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Will Book F Index (Jan 1844 - April1848)

Alvis, David H Sale Bill pg 133
Same  Inventory pg 134
Allison R F  Settle with Guard pg 166
Allensworth Phillip Settle with Execpg  275
Armstrong Sml Sale Will pg 314
Same  List  pg 315
Same  Settl with adm pg 319
Same Settle with admn pg 331
Andrews B W apprasmnt pg 388
Alvis D H  Settlemnt with admn pg 435
Armstrong, John W  Inventory Estate pg 455
Armstrong N B pg  455
Allison Joseph & J pg 455
Billingsley, Zachary Adm of W A Garth pg 40
Black, Ester Will pg 71 Inventory & Apprs pg 87 Sale Bill pg 89
Bell, M C Certificate ____ pg 90
Brown, P Setl with __ Guard L M Mimms pg 105
Same  Guard for G Mimms pg 108
Brown, Rosina Setl with  pg 110
Brisendine, Le R Settlt with Guardian pg 129
Brown P Guard of A H Brown pg 158
Barksdale Daniel, Inventory + appraisment pg 219
Barksdale, Daniel S. Bill pg 221
Benson, Bable Adm Settlmt with COmm pg 257
Brevard, Thos Will pg 351 Appraisement pg 363
Black, Joseph Will pg 376 Inv & appsmnt pg 402 Sale Bill pg 405
Boley, Tholemiah apprsmnt pg 420 Sale Bill pg 423
Black, __ J. guard for N I S Armstrong Ju___ pg 455
Brown, D T guard for S H Brown ))) pg 458
Brown A. H. Inventory estate pg 458
Cross, Geo division ___ of pg 25
Covington, Eliza B ? Settlement with Comm pg 28 to 33
Cross, Thos Executor of Geo Cross Settlement pg 33
Cross, Thos Executor of Beu Cross Settlement pg 34
Carson, Danl appraisement pg 53 Sale Bill pg 57
Carver, A Will pg 148
Chilton, Minor Sett with Admnr pg 92
Cross, Thos Certift Slaves pg 170
Carver, Enoch Will pg 201
Crouch, Richard Will pg 234
Carpenter, Mildred Inventory & appraisement pg 231 Sale Bill pg 238
Cros, John Jr Settlement with Commissioner pg 249
Cross, George Division of Slaves pg 241
Coleman, Robert Will pg 269 Inv & Appraisemtn pg 285
Crouch, Richd Sale Bill pg 291 Division of Slaves pg 298
Cope, Jos W Settlmt with guardian pg 348
Cross, Geo Exr Settlemnt with Comms pg 368
Coleman, Robt Division of Slaves pg 374
Cross Geo Division of Slaves pg 393
Culbertson, Danl Will pg 394 Online!
Crouch, Rcd Appraisement pg 279 Settlment with Adm pg 410
Coleman, Robt Sale Bill pg 425
Campbell, Thos Inv & apprst pg 434
Copse, Mary E Settlement pg 350
Chandler Robt Heir Invenetory of estate pg 450
Carson, Daniel A Inventory of estate pg 460

FOX, Joel p.47: Date: December 31, 1842   Online

Henderson, John Will pg 10
Henderson, Jno Inventory pg 44 to 46 
Haley, Edwd Inventory of Estate pg 48 to 50
Haley, Edwd  Sale Bill pg 47
Hanna, Elizabeth  Will pg 128
HALSELL, John  1845 pg 169  Online!
Halsell, John Inventory pg 176
Halsell, William Inventory pg 177
Hill, M Inventory pg 184
Hill, M Sale Bill pg 188
Halsell, Wm Sale Bill pg 192
Halsell, Wm Settlement pg 206
Hancock, John Will pg 213
Hensel, J W. Will 214
Hancock, Jno appraisment pg 326
 Same Settlement with ___  pg 341
Hollingsworth, John H Will pg 359
Hays, Leonard Copy Will of pg 280
Hollingsworth, John J Appmt pg 413
 Same Sale Bill pg 415
Hall, Rbt C. Will pg 441
Hill, Tranquilla Setle with grd by Comm pg 443
Hopper, Wm Barton At__ _ Knty pg 456
Haden, N O Hr Inventory pg 459

