Grant County Kentucky Obituary Links Index

Generously compiled, indexed and given to this site by Teresa Skaggs.
 Posted with the permission of Beulah Franks, the wonderful lady that did most of the transcriptions!
Thank you both so much!  Grant County researchers are blessed!
Please visit Beulah's excellent Grant County website!




Teresa's Notes:
Newspapers play a very important role in genealogical research because of the vast amount of information contained in them.  Obituaries are a very informative part, though not always accurate because the information was obtained from someone close, they are as important as the death certificate.  So keep in mind that we cannot rely on these sources alone.

Most of these obituaries were transcribed or submitted by Beulah Wiley Franks and I have included those links here so that you might be able to find your ancestors.  I will make certain to mark any and all that came from any other source, since the majority of them (over 3,000 links) came from Beulah alone.  (There are a few duplications on this list, however, they are different articles).  Way to go Beulah, what a wonderful thing for you to put out there for researchers.  If you enjoy Beulah's information please email her, and let her know and be sure to visit her excellent Grant County website!  Thank you.

Other sources include: The Grant County News, The Kentucky Post, and User submitted obituaries.  If you would like to see your ancestors posted here, and you have a copy of the obituaries, please email a copy to me and I will gladly post it here for you.



Roberta Wright Abbott
Nancy Colston Abercrombie
Harold Abner
Thelma Abner
Aline Abney
Flora Gill Ackman
James C. "Jimmy" Ackman
Julia Smith Ackman
Lottie McMillan Ackman
Lou Ackman
Daughter (Mattie M?) Acree
Daughter Acree
Elmer Lawrence Acree
Ambrose L. Adams
Arthur Adams
Betty Jane Jump Adams
Charles D. Adams
Charles L. Adams
Donald Gene Adams
Elizabeth Beach Adams
Elmo Spencer Adams
Floyd Adams Sr.
Floyd W. Adams
Frances Light Adams
Freda Work Adams
Helen Marilyn Caldwell Adams
James Everett Adkins
Kathleen Vaughn Adams
Kelly Wayne Adams
Lee Adams
Mamie Adams
Marvin C. Adams
Mildred Jeanette Adams
Ralph Adams
Roy B. Adams
Audra May Chipman Adkins
Billie Douglas Adkins
Lucy Paralee Caylor Adkins
Raymond Adkins
Howard Agee
Lula May Ager
Prudie Cox Agrue
Fred F. Albert
Clifford Alexander
Edna Atha Alexander
Eugene M. Alexander
Frank Alexander
Howard "Tiny" Alexander
Lee Alexander
Mary Blanche Sorrell Alexander
W. S. Alexander
Clyde H. Allen Jr.
Fred S. Allen Jr.
Lois Martin Allen
Hazel Teegarden Allender
Maxine Kells Allnutt
Franklin S. Alsip
Franklin S. Alsip
Allie Frances Ammerman
Harley Ammerman
Letha Caldwell Ammerman
W. T. Ammerman
W. T. Ammerman
Wayne Ammerman
Carolyn Snodgrass Anderson
Earl F. Anderson
Gladie Marie Anderson
Lillian Anderson
Mabel Anderson
Mabel Anderson
Thomas William Anderson
George W. Anness
Bobby Joe Antrobus
Everett Antrobus
Finley Antrobus
Herbert Antrobus
Leona Mae Vice Antrobus
Mary M. Antrobus
Robert D. Antrobus
Roumania Ogden Antrobus
George Paul Armas
Emmit J. "Buddy" Arnold
J. M. Arnold
John M. Arnold
Larry Wayne Arnold
Lewis J. Arnold
Virginia Marie Browning Arnold
Earl M. Arnsparger
Gladys Louise Points Arnsparger
Joe Arthur
Trecia Howard Belle Arthur
Wilma Colson Arthur
Henrietta McCray Asakevich
Sarah A. Readnour Ashbrook
Charles Mathewson Ashcraft
Clarence Nimrod Ashcraft
Dorothy Frederick Harris Ashcraft
Earl Ashcraft
Emma Jane Ashcraft
Ervin Delane Ashcraft
Kimberly Ashcraft
Llano Carl Ashcraft
Mamie Moore Ashcraft
Mary Ann Sinkovich Ashcraft
Nina Winterling Ashcraft
Overton S. Ashcraft
Warren Leroy "Bugs" Ashcraft
J. B. Ronald Asher
Ruth Jones Asher
Dorothy Atha

Clara Bachman
Stanley Morgan Bagby
Darwin Louis Bailey
Elizabeth M. Proctor Bailey
Emma Lou Dance Bailey
Larry Davis Bailey
Mrs. Lovel McGill Bailey
Richard Wayne Bailey
Ruth Wills Bailey
W. L. Bailey
William Thomas "Pete" Baird
Alice Catherine Baker
John C. Baker
Roy M. Baker
Steven Ellis Baker
Wanda C. Baker
Zadah Baker
Braudis L. "Floss" Ballard
Elmer "Joe" Ballard
Kinley Floyd "J.R." Ballard Jr.
Pearl Ballard
Toy Blair Ballard
Charles E. Ballinger
Malinda Goldsberry Ballinger
Martin J. Ballinger
William "Bucky" Ballinger
Patricia Alexander Barber
Ross F. Barlow
Ada Ransom Barnes
Augusta Barnes
Bryan Barnes
Bryan Barnes
Bufore Fowler Barnes
Cecil Barnes
Chester Barnes
Clay W. Barnes
Clay W. Barnes
Dorothy Brewer Barnes
E. F. Barnes
Freda Barnes
Henriette Nuxall Barnes
Mrs. Josephine Barnes
Louis Barnes
Robert Newton Barnes
Stella Roedeger Barnes
Thompson Barnes
Vera Lawrence Barnes
Willis Barnes
Willis Barnes
Howard W. "Butch" Barnett Jr.
Howard W. Barnett Sr.
Hunter Derick Leek Barnett
Vivian Louise Ernest Barnett
Nina Barnette
Alvin Barnhill
Iva Webster Barnhill
Patricia Gross Barnhill
Robert Barrett
Constance Jean Hildebrand Barton
Shonda Barton
William Chesley Barton
Jessie Kenley Baston
Richard Dale "Dick" Baston
Charles R. Bates
Onie Bates
Vivian Morgan Bates
Lester Bauer
Jennie Agee Baugh
Wallace Elsworth Baynum
Alma Francis Stewart Beach
Andrew "Andy" Beach
Chester David Beach
Cleo Faye Webster Beach
Clifford Loyd Beach
Corble Beach
Della Webster Beach
Earl Beach
Edith Louise Webster Beach
Ernest Atwood Beach
Etta May Beach
Euel Beach
Herbert R. "Tag" Beach
Howard Beach
Kenetha Diane Beach
Kenneth R. Beach
Margaret Louise Marksberry Beach
Marion Oliver Beach
Martha R. Beach
Mary Stanley Beach
Myrtie Webster Beach
Nellie Elizabeth Beach
Randolph E. Beach
Ronald Cantrill Beach
Katherine Louella Beagle
Dorothy Mae Beamon
Oscar B. Beasley
Floyd "Gomer" Beatty
Lee Ellen Beatty
Lula Ellen Beatty
Roscoe Beatty
David J. Beck
Harold "Beck" Beckham
Toy Wright Beckham
Roy Behymer
Steve C. Beierlein
Aleada Wolfe Beighle
Charles S. Beighle
M. Wendell Belew Sr. (Rev.)
Mabel Day Belew
Amos Glenn Bell
Elzora Bell
Evelyn G. Williams Bell
Kassidy Ann Egan Bell
Allen Michael Bemis
Gene Benecke
A. G. Bennett
Calvert Bennett
Calvin Ray Bennett
Clay Bennett
Cornelia Bennett
Cornelia C. Bennett
Glenmore M. Bennett
Hazel Neal Bennett
Mabel Landrum Bennett
Mabel Landrum Bennett
Nancy Mary Bennett
Naomi Washum Bennett
Ottis Bennett
Polly Bennett
Roy L. Bennett
Ruth Norton Bennett
Willie D. Bennett
Willie D. Bennett
Susan Annett Benson
Mary Adams Bentley
Mary Jo Berge
Pauline Berry
Richard L. Bick
Myrtle Jane Stroude Biddle
Steven Thomas Bigham
Allie Billiter
Carl Augustus Billiter
Eulitt Billiter
Gladys Middleton Billiter
Lovina Rider Billiter
Leslie Parke Bingham
Carl A. Bischoff Sr.
Carolyn Bishop
Harry Bishop
Thomas F. Bishop
W. F. Bishop
Allen Michael Bitz
Danny E. Black
Ethel Black
Silver Bell Black
Marie Elliott Blackaby
Anna Dealtha Franks Blackburn
Beatrice Blackburn
Blanche Atha Blackburn
Cora Blackburn
D. Blaine Blackburn
Mrs. Dannie Blackburn
Elva Points Blackburn
Frances Blackburn
Hubert Blackburn
John J. Blackburn (Atty)
Leslie Blackburn
Lyle E. Blackburn
Robert L. "Shug" Blackburn
James H. Blain
Lorena Childers Blaine
Martha M. Blaine
Wanda Fern Winkle Blaine
Julie E. Rowe Blaire
H. L. Blanchet
Elizabeth Blanchett
James Cleophes Blanton
Effie Hedger Blythe
Elizabeth Harrison Bobbitt
Mary Lee Eades Boggs
Margaret Bolog
Bobby L. Bowen
Carrie Ingram Bowen
Clara M. Cook Bowen
English Bowen
Golda Mae Bowen
Randall Lee Bowen
Rose Bowen
Theodore Bowen
Edna May Bowin
Edna May Bowin
Charles R. "Tater" Bowling Jr.
Dorothy "Dot" Fortner Bowling
Gregory J. Bowling
Sylvia Mae Drysdale Bowling
Harry J. Boyce
Frank Neville Boyer
Omer (Omar) Boyer
Stella Collier Boyer
Louella Boyers

