Book: Will Book B, page 12: Date: Recorded 11 December 1826



Rec’d 11th Dec 1826


Recorded Will Book B page 12

to be Examined

 State of Kentucky

Todd County Court Clerk Office December 11th 1826

 I Willis L. Reeves Clerk of the County Court do hereby certify that the foregoing last will and testament together with the codicil thereto
annexed of Benjamin Edwards deceased was at a County Court begun and held for Todd County at the Courthouse in Elkton on Monday the
11th of December 1826 produced in open court by the executors therein named and proved by the oaths of John S. [L.?] Willson and James R.
Gray subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.

In testimony whereof and that the [word?] together with this certificate stands thereby recorded in my said Office I have hereunto set my hand
this 11th day of December 1826.

Willis L. Reeves

 In the name of God Amen I Benjamin Edwards of Todd County & State of Kentucky do make, ordain & declare this my last Will & Testament
in manner & form following.  In the first place it is my will & desire that all my just debts shall be paid off out of the debts and accounts due to
my estate

2d I give to my grand daughter and grandson children of my son Elisha B. Edwards deceased Mary E.B. Edwards Martha M. Edwards Margaret
L. Edwards and Elisha B Edwards one hundred and thirty acres of land a part of a tract called the Rich Grove in Christian County beginning at
the North East corner of said tract [word?] them with the out lines of said tract towards [word?] corner as far as will include the above quantity
by going off at right angles from said line two hundred & twenty five poles into said tract and then with a line parallel with the first line to the
land my said son Elisha bought of Crutchfield & thence to the beginning to them & their heirs forever and in the event of the death of either
or more of them under the age of twenty one & without issue their said part or parts to go to the survivors

3d I give to my daughter Rachel P. Warfield my headright of four hundred acres in Trigg County and I give her four hundred acres of land in
two adjoining tracts that I bought of my son Ninian Edwards in Caldwell County between Princeton & Eddyville commonly known by my family
as [word?] Atchesons [?] Place to her & to her heirs forever.

4th I give to my daughter Margaret Edwards the remaining part of the Rich Grove tract of land containing about three hundred & twenty acres
not above disposed of nor conveyed by Deed of trust to Presley Edwards for my daughter Rachel P. Warfield to her & her heirs forever also six
hundred acres of land lying in Caldwell County near Livingston Creek which I bought of my son Ninian Edwards and also the following
negroes to wit Tom Jack George Maria & her two children Asbury {[?] & Olivia and Martha and Jacob and their increase from this time also
two feather beds and bedding, bedsteads etc.

5th I give to my daughter Matilda Edwards all the rest of my property real and personal, Bonds, notes, accounts etc. not above disposed of but
out of the debts due me including Bonds, notes, accounts etc. my said daughter Matilda is to pay all the debts accounts etc. due from me and my
estate and [the following 7 lines are crossed out] and the following legacies to my other children hereinafter named and then to divide the
balance of the money if any arising from said debts accounts etc. due me equally  with her sister Margaret Edwards when collected and my
said daughter Margaret Edwards is to enjoy my present place of residence with her sister Matilda Edwards free from charge as long as the ["said" missing] Matilda shall possess it

6th Whereas I consider my daughter Margaret Edwards incapable of managing her estate I hereby appoint my Executors or the survivors of
them herein after named to be her guardians until her disability shall be removed to manage & take care of her estate for her as if it were
their own and hereby authorize my said guardians for my said daughter Margaret to sell and convey the whole or any part of her estate herein
devised whenever they may deem it advisable for her interest and for the purpose of carrying out this my Last Will & Testament into effect &
for the purpose of closing all my earthly concerns I do hereby constitute & appoint my three sons Presley Cyrus & Benjamin F. Edwards my
lawful Executors of this my last Will and Testament and they or either of them are hereby authorized to convey by deed any lands I may have
sold or contracted to convey according to the tenor of every contract. It is my will and desire that no security shall be required of my said
Executors or Guardians as above mentioned nor shall there be any inventory taken or sale of my estate made ["but" crossed out] except as the
devisees may think proper