Mansfield, Reuben Inventory pg 1 to 8
Madison, Ambrose Will pg 9
Miller, Elizabeth Comm reprt Inver  pg 17
McGarvey, J.W.A. & wife Report pg 25
Mansfield, W. T. Will pg 73
Mimms, Gideon Sale Bill pg 82
Mansfield, W. T. Inventory pg 95
Massie, Hugn Extr Settlement pg 155
Mims, Gid& T. M. Mimms Sett Guard pg 167
Madsion, A. appraisment pg 170
 Same Sale Bill pg 171
Mimms, Gideon Sale Bill pg 212
 Same Settlement Comm pg 254
McColpin, Jno Appraisement pg 301
 Same Sale Bill pg 302
Mimms, Gideon Jr Inventory of Land and Slaves pg 332
Mimms, G & T. Settlement pg 334
 Mimms, G Heirs Sette with Comm pg 334
Millen, Wm appsmt pg 358
Mimms, Martha Appraisement pg 361
Murdock, WState Allison Settmt with Guardian pg 366
Mimms, G. Settlement with Admn pg 101
Mimms, S. M. Settlement with Guardian pg 105
Mimms, G. S. Settlement with Guardian pg 107
Mansfield, Wm T. Inventory of notes pg 432
Marshall, Wm A. Inventory & Apprmt pg 432
 Same Sale Bill pg 433
Morrow, Mary and Moses, Children Guardian appointed pg 438
McKinney, Thos. L. Settl with Guard by Comm pg 442
Millen, Robt K Heir Inventory of estate pg 449
Petree, Peter Inventory Cash notes pg 12
 Same Sale Bill pg 13
Petree, Hazle Ext of P. Petree Settlement pg 43
 Same Settlemnt Extr Jno Graham pg 63
 Same Settlemnt Estr No 2 pg 64
Porter, James Inventory pg 67
 Same Sale Bill pg 69
Poindexter, Peter appraisment pg 172
Same Sale Bill pg 173
 Same Settlement pg 209
Parrish, Benj Will pg 313
Parker, Thomas Will pg 339
 Same Appraisment pg 381
 Same Sale Bill pg 395
Pendleton, C__ Ass & C pg 446
Perkins, P. T. Guardn for Jeffris Hr pg 458
 Same Guardn for N. J. Hdin Hr pg 459
Reeves, B. H. & wife C___ of Jane pg 21
Robinson, L. D. Inventory & appraismnt pg 22
 Same Sale Bill pg 98
Reeves, B. H. Setl Exr Allensworth pg 111
Robinson, LD Sale Bill addl pg 149
Rice, William Sale bill pg 174
 Same Settlement pg 181
Randle, Wm Senr Will pg 216
Randle, Wm Senr apprmnt pg 227
Roach, Wm P apppraisment pg 310
 Same sale Bill pg 311
 Same List of notes pg 312
Smith, Jesse Set with est pg 191
Stinnett, Dabney K. appraismnt pg 218
 Same Sale Bill pg 141
Shepherd, J W. Appraisment pg 218
Shepherd, John Inventory and appraisment pg 250
Same Sale Bill pg 253
Stinnett, D.K. Sett with adm pg 304
Smith, Eliza division of slaves pg 392
Shelton, ___ and Jas McKinney Settm with Com pg 442
Small, F. and T. Hill Settm with Com pg 443
Smith, D. B. Inventory estate pg 457
Stinet, Elvis P. Inventory estate pg 457
Standard, S. P. guard for Inv J. Lan__y pg 459
Slaughter, A. G. guad for J.M. Jamison pg 459
Shanklin, Robt & Edward Hr Inventory pg 460
Shanklin, Jno N. guardina for Robt * Edw Shanklin Hr pg 460
Taylor, Willim Inventory & apprsmt pg 19
 Same Sale Bill pg 19
Thweatt, Thomas reprot of Comm pg 22 to 23
 Same appraisment  pg 23 
 Same Inv of Estate pg 24
Terry, Wm. M. Settlemt of M. Hogan pg 41 to 43
Tate, Fracis Sale Bill pg 72
Taylor, Wily Settlemtn pg 76
Taylor, Wright B. Settlement pg 80
Taylor, Stephen Inventory pg 126
Thwealt, Thos D. Sale Bill pg pg 149
Templeman, M. D. Will pg 198
Tayler, Stephen Sale Bill pg 211
Templemand, M. D. Appr pg 225
 Same Sale Bill pg 227
Tinsley, Ransom Inventory pg 244
 Same Sale Bill pg 240
Thompson, gideon Etr Sett by Coms pg 317
Thomas, Wm appraisement pg 324
Thompson, Sophia  Settlemnt with Etr pg 419
Tinsley, Robert, Sale Bill pg 428
Thompson, Jno Settlemt with Extr pg 436
Taylor, Thos. W. gdn for Miller Hr Inventory of estate pg 449
 Same gdn for Robt Chanth Hr pg 450
Terry, Wm. gdn for D. B. Smith Inventory estate pg 457
Wilis, Catherine Inventory & appraisment pg 48
Willis, Wm Settlemnt pg 267
Warfield, W.C. Settlement with Comm pg 235
Warfield, Sarah, W. C. Settlement with guardian pg 260
Waller, Elizabeth A. M. Appraisment pg 267
Wims, Jas. P. division of slaves pg 387
Willis, Sterling Settlement with Ext pg 156
Waggener, Elizabeth settlement with Adm pg 333
Warren, Li__ Inventory pg 456
Copyright 2000, Transcribed by Karen Combs