F. G. Bracht
F. G. Bracht
Nell Tully Bradford
Nell Tully Bradford
Raymond Bradford
Alvin Bradley
Anna Lucille Rich Bradley
Lloyd David Bradley
Lucile V. Metcalfe Brakefield
Herschel Bramlett
Blanche Brashear
Hazel Morgan Brashear
Marlin G. Bray
Marlin G. Bray
Callie Leming Breeden
Lee Breeden
Patricia Ann Breeden
Rita P. Breeden
Virgil Breeden
Wayne Douglas "Doug" Breeden
Mary Renneckar Brennan
Herbert Brewer
Noah V. Brewer Sr.
Ross Daniel "Hero" Brewer
Terrill F. Brewer (Rev.)
William Howard Brewsaugh
Carolyn Lee Friend Bricker
Mrs. Ila Brock
Dorothy Race Bromwell
Floyd E. Bromwell Sr.
June Barnett Brooking
Charles Brooks
Hazel Evelyn Brown Brooks
Hugh R. Brooks
Marietta Conrad Brooks
Robert Brooks
William H. Brooks
Diana Brothers
Alfred L. Brown
Caroline Elizabeth Brown
Charles Needham Brown
Clem Earl Brown Jr.
Fred Griffith Brown Jr.
Gertrude Brown
Hattie Lee Brown
Jenna Sargent Brown
John D. Brown
Johnathan Brown
Joseph L. Brown
Joseph "Joe" Ray Brown
Lexie Gail Brown
Oram L. Brown
Pauline Crowe Brown
Randel Lee Brown
Ruel Jason Brown
Wilbert Brown
William Brown
Beulah B. Browning
Edith Benjamin Browning
Thomas J. Browning
Harold Lee Broyles
Ella P. Beverly Bruce
Pollie Jane Bruce
Alma H. Brumback
Buford Brumback
Buford Brumback
Hugh Brumback
Kate Brumback
Madeline "Lena" Brumback
Madeline "Lena" Brumback
Melvin Brumback
Oakley Brumback
Wilbur H. Brumback
Phillip Edward Buchanan
Allen Cheese Buck
Matthew C. Buckley
Audrey Mae Burchfield
Amanda Burgess
Charles Edward Burgess
Dianne Lemmonds Burgess
George J. Burgess
Jennie Evans Burgess
Jewell Wainscott Burgess
Jimmie Larry Burgess
Lucille "Diddle" Elliott Burgess
Mayme Jump Burgess
Sue Burgett
Walter J. "Wally" Burke
Maggie Burkhart
Doris Sears Burnett
Eugene E. Burnett
Rebecca Gorsuch Burnett
Edythe Burns
Gladys Burns
Gertrude Burroughs
Pearl Brooks Burroughs
Uranah Burroughs
Billy Eugene Burton
Bonnie Bell Johnson Burton
Minnie Burton
Scott Burton
Harry Butler
Harry David Butler
Mildred Butler
Nancy J. Butler
William O. "Bill" Butler
R. Dorothy Byers
Eloise Byrd
Mary Gifford Byrd

J. F. "Pete" Cahill
Alva Caldwell
Arch B. Caldwell
David Mack Caldwell
Dolly Ackman Caldwell
Eva Dolores Caldwell
Eva Dolores Caldwell
Fred Caldwell
Henry Gayle Caldwell (Dr.)
Laura Work Caldwell
Linville Todd Caldwell
Mary Ruth Jones Caldwell
O. G. Caldwell
Ruth Dickerson Caldwell
Wilbur "Jack" Caldwell
Belle Tackett Calender
Joseph N. Calender
Raymond Calender
LaVerne Milner Callahan
Alex M. Callen
Enlow Cammack
Juanita "Doris" Cammack
Albert Campbell
Anyce E. Ritchie Campbell
Henry Campbell
Jim Campbell
Danny Capps
Wavie C. Capps
Cora Ailene Carnes
Lillian Hurt Carnes
William Carnes (Hon.)
Marty Carr
Raymond Carr
Ernest W. Carroll
Christine Overbay Carter
Harold E. Carter
Mary Ashcraft Carter
Nancy Judy Carter
Obadiah T. Carter
Willetta True Carter
Eva Payne Cash
Leland Dale Cash
Ruby Velma McClanahan Cash
Thelma Juanita Wilson Cash
Marie Boggs Casteel
Edward Castleman
Henry R. Catlett
Anne Conrad Caudill (Dr.)
Virginia Agrue Caudill
Lori Beth Centers
Anna Elizabeth Chadwell
Harold Edward Chambers
Sarah Susan Chambers
Charles Evan Chance
Lena Chandler
Lena (Mrs. Walker) Chandler

Margaret West Chandler
Opha Eversole Chandler
Opha Eversole Chandler
Victoria Nichole Chandler
William Jefferson "Willie" Chandler
Orley Chaney Jr.
Lucy Chapman
Rachel Catherine Howard Chapman
Willeen Davis Chapman
William A. Chapman
Zettie Berkley Chapman
Liza Kelly Cheeks
Nelson Cheeks
Charles Chestnut
Charles Childers
Cosetta McGuire Childers
Frank W. Childers
Ken Childers
Lucinda Childers
Marion Childers
Newt Childers
Reba Almeda Chiles
Albert Lee Chipman
Alice Hord Chipman
Edna Mae Dunn Chipman
Ella Pettit Chipman
Eura McComas Chipman
Harold Don Chipman
James Henry Chipman
James Thomas Chipman
Lenore Patrick Chipman (Dr.)
Lloyd M. Chipman
McKinley Chipman
Rebecca Purnell Chipman
Rosella Washum Chipman
Ruth Gabbard Chipman
Sylvia Perry Chipman
John L. Chitwood
Thomas Ray Teiran Christopher
Mrs. John S. (Conrad) Clark
Alice Clark
Clara Belle Clark
Jesse Clark
Ronald Ray Clark
Willie Clarkston
W. E. Clay (Attorney)
Wilbert E. Clay
Nannie Belle Claypoole
Julius "Dud" Claypool
Maude Burchett Claypool
Charles Henry Clemence
Marion Clements
Charles "Pos" Clemons
Clifford Clemons
Clifford Clemons
Corinne Wolfe Clemons
Darrell Clemons
Fannie Moore Clemons
Gayle Clemons
Henry Clay Clemons
Mary L. Wells Clemons
Ottis C. Clemons
Willie Clemons
Virgie M. Cleveland
Eunice Antrobus Clifford
Elmer Edwin Clifton
Eva Bell Griffin Clifton
Mary Genevieve "Vee" Clifton
L. Maurice "Doc" Clinkscales
Marie C. Cook Clinkscales
James William Cloe
Ruth R. Satterwhite Cobb
Audrey M. Cochran
Frances Roberts Code
Joseph S. "Sam" Coffman
Joseph S. "Sam" Coffman
Charles R. Colcord
Harold H. Colcord
Mildred Gibson Colcord
Robert Colcord
Coleman Coldiron
Ernest M. Coldiron
Jane Coldiron
William Dayne Coates
Nellie Kathryn Link Cole
Corina Coleman
George C. Coleman
James Walter Coleman
Leona "Snooks" Purnell Coleman
Mary Lewis Coleman
Tessa Mae Patterson Adams Colina

Donald Lee Collier
Elmer L. Collier
Robert Lee Collier Jr.
Alberta Neace Collins
Avis Souder Collins
Brackie Collins
Charles B. "C.B." Collins
Higa Collins (Rev.)
Kathryn Virginia Jump Collins
Mae M. Collins
Richard A. Collins
Richard Collins
Robert W. Collins
Russell Collins
Sally Collins
W. F. Collins
Zelma Brown Collins
Stella Mae Collinsworth
Belinda Carol Greene Colson
Dora Blackburn Colson
Dora Blackburn Colson
Dorothy Roland Colson
Ethel Louise Colson
Gary L. Colson
Donald Lee Colston
A. B. Colvin (Rev.)
Edith Caldwell Colvin
Howard A. Colvin
Howard Achel Colvin
E. J. Colwell
Charles Lee Combs
Donald Edward Combs
Leslie Combs
Lorraine Stravach Combs
Ossie Combs
Hattie B. Connelley
Robert Connelly
Irene Jane Connely
Margaret Ann Clemons Conley
Ezra D. Connley
Mark Connley
Mayma Burroughs Connley
Omer Connley
Marcella Ritter Conner

Roy Blaine Connor
Roy Blaine Connor
Aaron Ernest Conrad
Alma Conrad
Anna Ware Conrad
Arthur Franklin Conrad
Arthur Walter Conrad
Charles H. Conrad
Clarence Gruelle Conrad
Ernie W. Conrad
Eula Conrad
Eula Yelton Conrad
Eva Price Conrad
Florence Conrad
Fred Conrad
Garnett Conrad
Georgia Henage Conrad
Guy Conrad
Hattie Sasher Conrad
Henry C. Conrad Sr.
I. N. Conrad
I. N. Conrad
Jacob Donald Conrad
Jay Claude Conrad
Jesse Conrad
Joseph N. Conrad
Louise Webster Conrad
Mary Conrad
Mary Anderson Conrad
Mary Edith Conrad
Powers Conrad
Ralph Conrad
Stanley "Grey" Harpo Conrad
Tanya Powers Conrad
Tom Frank Conrad
Utha Rae Conrad
Virginia L. Conrad
W. Floyd Conrad
Walter Conrad
Wanda McGill Conrad
William Conrad
Willie Conrad
D. V. Conyers
Beulah Magene Cook
Dan Cook
Dosha Cook
Florence Ellen Cook
Gayle "Cookie" Cook
Geneva McComas Cook
Harold B. Cook
Hazel Juanita Cook
Isabel Wright Cook
James Rogers "Cookie" Cook
John Edgar Cook
Mark E. Howard Cook
Martha Redd Cook
Naaman Ray Cook
Roger Alan Cook
Stanley L. Cook
Lillie Mae Cooke
Russell D. Cooke
Charles Allen Cooper
Constance Mary Cooper
Daisy May Cooper
Edith Mae Cooper
Elva E. Cooper
Elza William Cooper
Jack Cooper
Mary Aleene Wallace Cooper
Sarah Corinne Wallace Cooper
Anna Pearl McClain Cottrell
Ethel Louise Coulson
**James R. "Choppers" Coulson
John W. Courtney
Katherine Woolums Courtney
Earl Covey
Jasper N. Covey
Opal Covey
George Estes Cox
June Orliff Cox
Hettie M. Crabtree
Mary Litha Craddock
William H. Cram
Elizabeth "Tillie" Vallandingham Crane
Walter G. Crawford Sr.
Carlene Turley Creech
Harold Lester Crockett
Paul W. Crook
Alma Blanche Crouch
Charles Crouch Jr.
Clifford Pryor Crouch
Herbert H. "Herb" Crouch
Joyce Dailey Crouch
Lois Crouch
William T. Crouch
Justice Thomas Crowder
Herbert Crowe
Ruth Martin Crowe

Robert Kelson Cruey
Shirley Clay Cruey
Barbara Norton Cruickshank
Esther May Crume
John William Crupper Jr.
Lucille Davis Crupper
Byron Cull
James Davis Cull
Brenda Sue Franks Cummins
Clarence Franklin Cummins
Edward Clayton Cummins
Emma J. Cummins
Eursel Morgan Cummins
James Alvin "Jim" Cummins
John David Cummins
John Thomas Cummins
John Thomas Cummins
Kenneth Ray "Chicken" Cummins
Mary Louise Farris Cummins
Richard Dwain Cummins
Shirley Ruth Cummins
Virgie Bosse Cummins
Zelma Mae Cummins
Rosie Owens Cupp
Donald "Pat" Curry
Dortha Blake Curtis

