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Will Book G (1847-1852)

GRUMBLEY, Daniel  pg 291 
KEELING, Edmond  pg 169, 289
KIRKMAN, William Settlement of Estate Dec 24, 1850 Off site, use your back button to return.


Book: G, pg 169 & 286: Date: June 1, 1850

Will Book G (1847-1852)
Abstract of Will for Keeling, Edmond pg 169
Dated 4th day of June, 1836
wife: Nancy
sons: Peter, Edmond, Woodson, William
daughters: Lucy (Luby) Lunsden, Martha Wyatt, Sina Allender, Nancy Wolfe,
Lockey Wolf,  Susan
Executor: son Peter Keeling
Pg 286, admin settl  1 June 1850

-Submitted by: Karen Combs Tue Mar 21 13:11:46 2000

Book: G, pg 291: Date:

Abstract of Will of Daniel Grumbley
Wife: Elizabeth Frances
william, wwilliam
Book: G; Page:graham Date: 1900

-Submitted by: ella- Fri Aug 20 13:36:31 2004

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