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Will Book D Index (1836 - 1839)

ALLEN, Wm H Sale Bill pg 51
ARMSTRONG, Samuel Inventory and appraisement pg 87
ALLISON, Joseph Inventory pg 120
ALLISON, Joseph Sale Bill pg 125
ALLISON, Joseph appraisment pg 124
ANDERSON, Pouncy Appraisement pg 250
ANDERSON, Nell Settlement by admin with Comm pg 270
ALLENSWORTH, Phelps Will pg 273
ALLISON, J Division of Slaves pg 323
ARMSTRONG,  Jesse admin Settlement pg 445
ARMSTRONG,  John Adm Settlement pg 447
ARMSTRONG,  J W and B. A ARMSTRONG accnt of Estate pg413
BRONOUGH, Thos hire negroes for 1826 pg 18
BRADLEY,W. J.  Sale Bill  pg 44
BYARS, John S.  by Adm Settlemt with Comm  pg 77
BAILEY, Chs. W. H. By guardian Settmt Comm pg 79
BAILEY, Chs W. H. By Admn Settlemt Comm  pg 81
BOONE, T. H.  Will pg 84
BUTLER, Lewis  Will pg 85
BUTLER, Lewis Inventory and appraisemnt pg 110 111
BRONOUGH, Thomas decd Division of Slaves  pg 174
BYARS, W Division of estate  pg 144
BRONOUGH, Thos ofc hiring negroes (for 1838) pg 266
BROOKS, J By Guardian Settlemnt of estate pg 149
BOYD, H. P. inventory & Appraisement pg 159
BOYD, H. P. Sale bill  pg 161
BRONOUGH, Thos ofc hiring negroes (for 1837) pg 170
BRONOUGH, Thomas devision of negroes pg 174
BONNE, A. by executor Settlement Comm pg 178
BOYD, H. P. by admn settlement with Com pg 196
BOXLEY, George by executor Settlement with Comm pg 198
BOREN, Oza Will pg 218
BEAN, Isades Will pg 244
BEAN, inventory & appraisment pg 283
BOYD, H. P. Settlement by adm with Com pg 298
BRONOUGH, Geo Settlement by adm with Comm pg 358
BOYD, H. P. by adm Settlement with Comm pg 368
BOONE, Saml by adm Settlement with Comm pg 369
BOONE, T. H  by adm Settlement with Comm pg 373
CLARK, Thos Inventory & appraisement pg 5
CLARK, Thos Sale Bill pg 8
CLARK, Katherine div negroes pg 19
COLEMAN, Samuel Stlmnt by Com with executor pg 147
CANTHOM, P. G. Inventory & appraisement pg 1__ 180
CANTHOM, P. G. Sale Bill pg 183
CROSS, George by Executor Settlement with Com pg 189 to 195
CHRISTIAN, R Appraisement pg 239
CHANDLER, R inventory & appraisement pg 310
CHANDLER, R Sale Bill pg 312
CHILTON, M inventory & appraisement pg 316
CLARK, Thos Division of Slaves pg 326
CHANDLER, R settlement by Exect with Com pg 430 443
CHILTON, M Sale Bill pg 440
DAVIS, W C Heirs Guardian account pg 115 244 333
DILLS, Tho Exer Settlement pg 3 215 364 408
DURRETT, Robt appraisment pg 246
DAVIS, W C Division of Negroes pg 31 334 415
DONNOLLY, Thos Inventory & appraisment pg 403
ELLIS, A. R. & L. T. ofc Estate pg 85
FLACK, Jas F.  Sale Bill pg 41
FARMER, E.  Will pg 319
FARMER, E. Inventory pg 343
FOX, Joel appraisement pg 346
GRAVES, Jas O Guardian for Mary L. Yancey Settlemt Comm pg 1
GRAHAM, Jno Exr Thos DILLS decd
     Testamenting Guardn for Heirs Settlemt Comm pg 3
GRAY, Saml Appraisment pg 25
GARTH, Jack F Sale Bill pg 41
GARTH Jack F ___ pg 43
GRAY, John Appraisement pg 63
GRAY, John  Bal. Sale Bill pg 65
GRAY, John amn Settlement 131 to 144
GARTIN, Jas W. Admn Settlement pg 220
GRAY, Mary P. Buardian ofc pg 115
GLENN, R & M. GLENN & I. L. Guardian Stmnt Com pg 157