Mary Dahling
Elbert Dallas
Loretta Frances Dallas
Ricky Lee Dallas
Jeff T. Dalton
Ray Dalton
Walton Lee Dalton Sr.
Edith Mardis Dam
Blanche Colvin Dance
Rollie K. Dance
Mary Gail Hicks Daniels
Orod S. Daugherty
William O. Daugherty
Mary Davenport
Mary Davenport
William "Bill" Douglas Davidson
Charles Arnold Davis
Charles L. Davis
Cindy Lou Davis
Dorothy Jean Mason Davis
Dorothy L. Alexander Davis
Frank Davis
Frankie Gillingham Davis
James T. Davis
Katherine B. Davis
Leroy Davis
Lola Mae Davis
Meba J. Davis
Skeeter Davis (aka Mary Frances Penick)
Sylvia Willis Davis
Virgil B. Davis
Blaine Zeke Dawalt
Alice C. Wilson Day
Ethel Day
Michael W. Day
Paul Day
Paul Day Jr.
Ruth Kinman Day
Bertha Dean
Thomas C. Dearing
Viola Marie Dearth
John P. Decker
Ralph Deitz
Robert E. DeJarnette
Dewey Delaney
Shirley Wallace Delaney
Susan Delaney
Lucy Taylor Delenickas
Emerson Delph
Gary Wayne Delph
Kathryn Redman Delph
Violet Weinel DeMoss
Edward W. Dempsey
Porter Dempsey
Eugene Denlinger
Henry "Doc" James Denny
Joe W. Denny Jr.
Floyd Densler
Hugo DeVroomen
Leland B. Dewalt
Alex DeZarn
Mattie Lou Messer Dezarn
Chester Earl Dickerson
Laura Dickerson
W. W. Dickerson
Lester Dietz
Phillip Dietz
Mae Patrick Dills
Robert L. "Bob" Dills
Una S. Dills
Leola Elizabeth Dixon
Ray Edward Dixon
Alice L. Doan
Chester Doan
Audrey Hedges Doane
Catherine Dunn Doane
Helen Shimfessel Doane
Wilbur "Web" Doane
Bernice Dobkins
Paula Fay Dority
James H. Dorman
Mildred Jean "Millie" Gordon Downing
Frank W. Dozier
Homer Draper
Homer Draper
Mary Josephine McCormick Draper
Opal Wilson Draper
Shelby T. Draper
Shelby Thomas Draper
Sylvia Smith Draper
Verlie Odor Draper
Joshua Drinkard
Sylvia Mason Drury
Robert "Bob" Drysdale
Jason Patrick Duggins
Dale Duley
Jerry Dunaway
Paul Douglas Dunaway
Sarah Elizabeth Dunaway
Elie E. Duncan
Goldie Mae Ashcraft Duncan
Howard Edward "Jim" Duncan
Mary Louise Duncan
Mattie Adkins Duncan
Venita Fay Hall Duncan
Virgil Louis Duncan
Clay Dungan
Nancy Jane Dungan
Thelma Brooks Dungan
Tim Dungan
Luella Dunlinger
Alta Humpheries Dunn
Charles Eugene Dunn
Charles L. Dunn
Ethel Livingston Dunn
Evelyn J. Childers Dunn
Forest Dunn
Harry Dunn
James R. Dunn
Lula Martin Dunn
Luona Martin Dunn
Martin L. Dunn
Minerva Dunn
Roxie Dunn
Walter Dunn
Ancle "Buddy" Dupuy
Ancle "Buddy" Dupuy
Rosa Lee Wegman Durham
RosaLee Wegman Durham
Barbara Faye Maybrier Durr
Dorothy Lucas Jones Duvall
Darvin Dale Dyer

Edward G. Eatherton
Chester Earl Ecklar Sr.
Donald Ray Ecklar
Susan Ecklar
Alonzo K. Eckler
Dolores M. Eckler
Ellie Jane Eckler
Ernest L. Eckler
Fred H. Eckler
Gerald Philip Eckler
Goldie Eckler
Guy Holmes Eckler
James Paul Eckler
John M. Eckler
L. T. Eckler  (Dr.)
Martha A. Eckler
Murtie Landrum Eckler
Nancy Campbell Eckler

Robert H. Eckler
Rosetta Claypool Eckler
Ruby Hutchinson Eckler
Ruth Eckler
Ruth T. Bingham Eckler
Sonja "Sunnie" Jean Eckler
Sylvia Myers Eckler
William Henry Eckler
John A. "Jack" Edmonds
Theda Trapp Edmonds
Alma J. Edmondson
Ola Edmondson
Ralph Edmondson
Jessie Sanders Edrington
Rex Baxter Edrington
Jonathon Scott Edwards
Willnetta Edwards
Charles "Pete" Eibeck
William Bertram Elam
Kyle Eugene Eldridge
Ada B. Elliott
Ann Sheriff Elliott
Ann Sheriff Elliott
Annie Bell Elliott
Claude Ray Elliott
Clinton Boyd Elliott
Denton Elliott
Esther Elliott
Golda Elliott
Grover C. Elliott
James Elliott Jr.
James Higgins Elliott
Larry C. Elliott
Leroy H. Elliott
Lida Elliott
Shirley Mae Elliott
Thomas T. Elliott
Tommie T. Elliott
William McKinley Elliott
Donald Howard Ellis
Lillian Littrell Ellis
Raymond Carl Ellis
Mrs. Byron Elliston
David Elliston
J. M. Elliston (Representative)
R. H. Elliston (Senator)
Christine Cook Ely
Carl E. Embry
Alva J. Engle
Roy William Enson
Anna B. Epperson
Emma Odor Epperson
Frances Beatrice Epperson
Hade Epperson
Juanita Epperson
Orla T. Epperson
Walter Epperson
Mary Alice West Estes
Fulix (Mrs. James W.) Evans
Herman James Evans
John R. "Johnny" Evans
Lucille Willoughby Evans
Mary Jane Evans
Morton Evans
Nellie Taylor Evans
Paul J. Evans
Rena Vay Sexton Evans
Ward B. Evans
Ann Conrad Ewing
Edna Cram Ewing
Ernest M. Ewing
Mucie Fortner Ewing

Sedrick Farley
Donald Clifford Farmer
Laura Farmer
Laura Farmer
Robert Farmer
Lurena Neal Faulconer
Dorothy P. Faulkner
Jeff Faulkner
Leon Kaywood Faulkner
Raleigh Edwin Feltner
Littleton Fenley
Audrey Ann Entwisle Ferguson
Giesela "Teddy" Ferguson
Kenneth "Skin" Ferrell
Leroy K. Ferrell
Lena Elizabeth Ferrell
Monnie Ferrill
William A. Ferrill

Barry R. Fields
Harland E. Fields
John Williams Fields
Phyllis Jean Fields
Sheryl Williams Fields
William Fife
Jack D. Fightmaster
Deniece Holt Finch
Adrianne Findley
Harold Fisher
Lulu Boyer Fisk
R. C. Fisk
Virginia Dean Fisk
Alleen Music Fitch
John Blaine Flege Sr.
Louise Flege
John Edward Flinn
Joe Florence Sr.
Lorena Florence
Patricia M. Flores
Dennis "D.A." Foltz
Mary Collinsworth Foltz
James R. Ford
Julia F. Ford
Julian Joseph Foree
Rose Webster Foree
Ray Fornash
Alvie Fortner
Betty Margaret Fortner
Irene Fortner
Kris Fortner
Luetta Beatrice Fortner
Robert N. Fortner
Sanford E. "Sam" Fortner
Stella Mae Haley Fortner
Sylvia Poe Fortner
Wendell Fortner
Lucille Raines Fortney
Ray Foster
Ada Arnold Frakes
Armilda Norton Frakes
Douglas J. Franklin
David C. Frankhouser II
Barnette Franks
Daniel Franks
Dave T. Franks
David T. Franks Jr.
Ace Franks
Lloyd Wayne Franks
Mary Conyers Franks
Omer Franks
Robert "Bobby" Franks
Sarah (Mrs. Dave T.) Franks
W. C. Franks
Will Marion Franks
Geneva L. Frederick
Lula Mae Frederick

Joseph J. Freeman
Robert G. Frey
Ruth Nelburn Friend
Charles Fulks
James Glen Fulks

Helen Broaddus Gabbert
Alberta "Bertie" Gaines
Catherine Odessa Taylor Gaines
Iona Dixon Gaines
Blanche Wilson Galloway
Lydia E. "Betty" Risen Gard
Gladys Colcord Gardiner
Ray Gardner
Willena "Sissy" Garrett
Odella Hill Garrison
Floyd K. Gatewood
Sarah Elizabeth Gaugh
Sarah E. Gauthier
Melvin L. Gay
Jack Gayhart
Kenner E. Gaylor
Helen Mendoza Gaynor
Carl F. Gebhart Sr.
Newton P. Gehring
Kenneth G. Geldean
Brenda Lee Gerretson
Cora Mae Gibson
Dessie Pearl Gibson
Fred Gibson
Jesse Gibson
Leona Marie Gibson
Margaret LaVerna Gibson
Mary Webb Gibson
Michael Gibson
Dorothy Mullins Gigandet
Mauriene Hamm Gilbert
Claude Gill
Edward Eads Gill
Elizabeth Juett Gill
Elizabeth Juett Gill
Emmett J. Gill
Judy Cox Gill
Ruby O'Dell Gill
William E. Gill
Nellie Hutcherson Gillespie
Lloyd O. Givens
C. Howard Glass
Helen Marie Webb Glass
Norven Glass
Norven Glass
Owen W. Glass
Norma J. Glenn
Ralph Haydon "R. H." Glore
Evia Godman
Gladys Marie Godman
James H. Godman
William H. "Doc" Godman
Jack M. Gold
Lula Kinman Gold
Lula Kinman Gold
Alice Grace Hinerman Gonter
Linda Sue Hounshell Gooden
Glenn Faulconer Goodenough
Russell Eugene Goodridge
Esther Sloan Goodwin
Alton Eugene Goins
Gertrude Johnson Goins
Arthur Glenn "Tuffy" Gordon
Cameron Allen Maines Gordon
Daniel Raymond Gordon
Dolly Gordon
Ethel Webster Gordon
Theodore "Teddy" Gordon
Anna Gosley
Robert F. Gossett
Alvin M. Gouge
Audrey Adams Gouge
Howard Prentice Gouge
Naomi Colvin Gouge
Raymond "Lat" Gouge
William "Billy" Layle Gouge

Cecil Gould
Harry Lee Graves
Harry Lee Graves
Edith Harrison Stephenson Gray
Ernest Raymond Gray
Marcus D. Gray

Maude M. Gray
Owens "Joe" Gray
Benjamin F. Graziana
E. K. Green
William Kirtley Green
Donald J. "Jody" Greene
Melville Lee Greene
Thelma Greene
Elsie Vest Greenwood
Deborah Lynn Florence Gregg
Robert E. Gregg
Zack Gregg
Audrey Lynn Gribble
Carl T. Griffin
Cecil Margaret Moore Griffin
Christine Evans Griffin
Earl W. Griffin
Geraldine Wagers Griffin
Alma Stephen Griffith
Charles Thomas Griffith
Lois Griffith
Paul L. Griffith
Forester "Jack" Gross
Oscar Gross
Riley Gross

Willie Mae Snodgrass Gross
William Gross Jr.
Nelson Groves Sr.
Christopher L. Grubbs
James Charlie Grubbs
Stella Mae Updike Grubbs
Joshua K. Gruelle
Samuel I. Gruelle
Janette Gruen
Fred C. Gulick
Lula Gulick
Michael Vincent Gullion
Lois Spillman Gutman
Margaret Ruth Gutman