FOX, Joel
Book: F, p.47: Date: December 31, 1842

The undersigned commisioner appointed by the Todd County Court
to divide the Negroes belonging to Estate of Joel Fox deceased among his
children dower having been heretofor assigned to his widow.
We this day met in Elkton and the Negroes being present we
proceded to to divide them into four parts and finding it impracticable
to divide them equally proceeded to divide them as nearly equal as
practicable leaving a balance in money aginst those whose lots was
valued highest to be paid to those whose lots was valued at the
lowest price.  The whole lot of Negroes to wit,- Hanna,
Minerva Delila Mary Henry and Elizabeth we valued
in the aggregate to Eighteen Hundred and seventy-five
dollars which divided into four parts making four
Hundred and Sixty-Eight dollars + seventy five cents
for each child  Lott No 1 Hanna + her youngest child Elizabeth
values at four Hundred and seventy five dollars were assigned
to William Keeling + his wife, which leave him indebted to Thomas
Fox Six dollars + Twenty Give Cents.  To said Thomas Fox was
assigned Minerva Lott No 2 valued at four hundred dollars which
entitles him to six dollars and Twenty five cents and sixty two dollars
+ 50 Cents from Woodrow Keeling, To Woodrow Keeling and his wife were
assigned Henry and Delilah Lott No 3 his wife's name, Valued
at Six Hundred and fifty Dollars which leaves him indebted
to Francis Fox One Hundred and Eighteen dollars + 75 Cents
also to Thomas Fox Sixty Two Dollars + 50 Cents, To Francis
Fox Mary Lott No 4 was assigned Valued at three hundred
and fifty Dollars and to receive One Hundred + Eighteen
Dollars + 75 Cents from said Woodrow Keeling all of which
is respectfully reported to the worshipful Todd County Court
December 31, 1842
P L Garth  Coms
H Petrie
D V Robinson
Todd County court November Term 1842
On motion of Henry H Roberts Guardian of Nancy B Fox now
Keeling Cynthia R Fox now Keeling William F Fox and Thomas
Fox Infant heirs of Joel Fox deceased, It is ordered that Hazel Petrie
Parchal L Garth Urbin E Kennedy and David V Robinson
Or any three of them after being first duly sworn to and they
are hereby appointed commisioners to divide this slaves
of said Decedent among his heirs according to Law and report of
a Copy list_
L N Hollingsworth  DF
For Willis L Reeves C T C C
Todd County SCD
This day personally appeared P L Garth Hazel Petrie and
D V Robinson before the undersigned a Justice of the peace for said
county and mad
oath that they would faithfully discharge the duties assigned them in the

-Submitted by: Steve Leech Fri Mar 3 19:54:14 2000
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