GARTIN, Wm Will pg 170
GARTH, Susan W by guardian Settlmt with Comm pg 186
GRAY, Samuel Sale Bill  pg 199
GRAY, W L account of Estate pg 201
GRAY, Samuel by administration Settlement with Com pg 203
GRAY, Mary S. by Guardian Settlement with Com pg 205
GIBSON, George & Henry Sale Bill pg 219
GIBSON, George Settlemnt by admin with Comm pg 233 331
GARTIN, Wm Settlement by Admn with Com pg 235
GALEWOOD, James to recpt P ALLENSWORTH Exec of
         George WILLIAMS d pg 345
GAVIS to recpt H ____ BRONOUGH admn pg 349
GAVIS, E & RHOTON S to Recpt Thomas BRONOUGH adm pg 350
GA___, F. P. to receipt Same 352
GAINES & RHOTON S _____  pg 353
GAINES S & RHOTON S To receipt T BRONOUGH admn pg 355
GRAY, Samuel division of Estate by Comm pg 434
GRAY, Clemintine ap___ of dower pg 434
GRAHAM, John S Will pg 457
GRAHAM, Sally Decd _____ provision of J GRAHAM Will pg 461
GORIN, Sarah Inventory and appraisemtn pg 462
GORIN, Sarah Sale Bill pg 466
HARRIS,  J. H. appraisement   pg 11
HARRIS,  J. H. Sale Bill    pg   28
HUGHS, Sally Will   pg   57
HEARN,  J.   Inventory & appraisement   pg   59
HILL, J.P. Sale Bill   pg   67 to 76
HARGRAVE,  L. R. Appt.   pg  91
HILTON,  Tesamett Reciept to A. M.DAVID   pg  173
HUMPHREY,  to Reciept J. HOLLAND   pg  175
HILL, J. P. inventory & appraisement   pg  153
HILL,  R. W. reciept J. Hill   pg  171
HUMPHREY,  J. L. recpt. Holland   pg  175
HARRIS,  O. settlement with Com    pg 202
HILL,  J. P. settlement by admn with Com   pg   226,366
HUMPHREY,  W. settlement by admn with Com    pg 228
HARRISON,  G. L.'s will    pg 237
HANCOCK,  J. appraisement    pg 248
HANCOCK, J. Sale Bill    pg258
HAGOOD,  Buckner inventory & appraisement   pg  285
HICKS,  George will   pg  307, 301
HARGROVE,  L. R. Sale Bill    pg 304
HARGROVE,  L. R. settlement by admn with Com  308
HICKS,  George Sale Bill  325
HAGOOD,  B. Sale Bill   pg 91
HAGOOD,  B. by admn settlement with Com   pg  395
JAMISON,  John D. Will    pg 213
JONES,  T. H. Inventory & appraisement   pgt 289
JONES,  T. H. Sale Bill   pgl 291
JONES,  T. H.   amt of notes collect by admn pg 300
JONES,  T.H. Settlement by admn with Comm pg 302
JONES, Charles  appraisment pg 379
JONES, Charles  Sale Bill  pg 381
KEELING, Isabella  Settlement with Comm by admin pg 409
LUNDERMAN, Jno Admn of Jas GARTIN Settlemt w Comm pg 20
LEAVELL, Heirs Division negroes By Comm pg 22
LEAVELL, Louis Decd Appraisement pg 22
LOWRY, L. M. receipt GRAHAM pg 101
LONG, J Appraisement pg 208
LONG, J Sale Bill pg 210
LONG, J Settlement by Admi with Com pg 225
LOGAN, William G. Inventory & appraisement pg 470
MURPHY, wm Settlement Comm pg 16
MORROW, Jas to Deed of Release his Chilren pg 23
MENEFEE, Robt Sale Bill  pg 40
MENEFEE, By Amns Settlemt Comm pg 48
McALISTER, Garland Will pg 55
MURPHEY, John H. to Receipt MURPHEY, John pg 69
MIMMS, Shedrick By Admn Settlement with Comm pg 105
McCORMACK, J guardian for Martha Jane McCORMACK pg 110
MIMMS, Gideon Will pg 114
McLEAN, Fenis E. Guardian for Mary P. GRAY Stmnt Com pg 1115
MIMMS, Gideon Inventory pg 119