Geneva Alice Kincaid Haaseth
Betty Burnette Hacker
Sarah "Pence" Humphrey Hagedorn
Bambi Lynn Hager
Gertrude Kinman Haines
James "Bill" Haines
Jo Ann Noel Haines
Marsha McVey Haislep
Harold Hale
Alma Haley
Russell N. Haley
Gladys E. Halfhill
A. C. Hall Sr.
Alfred C. Hall
Donal E. Hall
Hazel Florence Landrum Hall
Ida Hall
Jarvie T. Hall
John William Hall
Joseph K. Hall
Mary Katherine Hall
Ronald L. Hall (Rev.)
Ruth Elizabeth Bladen Haltman
Herb "Papa" Hamblin
Jeanette M. "Peggy" Hamblin
Walter "Sam" Hamblin Jr.
Belle R. Hamilton
Betty Hamilton
Charles William Hamilton
James Harold Hamilton
Ruth Ann Kennedy Hamm
Carl Hammond
Chester Hammond
Gordon Jeffrey Hammond
Irene Whitton Hammond
Loretta Brewer Hammond
Raymond Hammond
Louedna Wainscott Hammonds
Daisy Hampton
Dorothy Rainey Harlow
Timothy Andrew Harman Sr.
Robert S. Harney
Hugh B. "Bullitt" Harp
Larry Leslie Harp
Bob Earl Harper Sr.
Mary Emma Harris
Oma N. Harris
Oma N. House Harris
Harold Harrison
Howard L. Harrison
Kenneth Harrison
Louisa Harrison
Mrs. B. Harrison
Mildred F. "Millie" Harrison
Nancy J. (Mrs. W. T.) Harrison
Prentice S. Harrison (Ret. SFC)
Ralph E. Harrison
Sinclair Harrison
J. Garnett Harvey
Rice Harvey
Anna Mae Antrobus Hasank
Sylvia D. Hasank
Ruth Hayden
Ona Haydon
John Charles "Fuzzy Duck" Hayes
Lorean Hayes
Zackary Edward Hayes
Jacob Daniel Haynes
Walter Scott Haynes
Effie T. Hazelwood
Raymond Hazelwood
Lorene Lee Hearn
Charles W. Hearne
Odella Conrad Hearne
Alice Faye Hedger
Churchhill Goodrich Hedger
Donovan Darrough Hedger
Elizabeth Conrad Hedger
Harold C. Hedger
James Lee Hedger
Kenneth Hedger
Alma Landrum Hedges
Clarence Everett Hedges Sr.
Floyd Hedges
H. C. Hedges
Martha Sebree Hedges
Nola V. Smith Hedges
Alma Adams Heis
William "Bill" Heis
Howard Helton
Opha Ashland Helton
Pauline Helton
Ronald K. Helton
Mabel Irene Hempfling
Anna Nesbit Henderson
Otis P. Hendrix
Alfred Henry
Buford G. "Boots" Henry
Charles Henry
Charlie "Jake" Henry Jr.
Charlie T. Henry
Elijah Henry
Esthel Juett Henry
Florence Marie Scroggins Henry
Leroy Henry
Marvin W. Henry
Minnie Henry
April Dale Felts Hensley
Carl C. Hensley
Frances "Snooks" Howard Hensley
Frances Taylor Hensley
Johnny Ray Hensley
Lula Mae Kennedy Hensley
Myrtle Jacobs Hensley
Alpha Herald
Jimmie R. Herald
Charles L. Herbert
Linda Jean Herring
Donald Ray Herrington
Doris Arnold Herrington
Hazel Woodyard Herron
Hugh Lee Herron (Rev.)
Orlie N. Herron
Gilbert Herzog
Gary Mitchell Hester
Tom Hester
Jane Hickerson
William J. "Bill" Hicks
Myrtle Lawrence Higgins
Dawson Hightower
Maria Adeline Hightower
Martha McKibben Hightower
Bessie M. Hill
Bettie Haydon Hill
Hazel Leona Hill
Mary Milner Hill
Pat Anderson Hillenbrand
Charles R. Hilligas
James Matthew Hisel (Rev.)
Robert Richard Hisel
Samuel Richard Hisel
Bobby P. Hisle Sr.

Verdella Rowland Hisle
Marjorie Jackman Hoffman
Fred "Fritz" Hofstetter
Cora Winston Hogan
Cora Winston Hogan
O. P. Hogan (Judge)
R. Dawson Hogan
Charles Holbrook
John C. Holbrook
Keith Emmett Holbrook
Kenneth M. Holbrook
Mabel Fay Given Holgate
William "Bobby" Holman
Sheila May Hon
Roxie Huff Hook
Estill Hopper
Brent Hopperton
Fred Hopperton
Harvey Eugene Hopperton
Kenneth Ray Hopperton
Alice May Dickson Horn
Bennie Horn
David Allen Horn
Jesse Clark Horn
John E. Horn
Rilda "Mae" Hall Horn
June Evelyn Fight Hornsby
Martha Smith Hornsby
Leroy "Lee" Horton
Ellis Hoskins
Andrew Jackson Houchens
Mitchell Hounchell
Annie Porter House
Elsie Beatrice House
Floyd House
George House
Hubert Claude House
J. B. House
Mary K. (Mrs. George) House
Norman House
Ada Howard
Carolyn Jane Fortner Howard
James Franklin Howard
George Washington Howard
Norma Mae Howard
Richard David "Charlie Brown" Howard
John V. Howe
Martha Helen Howe
William E. Howe
Estelle B. Howell
Finley Hubbard
Mrs. Finley Hubbard
Arva Corinne Hudson
Barry E. Hudson
Bertha Riddle Hudson
Bessie Hudson
Charles E. Hudson
Murphy Hudson
Vivian Hudson
Wallace Hudson
Aaron Jacob Huebner
Dominique Ariel Huebner
James B. "Jay" Huff
Joyce Yvonne Barnes Huff
Pauline Catherine Parker Hughes
Dee Newsome Hughbanks
Calvert C. Hulett
John Fount Hume
Nancy Young Humes
Elwood McClure "Mac" Humphrey
Morris Wayne Humphrey
Florence Herindon Humphries
Charlie Hunt Jr.
Agee Hunter
Clara Franks Hunter
Edward "Jack" Hunter
Florence Hampton Hunter
John W. Hunter Jr.
Lisa Kelley Hunter
Mabel "Pauline" Hunter
Nellie G. Hurd
Melvin E. Hurley
Sandra Michelle Hurst
Sarah Jane Hurst
Sarah Jane Hurst
Kelley Hurt
Lucille Turner Hurt
Emma Mae Hutchenson
Elizabeth Brooks Hutcherson
Mary Hutcherson
Jim Hutchinson
Wilbur Hutchinson
Clarence P. Hutchison
Irene W. Hutton
Melva Joyce Hutton
Mevill Hutton
Olive McClurg Hyatt
Delores Hyde
Betty Ellis Hymer

Marian K. Glahn Iles
Lester "Pappy" Thurman Inabnit
Mary Susan "Sue" Renaker Ingels
James Ingram Jr.
Evan Louis Ipock
Dorothy Estella Ireland
Emmett F. Ireland
Kathryn Grace Grady Ireland
Paul N. Ireland
Mike Irvin
Patricia A. Isaac
Dexter B. Isaacs
Emily Isaacs
Linville Isaacs
Susie Brandenburg Isaacs
Nora Harris Combs Iseral
Robert H. Iseral
Glenn W. Isom
Ralph Ison
Viola Bryant Ison

Dewayne Jackson
Dollie Webster Jackson
Emma C. Jackson
Helen Oaks Jackson
James Alvie Jackson
Janetta Jackson
Russell Edward Jackson
Richard "Red" Jacobs
Sue Patton Jackson
Leon Jameison
Charlie A. James
Mary Elizabeth Hollon James
Tony Wayne James
Gertie Jameson
Clarabel Kennedy Jenkins
Clarice Mildred Jenkins
Elmer C. Jenkins
Fanny Jenkins
Violet Thomas Jenkins
Rosie Nell Morgan Jennings
Nellie Webster Johns
Tina Marie Johns
Archie Johnson
Alonzo T. Johnson
Charles Eddie Johnson
Clifford L. "Sec" Johnson
Cora Lee Pugh Northcutt Johnson
Dorothy Whitton Johnson
Ella Johnson
Eva Mae Elliston Johnson
Grover Johnson
Hazel Kitchen Johnson
James P. "Jay" Johnson
Mary Conrad Johnson
W. C. Johnson (Dr.)
W. C. Johnson
Walter R. Johnson
William E. Johnson
Ben Jones
Betty Jean Jones
Corinne K. Jones
Elza "Bart" Jones
Ernest T. Jones
Frankie Jones
Helen D. Collins Jones
Henry Wilson Jones
Howard T. Jones
Karen Judith McHugh Jones
Lillie Brandenburg Jones
Lola Jump Jones
Loreda Dunn Jones
Lura Wright Jones
Mae Evelyn Jones
Mary E. Jones
Mildred L. Jones
Moreland "Broadway" Jones
Norval J. Jones
Ralph W. "Buck" Jones
Renate Futterer Jones
Ronnie Edwin Jones
Rufus Jones
Russell D. Jones
Sarah Thomas Jones
Eula Mae Jordan
Ezekial Jordan
Harle Jordan
Arlan "Jack" Judy
Jerome Morral Judy
Jimmie D. Judy
Mary Jane McKenzie Judy
Paul Elmer Judy
Adam A. Juett
Holly Webb Juett
Howard W. Juett
Pauline Juett
Carolyn Gullion Jump
Carrie Thomas Jump
Chester J. Jump Sr.
Gerald Jump
Herbert Jump
Inez E. Jump
James Ervin "Erv" Jump
Mildred Lucas Jump
Robert Marshall Jump Sr.
Sherwood Leslie Jump
Velva W. Jump
Virgie L. Jump
Lean Johnson Just
Beulah Mae Taylor Justice
Carl H. Justice
Dorothy Adams Justice
Harry C. Justice
Utha Brown Justice

