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Will Book K

Will Book K (1863-  )
KEELING, Susan, & Anavina J.- Settlement by Guardian  Online
KEELING, Wm Sale Bill   Online
KEELING, Wm Settlement with Adm.  Online
ROE, L.A.W., Ephraim T and Wm H. Settlement by Guardian  Online
WOLF, P. C. Settlement by Guardian  Online

Book: K, page 128: Date: 26 Dec 1863
Sale Bill of the personal property of Wm KEELING
Name, Articles, Amount
Mrs. KEELING, 1 plow, .10
A. STOKES, 1 plow No. 2, 4.00
A. M. HIGHTOWER, 1 pumping Coulter, .50
G. W. SADDLER, 1 Shovel plow, .40
John SMITH, 1 hoe, .50
Henry KEELING, 1 axe, .85
B. R. WYATT, 1 old axe, .25
A. M. HIGHTOWER, 1 pr Stretchers, .25
John SMITH, 1 pair gear, 2.60
John SMITH, pair Breechin*, 3.00
A. STOKES, pair Leather hi**, 2.oo
W. T. STEVENSON, 1 basket, .55
W, A, HARRIS, 1 old waggon, 2.50
M. S. STOKES, 1 hand saw, 1.60
Tom LAWSON, 1 S* ***, .10
John SMITH, 1 chisell & draw-knife, 1.05
Jas REID, 1 Brace & Bit, .35
Jas REID, 1 chisel, plane, pitcher. .55
G. W. TUCKER, 1 F***, .35
Jas REID, 1 stone wedge, .25
W. M. KEELING, 1 clivi*, .45
Thos LAWSON, 1 jug, .10
Mrs. KEELING, 1 dinner pot, .25
Same, 1 oven, .10
Same, 1 Small Skillet, .10
John FINNIS, 1 Tub, .70
Mrs. KEELING, 1 Tub, .35
Same, 1 Large Box, .10
Same, 2 Tin Buckets, .35
Same, 1 Tin Bucket pan, .55
I. WOLF, 1 Grind stone, 3.05
Henry KEELING, Turning Lathe, .10
Thos GRUMBLEY, 1 pair andirons, .55
P. BOATRIGHT, Salt, 3.85
Tos LAWSON, 1 Shot gun, 3.50
Mrs. KEELING, 1 clock, 3.60
Mrs. KEELING, 1 trunk, .10
G. W. TUCKER, 1 Cav. Bag, .65
Thos LAWSON, 1 quilt No1, .80
Same, 1 quilt No 2, 1.15
Same, 1 quilt No. 3, .60
Same, 1 quilt No. 4, 2.25
Mrs. E. KEELING, Red B. Stead and fur, 18l.50
Thos FOX, Bed and Stead, 13.00
Same, 1 Lot Books, .25
T. M. MANN, 1 young Mule, 38.25
D. BROCKMAN, Lot Tobacco, 105.00
J. WOLF, 1 Fodder Stock, 6.80
W. S. SADDLER, East end cornfield, 26.00
W. S. WYATT, West end cornfield, 15.50
B. T. WYATT, 1 Hoe, .50
I certify that the foregoing Sale Bill contains a
true & correct list of the articles and prices for which
they were sold by me as admin of Wm KEELING decd
on the 26th day of Dec 1863
Soloman WOLF  X his mark
Admin of Wm KEELING Decd.
attest S. W. KENNEDY

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Book:K , page 304: Date: Sept 9, 1864

Solomon WOLF admin of Wm KEELING Decd'
To Amount Sale Bill                    330.50
"     "    Collected on J. N. Cartwright 2.50
"     "        "      " A. J. Hightower  2.20
HICKMAN & BASS        23.50
J. T. FINNEY           1.30
A. M. HIGHTOWER        2.00
Peter KEELING          4.25
J. P. SULLIVAN Note    9.30
J. P. SULLIVAN Afc    31.05
Cash Jos. F. Tax Adm   1.75
S. W. KENNEDY atty     3.00
Tax receipt for 1864   2.40
V. WEATHERS Afc       37.55
J. WOLF Afc           20.90
R. T. PERKINS Afc.     4.79
Tax receipt for 1863   3.75
W. S. COULTER Coffin  23.35
J. W. CANNON note      7.75
C. Clerk's fees        3.95
allowed adm           25.00
paid Judge Todd County Settlement 3.00
paid Todd Clerk recording same    1.60
Amount Debits       $355.20
Amount Credits       214.85
Amt in hands adm     140.35
State of Kentucky
Todd County
I J. G. HOLLINGSWORTH presiding Judge in +
for the County + State aforesaid do hereby certify that on the
9th Sept 1864 Sol WOLF adm of Wm KEELING made the for
going settlement with me which shows in his hands the sum
of one hundred + forty Dollars + 35 cts for distribution.