MIMMS, Thos E by Guardian Settlemnt by admn with Com pg pg 171
MANSFIELD, James Settlement by admn with Com pg 277
MILLER, George Will pg 328
MIMMS, Thomas E division of Estate pg 348
MIMMS, Thomas to Settlement by adm with Comm pg 356
MILLEN, James Will pg 375
McALISTER, Garland appraisment pg 393
McALISTER, Garland Settlemnt by Executor with Com pg 388
McGRATH, James Inventory & appraisment pg 413
McGRATH, James Sale Bill pg 414
MILLEN, James Inventory & appraisment pg 422
MILLEN, James Sale Bill pg 426
McGRATH, Jas Sale Bill pg 441
McGRATH, Jas aministrators Settlement pg 442
NORTH, John By Admn Settlmt Comm pg 82
NEW, A. Inventory pg 99
NEW, R.B. by executor Settlemnt with Com pg 207
NORTH, Huttion, Inventory & appraisement pg 344
NORTH, Elizabeth Inventory & appraisment pg 417
NORTH, Elizabeth Sale Bill pg 419
PENDLETON, Curtis Will pg 98
PARHAM, Wm Jr. Appraisment pg 217
PARHAM, Wm Jr. Sale Bill pg 220
PERKINS, Elizabeth Will pg 271
PORTER, E. Inventory & appraisment pg 314, 315
PORTER, E. Sale Bill pg 320
PORTER, Thomas Will pg 385
PORTER, Appraisement pg 397
PAY MASTER  Settlement of pg 439
REEVES, V. T. assigned Dower  pg 165
ROACH, Tubnil Will pg 212
ROACH,  Settlement by Exect with Comm pg 307
REECE, James Will pg 362
RICE, Wm Inventory & appraisement pg 400
SCOTT, Samuel Will pg 24
SEBREE, F. J. Proof of will pg 47
STEPHENSON, Margaret Settlemt by Admr with Comm pg 76
STEPHENSON, Robert Settlement by Admn with Com pg 104
SHERROD, Robert Will pg 102
SLAUGHTER, to recpt P.L. YANCY pg 187
SCOTT, S. H.  appraisement pg 220
SCOTT, S. H. Sale Bill pg 221
STEVENSON, Wm Settlement by admn with Comm pg 223
SHANKLIN, A. Settlement by asmn with Com pg 237
SHOLHER, Robert appraisement pg 429
SINGLETON, N. Inventory and appraisement pg 451
SINGLETON, John, Inventory and appraisement pg 455
TANDY, Henry Will pg 95
TANDY, Henry appraisement pg 167
TERRY, Nathl Will pg 176
TARR, Saml Inv & appraisement pg 188
TERRY, Nathl appraisement pg 256
TERRY, Nathl Division of Negroes  pg 267
VANCE, John Div of negores and Land pg 146, 333
VANCE, John Settlement with Comm by extr pg 264
VANCE, To VANCE (Receipt) pg 412
VANCE, A. W. to J. V. VANCE,  (Recpt) pg 474
VANCE, Jane To John VANCE pg 474
WARFIELD, Wm C To Appraisement pg 14
WILLIS, Wm Inventory & appraisement pg 30
WILLIS, Wm Sale Bill pg 52
WILLIS, R. Inventory & appraisement pg 54
WILLIS, R Sale Bill pg 55
WARFIELD, Joyce To Deed Renouncing provisions 
          of Will of W. C. WARFIELD pg 32
WHITE, B.  Inventory and appraisement pg 224
WIMMS, P. to receipt SNADON pg 235
WILKINS, Martha Settlement by admn with Com pg 241
WRIGHT, P. F. appraisement pg 261
WRIGHT, P. F. Sale Bill pg 293
WILLIS, Sterling Will pg 411
WALLACE, Simon by Excr Settlement with Comm pg 432
WILLIS, L. appraisement pg 436
WILLIS, L. Sale Bill pg 437
WILKINS, Jas Sale Bill pg 449
WILKINS, Jas Aminstrator Settlement pg 456
YANCEY, John Decd' By Admn Settlmt Comm pg 46
YANCEY, Mary L. Settlement by Guard with Comm pg 1
YOUNG, Martin Incentory & appraisement pg 336
YOUNG, Martin Sale Bill pg 340
Copyright 2000, Transcribed by Karen Combs