7th I give to each of my other children Ninian Edwards, Polly Helm, Penelope Whitaker, Presley Edwards, Cyrus Edwards, Betsey Gray,
Lucretia Green & Benjamin F. Edwards fifty dollars in the paper currency of this State to be paid as above out of the debts due me And I do
hereby revoke & annul all former wills by me heretofore made and confirm this only to be my Will - In testimony where of I have hereto set
my hand & seal this 26th Oct 1826

Benj. Edwards (seal) [very shaky signature]

Signed sealed & published by the Testator in our presence to be his last Will & Testament and we attest the same at his request & in his

John S. [L.?] Willson

Ninian E. Gray

James R. Gray

 I do hereby make, ordain & declare the following as a codicil to my Will 1st I give to my grandson Walter Warfield my negro boy Jacob which
is included in the above devise to my daughter [Matilda - crossed out] Margaret 2nd I give to my daughter Rachel P. Warfield my negro boy
James Burris willed above [not named above] to my daughter Matilda and 3rd I give to my daughter Margaret my negro girl Malinda included
in the above devise to Matilda [Malinda not named above] [illegible word crossed out] In testimony whereof I hereto set my hand & seal this
27th Oct 1826

Benjamin Edwards [seal] [even shakier signature]


John S. [L.?] Willson

Ninian E. Gray

James R. Gray
-Submitted by: Patricia Cooper Sun May 28 17:57:24 2000
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Book: B, pg 129: Date: May 24, 1827

In the name of God amen
I William  Cruchfield of the County of Todd and thereof _____
being afflicted in body but of sound and perfect mind and memory
blessed be God do this twenty fourth day of May one thousand Eight
and Twenty seven make and publish this my last will and testament
herby revoking and dis___ing all others in the manner and
form following.  I most humbly bequeath my soul to God my maker
beseaching his most gracious acception of it through the all suffering

merits and mediation of my most compasionate redemer
Jusus Christ who gave himself in the atonement for my sins and is
able to save to the lasy that time to him I give my body to the Earth
from whence it was taken in full assurance of its resurr__tion from
thence at the last day as for my burial I I desire that it ___ decent
at the descretion of my Executores here after named sho no doubt
will manage it at request and with prudence so to my ____ly Estate
I will and po__tinely order that all my debts be paid I lend unto my
Daughter Poley Wood one negroe girl named Milly for her use and
benefit during her natural life at her death said girl Milly with
her increase to be equally devided amongst her children.
The Balance of my Estate after the payments of my just debts
with the exception of the above mentioned negroe girl I will that
__ and remain in the possession of my beloved wife Nancy
during her natural life or widowhood for her benefit and the
education of my infant children should she marry tis
my will that she take one third of my Estate during life
or that she take a Childs part her & her heirs forever as she may
chose.  At the death of my wife it is my will and desire that the
whole of my Estate then remaining and not therefore disposed
of shall be sold and equally divided amongst all my children
Except my daughter Ciley Word unto whom I have previously
given her portion and also with this Exception that in case
the death or marriage of my wife should take place
before my infant children this Rhoda Revecca and Emily
should arrive at the afe of fourteen years I will that they
or as many of them as should be under that age at the time
shall have one hundred Dollars Each out of my Estate
for their Support and Education and then one Equal interest
in my Estate the ___ rest of my children and lastly it is my
will and desire that my beloved wife Nancy Cruchfield
and my son Thomas and Samuel Cruchfield or any two
of them be the Executors & Execution of this my Last will and
Testament In testimony where of I have here unto set
my hand and affired my seal this day in ____.
above written
Wm Cruchfield
Jesse Irvin
James H _____

-Submitted by: Todd County KYGenWeb Tue Jun 27 16:30:04 2000

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