Mrs. C. J. Karhoff
Virgie Wright Kearnes
Charles "Bobby" Kearns
Virgie Kearns
Hansford B. Keck
Allie Brock Keene
Esther Kelley
Bennie Kells
Charlotte Stull Kells
Clay Kells
Donald Kells
Emery Kells
Fannie Lee Kells
Frank Emery Kells
James Kells
Louisiana Kells
Mary Marie Kells
Monta Lee Kells
Mary B. Flynn Kelly
William Jay Kemper
Artie Kendall
Louis Kendall
Lowell Kendall
Buford O. Kennedy
Joseph Bruce Kennedy
Lula Kennedy
Luther Kennedy
Raymond Edward Kennedy
Ruth Kennedy
Timothy C. Kennedy
Velma Hughes Kennedy
C. Kenneth Kenner
James L. "Jim" Kenner
Russell Kenner
Anna L. Toole Kenney
Fredrick Earl Kenney
Hallie Hughes Kenney
Hallie Hughes Kenney
Lula Childers Ketron
Wallace Kidd
Carl A. Kidwell
Harold Douglas Kidwell
Mamie Kidwell
Carl Prentice King
Christine Melton King
Dolores Ann King
Elaine Satchwill King
Gus W. King
John W. King
Mary Alice King
Porter King Jr.
Alvie "Jim Peck" Kinman
Anaise L. "Toodie" Kinman
Andy Kinman
Astor B. Kinman
Ben F. Kinman
Betty Marie Kinman
Carrie Davis Kinman
Charles L. Kinman
Clayton Kinman
Donna Helen Kinman
Edna Conrad Kinman
Emma Osbourn Kinman
Emogene Kinman
Floyd "Sam" Kinman
Herman Alfred Kinman
Hiram Kinman
Jesse Conrad Kinman
John Stanley Kinman
Johnie W. Kinman
Julian F. Kinman
Laura Mae Kinman
Lula B. Kinman
Myrtie West Kinman
Nelson Kinman
Roy James Kinman
Ruby Kinslar Kinman
Stanley N. Kinman
Wilbert Kinman
Zelma Webster Kinman
Edna Childers Kinmon
James R. Kinmon
John W. Kinmon
William "Bill" Riley Kinmon
Clara Humlong Kingsbury
Grant Kinslaer
Roy David Kirby
Renita Jane Hisel Kirk
Zetta Meade Terry Kitch
Charles Knight
Ivan Jesse Knight
Kathleen Ann O'Brien Knight
Mary Deane Knight
Patricia Ann Prather Knight
Woodrow W. Knight
Ray E. Knox
Rosetta Rudell Knox
Rosetta Rudell Knox
Joyce J. Kokendoffer
John Paul Koors
Kenneth Kramer
Virginia Daugherty Kratz
Robert J. Kuheneman
Gary Wayne Kurtz

Shirley Ann Hibbard LaFara
Anna Louise LaPradd
Cecil A. Lafferty
John David Lafferty
Wyetta Lagenbrunner
Paula Gail Lain
Beulah Faye Gray Lambert
Donald Lambert
Tom Lambert
Emma Jane Morgan Lancaster
Elwood Landrum
Granville Landrum
Lee Landrum
Lester W. "Whittle" Landrum
Lola Stephenson Landrum
Manie O. Landrum
Orville Landrum
Ruth Ramsey Landrum
Virginia Frances Landrum
Wanda Joyce Landrum
Sam Bradley Lane
Sylvia Wells Lane
Anna Sam "Sammie" Cassell Lanter
Clyde Lanter
H. Dawson Lanter
Isabel Hulett Lanter
Lee B. Lanter
Pauline McCormick Lanter
Roger F. Lanter
Walter Carl Lanter
William Thomas Lanter
Everett "E.C." Latimer
Leith Latimer
Mayme Norton Latimer
Albert "Al" Lawrence
Betty Odor Lawrence
Charles Alexander Lawrence
Dave Lawrence
Frank W. "Red" Lawrence
Geneva West Lawrence
Harold Paft Lawrence
James Alvin Lawrence
James O. Lawrence
Joyce Simpson Mason Lawrence
Lee Lawrence
Leona Sebree Lawrence
Mary Belle Lynn Lawrence
Melrose Dunn Lawrence
Naomi Katherine Penick Lawrence
Pauline Lawrence
Peggy Lawrence
Raymond E. Lawrence
Roy J. Lawrence
Stanley Blaine Lawrence Sr.
Stella May Penick Lawrence
Sylvia Rena Lawrence
Thomas J. Lawrence
William Ottis Lawrence
Roy Lawson
William H. Lay
Flora Leach Reynolds Laycock
Flora Leach Reynolds Laycock
Jack T. Laytart
Jonathan Franklin Layton
Cora B. Leach
James F. Lee
Mary Hearn Lee
Sam J. Lee
Benjamin F. Leek
Bobbi Sue Lewis
Raymond J. Lewis
Noah Lightner
William H. Lillard
Claud L. Lilly
George A. Lilly Sr.
Mae Christine Penn Lilly
Raymond L. Lilly
Dr. R. E. Limmerick
Robert D. Lindy
Daniel Ray Link
Donna R. Chaney Link
Fay Elizabeth Brooks Link
Mendola Lawrence Link
T. J. Link
Virginia Mae Daugherty Linne
Elinor Littell
James A. Littell
James A. Littell
William Littell
Dora Evalyn Northcutt Littleton
Miriam Littner
Sylvia Mae Littrell
Vacie Osborne Littrell
Danny Thomas Livengood
J. C. Livengood
Lula Grace Livengood
Alvina Frederick Lloyd
George Louis Lochel
John H. Locke Sr.
Lettie Simpson Loechel
William G. Logemann
Buddy R. Lonaker
Darrin A. Lonaker
Charles William Long
Hallie Faye Lonaker
Martin Ray Loomis
Elmer Leo Losey
John D. Love
Michael Travis Lovelace
Carrie Gregg Lowe
Howard D. Lowe
Nannie Mae Lowe
R. S. "Sparks" Lowe
Sylvia Kemp Lowe
Sylvia Kemp Lowe
Homer L. Lower
John Lester Lower
Mary E. Lucas
Thelma McCormick Lucas
Della Hornsby Lunsford
Sandra Rudd Lykins
Millard L. Lynch
Clyde A. Lynn

Charlie Graham Mabe
Isaac Lee Madden
Phena Madden
Karen Davis Magee
Beulah V. Mahan
Glada Jackson Maines
Harold M. Maines
Jessie Lee Maines
Willie Eugene "Bud" Maines
Earl M. Mains
Gilbert H. "Gib" Mains
Rosella Montee Ashcraft Mains
Dorothy Steinhaus Maloney
Bobbie Jean Mann
Emmette Lee Mann
John William Mann
Lois Mae Schadler Mann
Louise Richmond Mann
Marion Richard "Dick" Mann
Nathan D. Mann
Rosamond Elizabeth Mann
Tina Marie Mann
Veronica Manners
Geraldine A. Manning
Tara Elaine Manning
Ernestine Moore Mansfield
Jennie Lou Marcum
Lewis Marcum
Belle Mardis
Clyde Mardis
Freida Opal Marks
Beuna Marksberry
Clauda B. Marksberry
Edna Dolly Marksberry
Harold W. Marksberry
Harry P. Marksberry
James Marksberry
Larry F. Marksberry
Lillie Marksberry
Margaret Chipman Marksberry
Margaret Phillips Marksberry
Raymond E. Marksberry
Theresa Barnes Marksberry
Elizabeth R. "Betty" Tunis Marksbury
Ernestine Webster Marksbury
Hubert C. "Butch" Marksbury
Robert E. Marksbury
Robert Joseph Marksbury
Ruth A. Marksbury
Ruth Childers Marksbury
Dorothy Elmo Marquette
Wanda Dunn Marquette
Fred A. Marshall
George W. Marshall
Grace McGill Marshall
Harry Webb Marshall
Jack P. Marshall
Marjorie Dunn Hook Marshall
Susie Marshall
Walter Marshall
Buford Leroy "Boots" Martin
Clarence William Martin
Clifford Martin
Corrine Gordon Martin
Dave Martin
Dealtha Renaker Martin
Denver D. Martin
Elmer Martin
Evan Martin
Floyd "Pepper" Martin
Hubert "Honeybee" Martin
James A. Martin Sr.
Oneita Martin
Rita Fillhardt Martin
Russell F. Martin
Sarah Barnes Martin
Wanda Lee Martin
Winford Ray Martin
Blanche D. Mason
Elbert Mason
Hugh M. Mason
Ralph Rodney Massie
Ruth Massey
Brian Masters
Raymond I. Matthews
Layne David Maxwell
Charles May Jr.
Charles May Sr.
Donald May
Donald May
Lonnie May Jr.
Marjorie Schuerman May
Stanford L. "Stan" Meadows
Robert Warren Mee
Charles Edward Meece Sr.
Obed Meek
Giltner A. Meeks
Dora Mefford
Harold Mefford
Beatrice F. Menefee
Ira Russell Menefee Jr.
Mattie Lelah Menefee
Robert Kline Menefee
Adaija Chyanne Kearns-Mercer
Danny Meredith
Barbara Ann Nickel Merrill
Margaret Perkins Merrill
Calept P. Messer
Eva Hicks Messer
Janice Ruth Messer
Michael Dale Messer
Tommy Lee Messer
Bonnie Belle Butler Messmer
Judy Messmer
Alfred B. Metzeler
Dorothy Marie Middleton
Juanita Faith Hutsell Middleton
Robert Middleton
Charles E. Milish
Warren G. Millar
Nell Eckler Millennor
Anna Mary Miller
Ardell Grimes Miller
Augustine Duncan Miller
Brenda Joyce Miller
Edna Mae Purnell Miller
Franklin Miller
Helen S. Miller
Helen Smith Miller
J. B. Miller
Jennifer Kay Taulbee Miller
Marilyn Lindsay Miller
Marvin Lee Miller
Mary Forman (Mrs. J. B.) Miller
Nannie Mae Miller
Robert "Bob" Miller
Ruth Huff Miller
Anna Milner
Anna Elizabeth Henry Milner
Carol Patterson Milner
Emery Milner
Larry W. Milner
Martha Webb Milner
Rezin A. Milner
Susanah Wells Milner
Susie Marshall Milner
Lorene Gilbert Mink
Luther Miracle
Edward Mire
Ida Swindler Mitchell
Mrs. Clyde Redman Mitts
Frank A. Mitts
Joyce H. Adkins Mitts
Nancy J. Coleman Mitts
Billie Jo Mize
Kathleen Barnes Moak
Collis H. "Jay" Moberly
Ruth Etta Mohnike
John Moir
Leo Monbarren
Litsy Druin Money
Robert E. Monk Sr.
Pauline Monroe
James Scott Montgomery
Mike Montgomery
Arlene Kay Montooth
G. W. Moody Jr.
Claude Moore
Grace Ruby Moore
Jewell Perry Moore
Mamie K. Moore
Rena Belle Delaney Moore
Russell Moore
Samuel H. Moore
Velma Laverne Pittman Moore
William E. "Bill" Morehead
Armor C. Moreland
Alverta Marie "Sissy" Miller Morgan
Bennie W. Morgan
Charles H. Morgan Sr.
Charlie Morgan
Florence Morgan
Georgia Bates Morgan
Grace McCain Morgan
Harry Dean Morgan
James P. Morgan
Jessamine "Perk" Morgan
John W. Morgan
Julia Mae Morgan
Ona Mae Morgan
Robert Ray Morgan
Theodore Morgan
William G. Morgan
Bennie J. Morris
Elizabeth Florence Morris
Florence Morris
Floyd Wally Morris
Marvin Obie Morris
Obie Morris
Willie "Bud" Morris
Claude Lemon Mulberry
James S. Mulberry
Alice Frances Mulligan
Logan J. "Pealey" Mullikin
Rosella Mullikin
Gordon F. Mullins
John D. Mullins
R. Lester Mullins
Robert R. Mullins
Virgil Oliver Mullins
Lady Evelyn Mulvey
Clarence "Buckey" Munson
Arthur "Ott" Murphy
Geneva F. Tolson Murphy
Dana W. Murray
Viola Day Murray
Crystal Jean Myers
George C. Myers
Lauretta Race Myers

