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Will Book M

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Will Book M (1870- 1915)
BRUMFIELD, Edmond - Will
BRUMFIELD, Verdilla  - Renunciation
GRUMBLEY, Fannie E. - Will pg 268
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Book: M, page 124: Date: Jan 12, 1882
I Edmond BRUMFIELD a citizen of Todd County
Kentucky being
sane of mind but feeble in health, Knowing the uncertainty of life and
certainty of death make this my last will and testament, hereby re
voking all other will as follows:
First. I will that all of my past degts be paid including funeral
Second. To my wife Vedilla I have lleave all of the property real and in
personal notes, bonds, and mone that I may own at time of my death
for her use and benefit and for the support of Sallie M. so long as she
does remain unmarried and remain with her mother, and should my
son David remain with and take care of my-self and wife during
our lives he is to have the home residence with yard, garden + of
15 acres the line to run in such a way as to follow the course of the
branch in the horse lot including same in the Survey out of any mon-
ey or property that may be on hand, at the time of my death
I desire the sum of One hundred dollars be paid to my daughter Sal-
lie _____ to _oualize her with the rest of my children.
On the death of my wife Verdilla, I will that all of the property then
belonging to my estate, or that in possesion of my wife of every kind
real or personal money, notes or bonds be equally divided beteen
my children or their heirs if not living, James Brumfield, Susan
Wade, David Brumfield, Alice Brumfield, wife of C. E. Brumfield
and Sallie M. Brumfield.  Should David fail from any cause to
remain with us until our death and to take care of us
the the home place including the building with 15 acres of land
shall be distributed as the other property.  If he the said David
will perform that part of my request then this home place as above
described sall be his in addition to any other part of my estate.
I hereby elect and appoint my two sons James Brumfield and
David Brumfield as my Executors to carry out this my last will
and testament in presence of M. D. Brown and W. B. Brewer wit
nesses thereto.     Edmond Brumfield X his mark
Attest:  M. D. Brown
Signed sealed in the presence of M. D. Brown and
W. B. Brewer Attesting witnesses and witnessed in each others presence
this Jany 12th, 1882
M.D. Brown
M.B. Brewer

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Book: M, page 133: Date: Nov 3, 1883
Know all men by these presents, that I Verdilla
FIELD of Todd County Kentucky and widow of Edmond BRUM-
FIELD deceased, do hereby relinquish all the estate and property which
is given to me in and by the will of said Edmond BRUMFIELD
deceased, and do elect to take and receive such property and estate
as I would have received or been entitled to if no will had been
made by my said husband.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand this
3rd day of November 1883.  Verdilla BRUMFIELD  X her mark
attest:  H. G. PETRIE
The foregoing Renunciation of Mrs. Verdilla BRUMFIELD was this
day produced to me in my office and acknowledged by Mrs. Verdilla
BRUMFIELD to be her act and deed and ordered to be recorded; and
the same, together with this certificate, has been duly recorded in
my office.
Witness my hand this 3rd day of November 1883
S. H. WELLS Clerk

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Book: pg 268 : Date: April 13 1896

Will of Mrs. F. E. GRUMBLEY
I Fannie E. GRUMBLEY of Elkton Kentucky, do make and or-
dain this to be my last will and testament.
1st Recognizing my individual responsibility to God and trust
ing that I may realize the promises made to those who remain
faithful to the end-- I recommend my soul to Him.
2nd I will and bequeath all of my property real and personal to
my daughter Lura J. Hancock to be held, used and enjoyed as her
separate estate free from the claims of her husband or any future hus
band she may have or their creditors.  I make the foregoing be-
quest to my said daughter not that I desire to discriminate between
my children but because she has remained with me and aided me
in making a support for many years--as well as having assisted
me in paying for the property I now own.  I have faith and con-
fidence in my said daughter if she should die childless in dis-
posing of her property acquired through me and otherwise to
dispose of the same to those of my decendants then surviving
in such proportions as she deems best.
Givin under my hand, this the 7th day of December 1892
Witnesses                                 Fannie E. Grumbley
S. ?. Rice
Jno. B. Hutchings
State of Kentucky
Todd County
I. E. W. Reeves Clerk of the Todd County Court,
do certify that the foregoing instument of Mrs. Fannie E. Grum-
bley, deceased was on this day presented in open Court and
proven according to law by the oaths of S. A. Rice and Jno.
Hutchings the attesting witnesses thereto and adjudged by
the Court to be the true last will and testament of said deceased
and ordered to be recorded as such.  Whereupon the same
together with this certificate hath been duly recorded in my
office.  Witness my hand, this 13th day of April 1896
E.S. Reeves Clerk
By R.D. Reeves

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