-Submitted by: Todd County KYGenWeb Sat May 20 11:14:27 2000

KEELING, Susan, Anavina J. & W. W.
Book: K, 603: Date: Feb 1866

Jno P. SULLIVAN Gd. for
Susan E. KEELING & Anavina J. & W. W. KEELING
To 2/3 amt in hands admn 10th Nov 1857.    140.60
Interest on same compd; every 2 years.  83.81
Contra Credits
No. 1 By amt County Clerks fee bill    1.25
Intrest on same                   .56
No2 By Amt tax for 1858-59-60-61-62-63-64-65 2.40
By average Intrest on same         .50
By  amt allowed Gd commission    10.00
By amt to Judge for Settlement    3.00
amt allowed Clerk for Settlement 1.00
amt atty's fee in case (vs) FOX, Bryant 2.50
Recapitulation, Amount Debits  $224.47
Amount Credits   21.71
Amount in hands Gd 202.76
The one fourt of said amount being fifty Dollars & 70 ct
his receipt herewith filed and ordered to be recoreded
with this Settlement, Susan E. KEELING was present at the
Settlement & indorsed the same.

-Submitted by: Todd County KYGenWeb Sat May 20 13:29:57 2000

ROE, L.A.W., Ephraim T and Wm H.
Book: K, page 604: Date: Feb 22, 1867
John D. BIVIN Guardian for
L. A. W. ROE aded about 8 years old.
Ephraim T. ROE aged about 6 years old.
Wm H. ROE aged about 4 years old.
To Amount received from the Amdn of Wm ROE decd; Nov 14/64  417.87
To Interest on same                                          56.41
No 1 By Amt paid for Stamp on bond Nov 14/64        $1.50
By Interest                                      .20
No 2 By Clerks fee paid Feby 21/67                    .95
No 3 By Amt paid tax for 1865                        1.60
By Int.                                          .15
No 4 By Amt paid J. W. BARTLETT Doctor bill for Jany1/67 23.00
By Int.                                          .20
By Amt paid Tax for 1866                        1.80
By Allowed Guardian                            20.00
By Judges fee for this Settlement               3.00
By Clerks fee for Recording Same                1.50
Balance in hands                     418.58
1/3 each                           $139.52
State of Kentucky}
Todd County      }  I Jas. T. CLARK presiding Judge in + for
the County + State aforesaid do hereby certify that Jno D.
BIVINS Guardian for L. A. ROE, E. T. ROE + W. H. ROE infant
heirs of Wm. ROE decd' did on the 22 day of Feby 1867 make
the foregoing Settlement with me which shows a ballance in
his hands as Guardian aforesaid of one hundred + thirty nine
dollars + 52 cents for each of the heirs named above. Given
under my hand Feby 22/67.  Jas T. CLARK Judge
State of Kentucky} I Ben T. PERKINS Clerk of said County
Todd County Court Clerks Office} Court do certify that at a county Court
April 13, 1867} begun + held for Todd County, Ky at the
Court house in Elkton on Monday March 11, 1867,
the foregoing Settlement was produced in open court, filed
and ordered to lay over aAll term for exeptions.
and on Monday April 8, 1867 the same was repr-
oduced to Court and no exceptions having been taken
it was ordered to be recorded.
Whereupon I have truly recorded said Settle
ment with the certificate of the County Judge and
this certicicate in said office.  Ben T. PERKINS Clk

-Submitted by: Todd County KYGenWeb Sat May 20 12:21:11 2000

Book: K, page 635: Date: April 16th 1867
D. S. WATSON guardian for P. C. WOLF testified fully reports to the
Todd County Court that he has received as guardian afore said sum of
Eighty eight dollars + 44 censt which came into his hands June 25th 1864
He has thirteen acres of land valued at one hundred dollars
The forgoing is a complete inventory of all the property of any
description known to belong to the said P. C. WOLF all of which
is respectfull reported April 16th 1867
D. S. Watson
State of Kentucky  }
County of Todd     }I Ben T. PERKINS clerk of the County
Court of the County aforesaid do certify that the foregoing
report of D. S. WATSON Gd for P. C. WOF was this day
produced in open court filed and ordered to be recorded
Whereupon I have truly recored the same
with this certificate in my office
Witness my hand as Clerk this 13th day of May 1867

-Submitted by: Todd County KYGenWeb Sat May 20 11:49:13 2000

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