Mabel F. Vanlandingham McAllister
Mabel F. Vanlandingham McAllister
Clifford Howard McBee
Doris Neal McBee
Lucille Beatrice McBee
Roberta Blanton McBee
Myrtle McCain
Everett "Red" McCane Jr.
Cassie Sanders McClanahan
Dawson G. McClanahan
Dorothy McClanahan
Floyd R. McClanahan
Floyd R. McClanahan
Mildred Poor McClanahan
Ray C. McClanahan
Callie R. McClure
Edith McClure
Edward J. McClure
Eileen Setters McClure
Ezary K. McClure
Harold F. McClure
Hobert Lee McClure
James Eugene McClure
Mabel McClure
Pauline Laughlin McClure
Pricie L. McClure
Sam McClure
Gertrude McClurg
Bruce A. McComas
Charles M. McComas
Corinne Frances McCormac
Frances Wainscott McCormick
Franklin McCormick
Harold S. McCormick
John E. McCormick
Margaret Clinkscales McCormick
Montana "Miss Monty" Carter McCormick
Nellie McCormick
Pearly Mae McCormick
Willie McCormick
Clara McCoy
John William McCoy
Shirley Engel McCracken
Carol Lynn McDaniel
James Bernard McDonald
Isa Marksbury McDonnell
Katherine McElfresh
Harold McFarland Sr.
Lillian Morris McGee
Zula Robinson McGee
Clarence McGill
Samuel McGill
Joseh McGough
Kathryn Ann McGraw
Audrey Alice McGuire
Cordelia Baird McGuire
Marion McGuire
Marion L. McGuire
Thomas Lynn McGuire
Sandy Faulkner McIntosh
Virginia "Jinny" Stamper McIntosh
Eddie B. "Buck" McKenney
Stanley McKenney
Blanche Christine McKinley
Sarah Ann McKinley
William T. McKinley
Doyle G. McKinney
Mary McKinney
Homer McKnight
Anita Schooley McLaughlin
C. Russell McMillan
J. A. McMillan
William H. "Billy" McMillan
Mildred Stuart McMinn
Stephen Wayne McMullen
Clay F. McNay
Guy E. McNay Jr.
Mary Elizabeth McNay
Raymond Lee McNay
Vertie L. McNay
Wreford McNay
Mae McQueen
Kenny E. McWhorter

Ella Mae Napier
Walter "Pat" Napier, Sr.
Pamela Gay Stephens Nasiopoulos-Russell
Freddie Margaret Bradford N Naugle
Charles B. "Chuck" Neal
Daisy Ransom Neal
Edward Price Neal
Florence Neal
Florence Guill Neal
Mrs. James Neal
Justine Howard Howell Neal
Milford Hayden Neal
Napoleon B. "Boney" Neal Sr.
William Neal
William A. "Jack" Neal
William Bruce Neal
Anita Wilhoite Nedringhaus
Infant Needham
Doris Ruth Neil
Michael Bryan Nelson
Orville Nelson
Elizabeth New
Patsy Chipman Newbern
Bradley Ray Newsome
Charles E. Nicholson
Ralphard "Nick" Nicholson
Walter "Nick" Nickell
Raymond Nieman (Rev.)
Kyle William Nitschke
Clay Nix
Raymond Nix
Daisy Mae Noel
Lovinda Noel
Mary Jo Noel
Paul B. Noel
Pauline Ashcraft Noel
Phil Noel
Walter "Boots" Noel
William Noel
Albert Northcutt
Ida May Northcutt
Letha Blaine Northcutt
Rowena Renaker Northcutt
William Galen Northcutt
Carl Norton
Darwin G. "Jack" Norton
Darwin G. "Jack" Norton
Francis B. Norton
Francis C. Norton
Irene Bennett Norton
Irene Bennett Norton
Lenora Ashcraft Norton
James F. Nunn
Ida Frances Nunnelley
Opal True Nunnelley

Charles E. O'Banion
Geneva Clifford O'Banion
Howard "Piddle" O'Banion
Lawrence Calvin O'Hara
Wilmer "Bill" McKee O'Neil
Ollie K. Harrison Oaks
Buford V. Odor
Wilbur F. Odor
Hazel Lawrence Ogden

Audrey Ohmer
Esther Wilson Oliver
Austin Ray Ollier
James Edgar Orme
William Henry Orr
Frances Smith Orsborne
Irene Orsburn
Christine Mae Kinman Osborne
Elizabeth Stewart Osborne
Felix Osborne
Floyd Osborne
James Bradford Osborne
Jess Osborne
Lucille Judy Osborne
Nanette Miller Osborne
Nelson Osborne (Rev.)
Opal Osborne
W. T. Osborne
Vida Burton Owen

Gordon Lee Padgett
Charles D. Palmer
Sandra Kay McCarty Pancake
Karen Davis Parker
Thomas Ray Parnell
Millard Harris Parr
Fred O. Patterson
Ruby Marshall Patterson
Jesse Edgar Paulson
Bertram C. Payne
George William Payne
James Riley Payne
Mayme C. Payne
Ninnie Thomas Payne
William T. Payne
Jimmy Peace
Judith Gayle Brown Peebles
Albert Richard Penick
Florence A. Penick
Harold Penick
Luther Penick
Lucy Mildred Pennington
Robert L. Pennington
Stella Pribble Peoples
David Wilson Perkins
Ernest Clyde "Wabash" Perkins
Eula F. Kinman Perkins
Frederick Allen Perkins
Grace Fornash Perkins
J. C. Perkins
Jenny Crabtree Perkins
Mildred A. West Perkins
Robert Lee Perkins
Robert P. Perkins
Roy Perkins
Steven N. Perkins
Wanda Christine Rider Perkins
Louis H. Perpington
Mary Louise Dunaway Perrin
Bennie Perry
Edith Herndon Perry
Edith Lee Perry
Edward Perry
Harry Joseph Perry
Hazel Mitts Perry
Margaret Juett Perry
Mary Elizabeth Perry
Orvil Perry
Ralph D. Perry
Eva J. Peterson
Garrett Thomas Peterson
Mrs. Dewey Pettit
Fannie Delf Pettit
Griffin Pettit
Griffith Muriel Pettit
Harry C. Pettit
Lawrence Franks Pettit
Louella Price Pettit
Martha Pettit
Mary M. Pettit
Nora Blackburn Pettit
R. Dewey Pettit
Ralph Clifton Pettit
Ruby Mains Pettit
Sylvia M. Pettit
William H. Petty
Phillip Owen Phelps
Asa Phillips
Jacqueline Phillips
John Roy "Coonie" Phillips
Mary Susan Conrad Phillips
Nannie Howe Phillips
Ronald E. Phillips (Dr.)
James Herbert Pickett
Raymond P. Pickett
Raymond P. Pickett
Alton "Gene" Piercefield
Emanuel T. Piercefield
Carl Victor Pierson
John William Pike
Mrs. Lena Kemper Piner
Olan Piner
Susan Humphrey Piper
Lula Thelma Pipes
Cynthia Sue Plant
Lewis Plunkett
Nancy Ann Brashear Plunkett
Ransom Plunkett
Rebecca Plunkett
Gladys Lee Beach Plunkette
Florence Loomis Poe
Luddie S. Poe
Martha D. Poe
Thurman Poe
Thurman Poe
Virginia Lee Poe
William C. "Willie" Poe
Daniel Points
Emma Points
Fern Roland Points
Sarah Jane Rich Points
Ezra Polland
Daniel A. Polly
Evelyn Sims Polly
Loretta Hartman Polly
Adeline Cram Poor
Bessie M. Hogue Bugg Poor
Orel Ellis Poore
Pearl Harris Poore
Willard G. Poore
Alice Brumback Popham
Mary M. Hardcorn Popham
Marjorie Points Popioleic
Benjamin Garnett Porter
Irene Harris Porter
John J. Porter
Mary Porter
Obie Porter
Sally Philpot Poteete
Karl O. Potts
Corbin Andrew Kyle Powell
Earl E. Powell
Evelyn Evans Powell
Garrett Corbin Douglas Powell
George Robert Powers
Greenieo Prather
Juanita Prather
Will Dean Prather
William Pascal Prather Sr. (Col.)
Curtis Pratt
Mark Farrell Pratt
Myrtle Preston
Christopher Ryan Price
John T. Price
Kate Yelton Price
Lois Jean Goforth Price
Ott Price
W. M. (Mat) Price
Reva Eldridge Privett
Benney Theodore Pruiett
Grace Mire Puckett
Claude W. Pulliam
William H. Purnell
Michael "Bird" Putthoff

Mattie L. Quinlen

Bertha Scroggin Race
Charles "Cat" Race
Larry Dale Race
Ronald Joe Race
William "Bill" Race
Lawanda Sue Tomlin Rains
J. B. Raisor
Helen Carr Ramey
Beulah L. Ramsey
Elmo Paul Ramsey
Mattie Bennett Ramsey
Bradley Rankin
Margie Jane Sharp Rankin
Alva V. Ransdell
Christopher Lynn Rarrieck
Roger Rash
John M. Ratcliffe
Lou Fleming Ratcliffe
Treva Lee Ratliff
Wilbur Ravenscraft
Alma Hill Ray
Raymond H. Readnour Jr.
George William "Bill" Readnower
Mable Howe Reali
Viola Conley Recker
Corinne Milner Redman
Myrtle F. Redmond
Alpheus D. Reed
Frederick Edward Reed
James Reed
Joe S. Reed
Lillian Beach Reed
Lucille Reed
Pascal Reed
William G. Reed

Harold H. Reeves
Harold H. Reeves
Lucy Ann Kemper Reeves
Samuel Reeves
Brenda Bates Renaker
E. B. Renaker
John William Renaker
Grace Conrad Renneckar
Martha Gruell Renneckar
George A. Reusch Jr.
Cleo Robinson Rex
Kathleen Dawn Reynolds
Albert P. Rich
John Andrew Rich
Marc F. Richards
Lillian Hope Richerson
Mae Richerson
Beverly Clay Richardson
Cecile Campbell Richardson
Margaret Nell Dues Richardson
Virgil Richardson
Homer Ray Richie Jr.
Dorothy M. Turner Riddell
Viley J. Riddell
Geraldine Riffle
James William Riffle
Robert C. Riggs
Clarence E. Riley
Clarence Marshall Riley
David Arthur Riley
J. M. Riley
Harold "Mark" Risen
Ruth Ritchie
Everette Theothus "Todd" Roark
Harold Wayne Roark
David Lee Roberts
Eleanor Ashcraft Roberts
James Michael "Jamie" Roberts
Lyle G. Roberts
Cecile Pettit Robey
Betty Robinson
Brad Robinson
Elizabeth Jacobs Robinson
Elizabeth "Betty" Rose Stavermann Hilton Robinson
Naaman L. Robinson
Sandra Jeaneen Robinson
Squire Robinson
Squire Robinson
Lisa Carol Rodgers
Eddie Davis Rogers
Elizabeth Wilson Rogers
Herbert C. Rohrs
Arvel Roland
Audrey Violet Fortner Roland
Bradford Roland
Edna Roland
Emma L. Roland
Emma (Mrs. George) Roland
Harry L. Roland
Helen Whitton Roland
Herald Roland
Jasper Roland
Jerry G. Roland
Joel C. Roland
Juanita Stewart Roland
Madie Faulkner Roland
Michael J. Roland
Ossie Roland
Prentice Roland
Russell Roland
Zadah Roland
Ida L. Romans
Loraine Moore Rose
William J. "Scotter" Rose
Judith Ross
Roger Morris Roundtree
Ann Clickscale Rouse
Henderson Rouse
Henderson M. Rouse
Virgil L. Rouse (Dr.)
Robert "Marty" Rott
Gilbert G. Rowland
Gilbert G. Rowland
Nancye Jean Wigginton Rowland
Dorothy Hazelwood Ruark
Howard W. Ruark Sr.
Kenneth A. Ruby
Luther R. Ruby
Genevee Lykins Rudd
Harry Edward "Ed" Rudd
Oma Rankin Ruddell
Jeremiah "Uncle Jerry" Rudicil
Beverly Mae Cain Ruedebusch
Joe Ed Ruholl
Sharon "Sherry" Patrice Monhollon Russ
Irene Martin Russell
Pearl Herndon Russell
Anna S. Ruth
Metia R. Rutledge
Vicki L. Jump Ruwe
Clifford E. Ryan
Eloise Ramey Ryan
J. C. "Mike" Ryan
Theresa Poole Ryan
Eugene Rymer
James Holton Rymer
Sarah E. Rymer