Book: D; Page:22 Date: 1839

Leavell's Division Negroes by Comm
We the undersigned having been appointed by the County Court of Todd to
divide the Slaves of Lewis Leavell dec'ed among the widow and heirs of
deceased have proceeded to allot slaves in the following manner
WIDOW LOTT              Appraised $
Appraised $
Big Reuben                 616              Old Charlotte            225
Nelly & Child              500              Mary
Mary                       540                      Sum Total
John Horrard               675
Mildred & Child            630       Napoleon Leavell's Lott
Sophia                     248              Little Reuben            630
Billy                      585              Jourdan                  450
Judy & Child               500              Little Jim
Frances                    270              Laviaace                 495
William Tunsey             180              Delitha                  495
Cyrus                      360              Elias                    630
Ben                        450              George                   360
Winston                    675              Claripe & Child
Mima & Child               540              Henrith
Amanada                    180                      amount Total   4,508
Lanson                     675
Beleauh                    338       Lyeargud B Leavell's Lott
Ralph                      315              Page                     473
Charles                    405              Gabriel                  730
Virginia                   540              Linsey                   495
Simon                      630              Eliza                    495
Polly & Child              210              Jim Jones & Child
Simon                      203              Stephen                  530
Abbey                      203              Yellow Anthony           500
Alexander                450
Sum Total    10,528             Young Charlotte          270
Sum Toal      4,523
Livingston L Leavell Lott
This amount Charged to                Leonidad Leavell's Lott
and acknowledged by LLL   3,372.44          John Curly               775
Ham                         450             Beverly                  585
Bob                         418             Bill C???e               450
Bill Huff                   405             Janett                   473
Lucett                   473
Sum Total     4,645.44          Black Anthony            450
Harriet                  270
St Clair J Leavell's Lott                   Pylotte                  495
This amt charged to &                       Joe
Acknowledged by St J                        Andmen Jacskson          180
Leavell                   3,372.44          Henry Clay               135
Jim Oliver                  450                      Sum Total     4,668
Nelson                      405

-Submitted by: Lee Snyder Fri Mar 30 10:59:57 2001
Book: D; Page:23 Date: 1836

Cornelius Leavell's Lott     $
Isaac                       810
Little Will                 495
Little John                 585
Sarah                       225
Maria & Child               630
Langerfield                 675
Jim Hoy                     615
Meoning                     540
Phil                         50
Sum Total      4,685
Alfred Leavell acknowledged in presence of Alpheus B. Wright and Joseph
P. Graves to have received in his father's life this amount   $6,000
Signed Joseph P. Graves
Alpheus B. Wright
Just.  ????
Kentucky Todd County Court Clerk's Office March 14, 1836
I, Willis L Reeves, Clerk of said County Court do certify that the
forgoing report of the comm to divide the negroes belonging to Louis
Leavell deceased was at a County Court begun and held for Todd County at
the Courthouse in Elkton on Monday the 14th of March 1836 produced in
open court examined  approved and ordered to be recorded.
Whereupon I have truly recorded the same together with this certificate
in my office.
Willis L Reaves

-Submitted by: Lee Snyder Fri Mar 30 11:11:19 2001

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