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Discovering our ancestors and understanding their lives, can only enrich our own. When we study our family history, we add "value" to the lives of those who were here before us and in doing so add value to our own. We tell our children that what they do matters because they are a part of something bigger than themselves. They are apart of "Our Family"
We hope you will benefit from the resources you find here. Please visit Bonnie's  Pendleton Co. site and Sandy's Mom's site to continue your journey through Kentucky history.
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Many records on this site are actual images from Historical Records & Documents.  Your Ancestor's name will NOT show up on a search engine. Please view the records you think may pertain.  We wish you the best of luck with your research!




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Index Links to thousands of obituaries - Generously indexed by Teresa Skaggs & posted here with permission of the main   transcriber, Beulah Franks, thanks so much ladies!  Please visit Beulah's excellent site!

The Pendleton County Historical Society has a new CD available!  It contains actual images of Revolutionary War Pensions, many are from Grant County.  Click here for a list of names on the CD and ordering information.
Grant County News
Click here to visit their site, you will find a form to subscribe, up coming events, obituaries and much more!  

1890 Grant  County Veterans Schedule - Actual images!        

News Papers From the Past - Wonderful!  

Dave Sanders Genealogy Site - Lots of Great Pictures - Thanks Dave!

Delayed Birth Certificates -1873-1911 -  Not only Grant County but every county in Kentucky!
A link - to Knox County, Kentucky with permission!  Thanks Cassie Sommers!  & John Cooper - this is wonderful!

Company "A"5th Regiment Infantry, Kentucky Confederate Army

Northern Kentucky Prisoners at Camp Chase, Ohio

"My Old Kentucky Home"
By Stephen Foster

Weep no more, my lady, Oh, weep no more today
We will sing one song for the old the Kentucky home
For the old Kentucky home far away"


You can take a walk down memory lane and share with us the ambiance of your ancestor's lives, their music, their dress and their customs. But if the lifestyle of this century affords you little time, please use my search engine. It will locate every page of my site that your ancestors are listed on.


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Search Jeff Murphy's Kentucky Bio's
There are 7,522 Kentucky biographies. 32,535 indexed individual which include names "mentioned in someone else's bio". Thanks so much to Pam Carey Durstock and Nancy Trice for saving, organizing and updating Jeff's great work but especially for sharing it with us.
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Grant County Resources

My Old Kentucky
Home Library

Lookup volunteers
and research tools
for Grant Co
Grant County Archived
Queries from 1996-1998


Maps of Grant County
and Surrounding Area

Includes cemeteries,
land marks and churches

Grant Co KY-
American Local
History Network



Census & Tax Records


Grant County Births,
Deaths and Marriages
Hundreds of births, deaths
and marriages from various sources
Beach Family Death Certificates
History of Dry Ridge Christian Church
Written by Mrs. R. T. Rash, August 26, 1934.
Lists several members from 1897

History of Lebanon Presbyterian Church
Researched by Robert Weis Sr.
"A Call for Papers"  
Researchers of the Lebanon Church
are looking for these families

Cemetery & Obituaries

Estate & Court Records

Bible Records
Archibald  Norton Mozee 
Thomas Pennick William Harrison Beach family records from Bible 
Beach Bible Pictures .

"Our Mothers"
The Genealogy of Our Mothers
A place to "Honor Our Mothers" where ever they are from...

"A Tribute to My Mom" Diana Stratman Groves
The story of my mom and her ancestors by Sandra Burbridge

Family Life

Newspaper Articles
The Williamstown Courier - May 30, 1901
Reprinted by the
Grant County Historical Society 1981

The Men of Grant County - 1901 with photographs of several Grant County men

The Women of Grant County - 1901 with photographs of several Grant County women

Kentucky State Gazetteer and Business Directory, published 1876/77

Down Home Yesteryear Turn of the century homes and businesses

News Papers From the Past - Wonderful!  

Historical Newspaper Articles

Military Records

Court Records

Stray Livestock Kentucky settlers were required to register stray livestock

Early Pendleton County Deeds

Grant County Order Book I - 1820-1824

Migration& Immigration

Family Records
Join the Grant County List and search for your ancestors with other researchers from Grant Co., Kentucky. Just click on this and then send the word subscribe with no subject.
Grant County Historical Society
P.O. Box 33
Mason, Kentucky 41054
Please tell them you found their name here.

The formation of Grant Co.



Searcy Monument Company

Contact them if you need monuments restored or replaced. They also do a vast amount of War Memorials.  A great tip from Angie, co-owner, if your ancestors stone is broken, you can pour a concrete form on top of the grave and place the pieces of the stone in the concrete!

Please visit these excellent Kentucky county sites:

Pendleton Co., Kentucky - Bonnie Snow

Henry County - Teresa Skaggs

Gallatin Co., Kentucky - Teresa Skaggs

Trimble County - Teresa Skaggs

  Carroll Co. Kentucky - George Willick   Carroll Co., Kentucky - Teresa Skaggs
  Owen Co., Kentucky - George Willick   Owen Co., Kentucky - Teresa Skaggs


United States Resources

Our Favorite Links

On Line Census Records

Great Maps

Libraries &Publications

Kentucky Research

 Northern Kentucky View-Grant County




Grant County Historical Society Publications

Fantastic collection of books!




Bob Weis's Book "Never Say Goodbye" as well has his family web site are a must see for Kentucky researchers. In Bob's words "You are about to take a journey, and learn about quite a few people while reading this book. They are the pioneers of Grant and Boone County Kentucky....." Another don't miss book; it is wonderful!


Please Note:  Tom Hutzelman has a few copies of his excellent 1858 Grant County Atlas left.  He is selling them at cost.  The price of the book is $42.00.  You may contact him at the following:
I purchased this book and I recommend it, it is a wonderful book!



- Lots of great info.!

Thanks Georgia Stamper!






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Public records cannot be copyrighted; however, We believe that each of us should be given credit for our research and it should not be sold or presented by others as their own. 


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