Arnold Sallee
Freida Lafern Ashcraft Sanders
Virgil Steve Sandru
Charles Lewis Sargent
Katherine Gulick Sargent
Thomas Sargent
Atheline King Sasher
Carella "Polly" Davis Satchwill
Charles F. Satterwhite
James E. "Jimmy" Satterwhite
Clara Louise Sauter
Clara Louise Sauter
Billy Saylor
Emory Gene Saylor
John C. Saylor Sr.
Nellie Scaggs
Brenda Sebastian Schadler
Loretta M. Belew Schadler
Henry John Schalk
Buford Schlueter
Irene Newby Schmidt
Celestine McKenna Schneider
John C. Schneider
Thomas J. Schuetz
Joseph Harman Schulker
Robert M. Schulte
Mark J. Schultz Sr.
Barbara Ann Jones Schwers
Larry Schwers "Dr."
Donald Scott
Gladys "Granny Bill" Gutman Scott
James H. Scott
Renea Scott
Sallie Hedger Scott
Susan Marie Scott
Golda Sebastian Scroggin
James W. Scroggin
Al Wayne Scroggins
Cecil A. Scroggins
Durwood Allen Scroggins
Edgar "Eddie" Scroggins
Elzie Scroggins
Glenn A. "Bud" Scroggins
Helen Scroggins
Norma Louise Scroggins
Pauline Noel Scroggins
Ruth Scroggins
Frank Scudder
Jim H. Scudder
Jason "Jake" Schuller
David E. Schwartz
Carl Sears (Rev.)
Dewey "Ranger" Sebastian
Manford Sebastian
Ted Sebastian
Della Miller Sebree
Edith W. Sebree
Emma Sechrest
Harold L. Sechrest
Ray C. Sechrest
Frank See
Ann Graves Self
Mark Sellers
Linda L. Longbons Sewak
Victor R. Sexton
Frances E. Shad
Ethel Hatch Shafer
Joe Shafer
Robert L. Shank
Charlotte Ballard Shanks
Charles Shannon
Gertrude Marshall Shannon
Leo Sharp
Paul K. Sharp
Louise Denham Shaw
Todd A. Sheets Sr.
George W. Shelton
Louise Winkle Shelton
Robert Newtor Shelton
Ronald Lee Shelton
Dimple Musselman Sheriff
Thomas Sheriff
William Earl Sheriff
William J. Sheriff
Margaret N. Sherrard
Frank Shields
J. W. Shields (Judge)
James Buddy Shields Sr.
Lucy Burroughs Shields
Beatrice Hensley Shinkle
Alpha R. Shipp
Delilah Jones Shipp
George W. Shipp Sr.
Mae Stephens Shipp
Mildred Hancock Shipp
Minerva Ellen Shipp
Albert Shoemaker
Melvin Shoemaker
Clara Louise Wilson Short
Viola Fox Short
Virginia Belle Barnes Short
Clara D. Shupert
Walter J. "Red" Siler
James Edward "Bud" Simmons
Edgar Sims
Herbert Sims
Ada B. Green Simpson
Addie Simpson
Edna Miller Simpson
Eloise Barnes Simpson
Emerson Simpson
Gene S. Simpson Sr.
Harold K. Simpson
Henrietta Roland Simpson
Howard M. Simpson
Hubbard Simpson
Hubbard Simpson
Hugh G. Simpson
Irene Simpson
James Hardin Simpson
John M. Simpson
Marcella N. Simpson
Mary Simpson
McKinley Simpson
Myrtle Simpson
Paul Cline Simpson Jr.
Pauline McNutt Simpson
Mrs. Press Simpson
Raymond C. Simpson
Rickey L. Simpson
Sallie Mae See Simpson
Wilbur Simpson
Edith Velma Smith Baughn Singleton
Ella Lucas Cook Singleton
Alvin C. Sipple
Claxton A. "Pete" Sipple
Colledge S. Sipple
**Colledge S. Sipple
Garryl C. Sipple
Gilbert Sipple
Harvey T. Sipple
Iona Webster Sipple
Lloyd Allen Sipple
Shirley Glacken Anderson Sipple
Betty Rider Skinner
Ella Skinner
Hubert Earl Skinner
Lucretia Skinner
Virgie Mae Skinner
Alvin C. Skirvin
Darwin "Bill" Skirvin
Kathy Skirvin
Ethel McMillan Slater
Nina Sloothaak
Gladys R. Sluder
Gladys Race Sluder
Frances Amalee Slaughter
Martin Agee Slaughter
Elizabeth Sleete
Maude Lee Melton Smallwood
Agnes Gutman Smith
Alma Leary Smith
Athelda Bradley Smith
Audrey D. Smith
Carl Smith
Christine Anderson Smith
Dallas Denver Smith
Dallas Denver Smith
David Douglas Smith
David Leroy Smith
Earl Smith
Evelyn "Ruth" Wilson Smith
Evelyn "Ruth" Wilson Smith
Francis Doyle Smith
Gertrude Cook Smith
Harold Smith
Harold Smith
Hobert Smith
James F. Smith
James S. Smith
Kenneth Smith
Kenneth Ray Smith
Lillian Smith
Lloyd Smith
Louis R. Smith
Lucian Smith Sr.
Luther Burling "Pete" Smith Sr.
Marion Lee Smith
Maude Mae Smith
Michael "Mouse" Smith
Mildred Rachel Wainscott Smith
Newton M. Smith
Opal L. Ashcraft Smith
Rena L. Smith
Rita Cobb Smith
Robert R. "Smitty" Smith
Ronald R. Smith
Sylvian A. Smith
William Allen Smith
William Chester Smith
William Earl Smith
William H. Smith
E. Margaret Snell
Harold Snell
Ervin G. Snodgrass
Dorothy Woodrum Snow
Lorean B. Snow
Laura C. (Ligenfelter) Snow
Robert Snow
Evelyn Loomis Snyder
Rosella M. Soloman
Elizabeth Gouge Sorrell
Donald S. "Cowboy" Sothard
Ada Lee Souder
Agnes Souder
Anna Mable Ransdell Souder
Cecil B. Souder
Claire Souder
Clarence C. Souder
Harold L. Souder
Lizzie Viola Burgess Souder
Omer Souder
Virgil F. Souder
Willie W. Souder
Cannon Sowder
Emerson "Pete" Sowder
Emerson "Pete" Sowder
Howard Sowder
W. H. Sparks
Ray M. Sparrow
Clara Jean "Patty" Spears
Johnnie E. Spears
Sharon L. Hankins Spears
Brandon Spegal
Edna Laverne Spegal
Jonathan Andrew Spegal
Ida Mae Coots Spence
Alfred W. Spillman
Lillian Bennett Spillman
Portia Tomlinson Spillman
William C. Spivey
Billie L. Sponcil
Robert S. Sprague
Helen B. Sprinkle
Grace Phillips Sprouls
Gladys Mitts Vance Stall
Florian Stamper
Kenneth E. Stamper
Lenora Osbourn Stamper
Mary Katherine May Neil Stamper
Pearl Bruce Stamper
Beau Glen Stanley
Lawrence "Pat" Stanley
Dolly Burns Starns
Erva Starns
Betty Freeman Steers
John Seldon Steers Jr.
William Edgar Steers
Lorena Mardis Steffen
Deloris M. Steger
Edith Steger
Emma Lain Steger
Gladys Steger
Irvin Steger
Maxine Steger
O. Victor Steger
Charles E. Steiner
Mrs. Charles Steiness
Nellie C. Beach Stellman
William "Bill" J. Stenning
Curtis H. Stephens
Dorothy Williams Stephens
Kermit C. Stephens
Paul W. Stephens
William J. Stephens
Conrad Stephenson
Donna Jo Jump Stephenson
Evelyn Ogg Fishback Stephenson
Fred Stephenson
Joyce Cummins Stephenson
Mary Eliza Conrad Stephenson
Paul P. Stephenson
Rosella Stephenson
Roy L. Stephenson
Harold R. Sterneberg
Anna Elizabeth Ramsey Stewart
Barbara Ruth Stewart
Cecil D. Stewart
Christina M. Stewart
Edith Coates Stewart
Estill D. Stewart
Harold B. Stewart
Howard D. "Pete" Stewart
Opal Lane Stewart
Ada Scroggin Stith
Brandon Wayne-Davis Stith
Janice L. Wagner Stith
Larry Dale Stith
Wilbur Russel Stith
Alma L. Stone
George Franklin Stone
Henry Stone
Marie Stone
Orville Stone
Paul W. Stone
Ralph T. Stone
Sylvia G. Beagle Stone
Stella Evans Storck
Stella Evans Storck
Hazel Conrad Storts
Jennifer Kristen Campbell Stratton
Hazel Florence Barton Straub
Kenny Straub
Jessie Strong
William N. Strong
Charles R. Stroud
H. Clay Stroud
Maurice Stroude
Betty Davis Strunk
Carol D. Fryman Stubbs
Eddie Sturgeon
Effie Mae Sturgeon
Effie Mae Sturgeon
Elbert Sturgeon
Hattie Straub Sturgeon
Marsh Sturgeon
Mary Bascom Sturgeon
Donald Suhr
Cecil Osborne Sullivan
Clyde Thomas Sullivan (Rev.)
David Owen Sullivan
Ruth Harrison Sullivan
Virginia Goins Sullivan
Etha Jane Goins Sumpter
Jack Mitchell Sumpter Jr.
Norman Delbert Surgener
William Allen Suttles
Wendell W. Swank
Wayne Edward Swigert
Esther Sebastian Switzer
Marlene Link Switzer
Rufus F. Switzer
Alma Aulick Sydnor
Harold "Sid" Sydnor
Nola C. Sydnor
Zula Martin Sydnor

Grace J. Takacy
Thurman Tackett
Robert Lee Tanner
Martha Mae Taulbee
Blanche Taylor
Braudis Taylor
Connie J. Taylor
Elsie Taylor
Gertrude Fornash Taylor
Gertrude Fornash Taylor
Gwendolyn Shryock Taylor
Mrs. Hedger Taylor
James Gregory Taylor
Lawrence "Pop" Taylor
Madlin McIntosh Taylor
Rachel Taylor
Ricky D. Taylor
Riley Munceford Taylor
Rilla Ellen Taylor
Ruby Adams Taylor
Viola Wright Taylor
William G. Taylor Sr.
Nora Underwood Teator
Chas. W. Tebelman
Gerhard B. Tebelman
Goldie McClanahan Tebelman
Josephine Brewer Teegarden
Harold Wayne Terrell Jr.
Ronald L. Tewell
Clara Lee Thaman
Harry B. Theobold
Denny F. Thomas
James P. Thomas
JoAnn Thomas
Melvin "Mel" Thomas
Rena Neal Thomas
Robert C. Thomas
Sylvia H. Webster Thomas
Wyetta Ashcraft Thomas
Frances B. Thompson
Howard N. "Dick" Thompson
Lloyd C. "Butch" Thompson Jr.
Hollis B. Thornton
Ira Lee Thornton
Jack Thornton
Milbert Ival "Curly" Thornton
William Charles Thornton
Margaret Race Thurman
Elizabeth "Liz" Duvall Tipton
Dolly Combs Titus
Amanda E. Tomlin
Austin Ray Tomlin
Billy Gayle Tomlin
David Tomlin
Edith Bell Tomlin
Elizabeth Sanning Tomlin
Hattie Lawrence Tomlin
Henry Sherman Tomlin
Howard "Slim" Tomlin
James Wesley Tomlin
Mary E. Billiter Tomlin
Mildred Geneva Slater Tomlin
Sallie Tomlin
Timothy Lee Tomlin
William Henry Tomlin
Dorothy Hensley Tomlinson
Vance Tomlinson
John Tilden "J.T." Toole
Marie O. (Mrs. W.H.) Toole
Owen Harold Toole
Beatrice "Bea" Robey Towles
Mona Martin Trimble
Elizabeth Horner Trimnell
Gus Trimnell
Alfred Trosper
Henry Troutman
Carrie True
Dallas Denver True
Donna Jean Scroggins True
Harris Clayton True
Mary Ellen True
Myra Louise Wilson True
Peggy Maphet Tucker
Virginia T. Elliston Tucker
Belle M. Tully
Belle M. Tully
Harrison H. Tully
Charles S. Tungate
Charles Wilbur Tungate
Betty Jean Tuohey
Earl Edward Tupman
Annie Walker Turner
Audrey Fay Hall Turner
Clarence Thomas Turner
Dodson Turner
Gertrude McCann Turner
Harry M. Turner
Linda Herald Turner
Rosie Lonkard Turner
Hazel Dell Hutsell Tussing
Charles E. Tuttle
Mary Louise Tuttle
Vernice Tuttle
Albert R. "Butch" Twaddell
Carolyn Faith Rimer Tyre
Thomas O. "Tom" Tyson

Jeff Updike
Nora Blackburn Updike
William A. Updike
Josephine Sowder Underwood
Song M. Ursillo
Claire Dorothy Usitalo
Onni M. Usitalo

Frances J. Valentine
J. M. "Buck" Valentine
Hubert Vallandingham
Richard Vallandingham
William Arnold Vallandingham
Kate Vanarsdall
John Thomas Vanlandingham
Florence Carter Vance
John William Vance
Loris M. Vance
Loris M. Vice Vance
Robert Vance
Vida VanHook
Rankin Vannarsdall
Toba S. Vannarsdall
Hobart Varner
Homer "Sonny" Varner
Keen Varney Jr.
Frank B. Vastine
Anna Mae Beach Vaughn
Pearl Jane Vaughn
Woodrow Vaughn
Albert Henry Vawters
Fern G. DeVol Velosky
Robert Kenneth Vendler
Robert L. Vendler
James Vernon Vest
Claude Ray Vice
E. C. Vice (Dr.)
Edith Browning Vice
Frank L. Vice
Fred Allen Vice
Fred Allen Vice
Goldie Ann Davis Vice
James M. Vice
James Warren Vice
Jimmie D. Vice
Raymond Browning Vice
Tammy Rhea Vickers
Duane Lee Vincent
Opal Scroggin Vincent
Raymond R. Vincent
Teddy Vinegar
Patty Butler Vinson
Carl Anthony Vogel
Bernice Wood Vogelmann
William Clarence Volk
William Clarence Volk

Judy Wagers
Kirk Edward Wagoner
Christine E. Highlander Wainscott
Harold Junior Wainscott
Kelly Joe Wainscott
Norman L. Wainscott
Paul Stanley Wainscott
Mildred Christine Mardis Walden
Robert R. Walden
Virginia May Walden
Betty Rich Walker
Ruby Williams Walker
Sidney C. Walker
Beulah Shafer Wallace
Claude T. Wallace
Elzie Ray Wallace
Noah T. "Tom" Wallace
William H. Wallace
Elva M. Walser
Charlie Walters (Rev.)
Develda Williams Walters
Larry Dean Walters
Devoda Ward
Elbert Lee Ware
Jane E. Ware
Kate VanLeuvan Ware
Lydia Williams Warren
Roger Dale Washum
Sol Washum
Berneda Watson
James Ray Watson
A. J. Way
W. S. Wayland
Bernice Utley Webb
Holly W. Webb
James L. Webb
Mrs. James P. Webb
Jefferson E. "Jeff" Webb
Joseph F. Webb
June Musselman Webb
Lucy Webb
Rowena Vice Webb
Peter Weber
Allie See Webster
Almira Sebastian Webster
Amy Carnes Webster
Archie J. Webster
Audie Webster
Barbara Faye Webster
Bernie Delano Webster
Bessie Marie Webster
Brittany Lynn Webster
Cecil Webster Jr.
Charles Robert Webster
Delona Mire Webster
Donald Ray Webster
Doris Vallandingham Webster
Edward M. Webster
Eugene "Buddy" Webster
Francis "Mote" Webster
Francis "Mote" Webster
Harvie L. Webster
Helen Marie Dawalt Webster
Isaac H. Webster
John William "Jackie" Webster
Joshua "Skeeter" Webster
Justice Webster
Maggie E. Jones Webster
Minnie Webster
Minnie McCormick Webster
Myrtle Webster
Ora Ethel Webster
Rayann Ruholl Webster
Sally Jump Webster
Sam Webster
Sarah Margaret Webster
Vernon Lee Webster
W. T. "Tommy" Webster
Walter E. Webster
Zella Webster
Zella Webster
Anna Harrison Wegman
Flossie Morris Weise
Mildred Smith Weisenberger
Alyce Weissinger
Clyde Earnest Wells
Floyd Wells Sr.
Goebel Wells
Francis J. "Frenchy" Welsh
P. F. "Pete" Wertz
Ruth Mitz Wertz
Delbert Lee Wesley
Clay Vincent Wessell Jr.
Ada Arnold West
Addie Jane West
Betty Sue Walters West
Carrie Race West
Casel West
Elizabeth Frances Adams West
John E. West
Marion LeRoy West
Mrs. Richard West
Walter West
Dora Luzetta Westfall
Andy Whalen
Alma "Ma" Webb Whaley
Emery M. Whaley
Emmett C. Whaley
Fred Whaley
Gladys Kinman Whaley
Harry T. Whaley
Kate Whaley
Ellis Ray Wheeler
Jenne Setzer Wheeler
Ruby Lynn Wheeler
Joseph White
Katherine White
Linda Mitchell White
William C. White
William T. White
Richard John Whitehouse
Beulah M. Whitley
Clyde Phillip Whitton
Harold Gene Whitton
Thurman Whitton
Norma Fay Perkins Widener
Aleene Louise Wigginton
E. B. "Eddie" Wigginton
Nannie Rebecca Blackford Wigginton
Willena Brown Wigginton
William R. Wigginton
Jean Wilhoit
Addie Williams
Charlotte B. Williams
Daniel F. Williams
Della Williams
Elmer Williams
Fred Kline Williams Sr.
L. S. (Luk) Williams
Loretta Mae Williams
Mabel Hall Williams
Ruth K. Williams
Ruth Riley Williams
Shawn Joseph Williams
South Williams
William Alfred Williams
Mary Lou Cooper Williamson
Norma Jean Spegal Williamson
Capt. James T. Willis
David Michael "Mike" Willoughby
Hubert Willoughby
Joyce True Willoughby
Lucy Helton Willoughby
Margaret Merrill Willoughby
Addie Cunningham Wilson
Alvin W. Wilson
Betty Lee Taylor Wilson
Delora West Rosenstiel Wilson
Emma Ruth Lillard Wilson
Eugene K. Wilson
Floyd Wilson
Hazel Knight Wilson
Helen Louise Eldridge Wilson
Horace E. Wilson
Lillie Hazel Stubbs Wilson
Linda Hughes Wilson
Lloyd E. Wilson
Mattie Lee Workman Wilson
Myrtle Chipman Wilson
Reuben R. Wilson
Sally Osborne Wilson
Violet Ruth Wilson
Violet Shinlever Wilson
William "James" M. Wilson Sr.
J. Geneva Glacken Rhodes Winans
Veda Margaret Winans
James Delbert Windings Sr.
Ellsworth A. Winn
John A. Winterling
Mabel Winterling
Katherine Wise
Leroy Edward Withers Jr.
Opal Cain Witty
Wilma Marie Wix
Aurelia Howell Wolfe
Lillie Mae Wolfe
Otis Wolfinbarger
Marjorie Gill Womer
Arthur J. Wood
Beulah Wood
Billy Wood
John L. Wood
Joseph "Joey" Wood
Mary June Juett Wood
Mary June Juett Wood
Harry L. Woodcock
Christine Antrobus Woodley
Alton Wesley Woodyard
George Woodyard
George A. Woodyard
George A. Woodyard
James C. Woodyard
Mary Ann Woodyard
Ruth Harden Woodyard
E. G. Work
Nellie Mae King Work
Nellie Mae Work
Robert E. Workman
Catherine "Sweet" Worthington
Elizabeth Worthington
Kenneth D. Worthington
Mary Price Morris Worthington
Nell Elizabeth Ogden Worthington
Robert M. Worthington
Billie Jean Herron Wright
Doris Robinson Wright
Garry Lucian Wright
Howard Donald Wright
Joseph W. Wright
Joyice Jenkins Wright
Lucy Clifton Wright
Marcella Rogers Wright
Mary Lou Perry Wright
R. B. "Robbie" Wright
Steve Wright
Sylvia Mae Breen Wright
Jack Donald Wyatt III
William "Bill" Wyatt
Winifred Wuanita Fornash Wyatt
Charles L. Wynn
Denver Cletus Wynn
Kenneth Wynn


Ludi Esmuel Yates
Thelma K. Yelland
Alvin Yelton
Ellie Spaulding Yelton
Martha Relda Conrad Yelton
Larry Allen Yokely
John Lee York
George "Bobby" Young
Johnny Corbin Young
Paul S. Young
Harriet Sue Moore Younger
Jeanette Vincent Youngman
Willena "Pete" Robinson York

Alfred R. Zappa Sr.
Earl C. Zion
Eunice P. Wilson Ziser
Emery Zumwalt
Infant Zumwalt (twin)
Romania Chipman Zych



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